1. L

    FS: S15 standard rear lights

    Good condition - pics available on request £50 - can arrange postage at extra cost can get me on 07814454338 for a quicker response
  2. S

    FS: Very Rare Nismo LMGT4 "17 8.5 / 9.5

    Regrettably I have for sale a set of very rare Nismo LMGT4 forged mono block limited edition wheels. fronts are 17" 8.5J ET 30 rears are 17" 9.5J ET 38 Made in 1999 For those of you who don't know these were a limited edition and offered to R34 owners as an optional extra. In Australia and...
  3. Lil SpecR

    How to pay up?

    Please dont get mad at me if I have missed something obvious: Who do I contact about paying? I see how to make the payment but it says "contact admin" to tell them address etc for stickers, but it doesnt mention user names of those who are admins, and when i clicked on the S15Admin who wrote...
  4. UncleDan

    Need replacement key

    Hey guys, I see keys online everywhere but I am afraid to buy one that wont fit or will get logged in the ignition/door. No one in the US will attempt to cut a key including locksmiths unless I provide one for them . Anyone have any reliable sources or have an extra uncut key. Also, looking to...
  5. N80Jamie

    FS: Optional Extra Leather Seats

    Set of optional extra perforated black leather seats which, in fairly sure, were an optional extra back in the day! Overall both seats are in very good condition however the drivers side does have slight bolster wear. Looking for £250 but I need a cloth drivers seat so could negotiate a Px...
  6. J

    WTB: Floor mats

    Hi, Anyone got any decent Silvia floor mats? I have only got some unbranded pretty boring ones, just want to give it a extra touch :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Havoc

    FS: SR20 to R33 GTST gearbox conversion package

    Right very reluctant sale, as really want to fit this to my s15 but strapped for cash and need the money for other things and events. Only want to sell as a complete package and would only consider splitting if I get a lot of interest in all the parts and it all sells. However already have a...
  8. A

    Bumper fiberglass reinforcment

    Hi, my front bumper is a fiberglass aero copy & its looking a bit weak, its got paint cracks etc. Can anyone give me some pointers or give a link to a guide on how to make it more rigid, Ive read extra fiberglass & expanding foam is the way to go but where do you need to add the strength. Thanks.
  9. Ghost

    Extra wire

    After swapping out the engine in a friends s14 we had a wire left with this box at one end. Anyone know where it goes?
  10. Max

    WTB: JDM Exhaust manifold

    Hi, my exhaust mani is rhubarbed and I'm going to need another :( Want a really good quality one. Anyone have an extra lying around? or one that needs a little crack welded up? Really want a jap one
  11. Havoc

    FS: Nismo s15 Exhaust.

    Selling the Nismo exhaust that came on the car from Japan. It's the one they sold as a added extra from factory and as I believe 2.5 inches. Not very loud but gives a nice wooshy noise when you come on boost. Still got the guards on it has no damage or leaks only a couple of scratches on the...
  12. K

    FS: FS: Croozer Kid 1

    Hi everyone. Now that we have some time and our youngest can now ride (at last), I'm going to sell our excellent trailer. We actually only used it once for a brilliant week at centerparcs. The Croozer came in really handy. We got an extra hitch for it as well so we could share the towing. My...
  13. F

    FS: GReddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller (Black)

    Perfect working order, comes with everything that would be in the box from new and extra vacuum hose. Can get pictures if required. Based in the North West near Manchester. £160 collected, or can post at extra cost. Cheers.
  14. J0R04N

    FS: J0R04N's for sale thread

    Got a few bits for sale as I have recently upgraded alot of the parts on my car :) All the parts are in top condition and were removed of a car which ran perfectly. **SOLD** Stock Intercooler £50 + Delivery can include the piping for an extra £10 **SOLD** Stock Radiator £25 + delivery will...
  15. pegliobaglio

    Radiator options advice please

    Right guys ,been putting this off for a while as had other things I needed first but now ts time to get a new rad Was orginally going for the apex 56mm but have heard story about leaks and other problems so am going to spend the extra on a branded rad.any suggestions welcome atm looking at...
  16. NICKO

    Six speed box, is it really that weak?

    Was just wondering who is running a gt2871/ Hks GTRS turbo with the S15 gearbox? Is the extra torque from these bigger turbo's really that bad for these gearboxes? I want to upgrade to this turbo but just a bit worried the extra torque is going to kill the box, and I know that the Nismo...
  17. C

    FS: 'Faulty' Carbon Kevlar cooling panel.

    This is the first carbon kevlar panel I had made. It has got a strand of carbon fibre stuck in the resin (must have statically jumped there when they were laying the carbon kevlar onto resin). It also has an area where the weave is crumpled slightly and a few bubbles in the resin. Could be...
  18. J

    Super Hicas rear wheel steer

    Hi, i have just discovered my S15 has this, was it standard or an optional extra????
  19. J

    oil cooler Q???

    just wondering is it any harm having a oil cooler if its not thermostaticly controlled??can your oil go too cold resulting in it being bad for your engine???also how much extra oil would i need to add to my engine after fitting a 13 row cooler??
  20. S

    cat 1s

    Hello need a cat 1 alarm what is good with turbo timer function and who are good for fitting. Have spoke to gap but they cost more than most are they worth the extra. oh an is it worth having intellistart any help gratefully received :wave: