1. Alex De Large

    WTB: S15 Coilpack

    Hi all, Looking for a replacement coil pack as one of mine has decided to fail. Let me know if you have one for sale.:)
  2. JaseYpk

    WTB: flexi front section

    Anyone got any recommendations? my current manifold/elbow/oem frontpipe setup isnt perfectly lined up with the decat and as such is putting unnecessary stress on said parts and causing my cat gasket to fail for starters. so need a flexi front pipe before something cracks! off the shelf one or...
  3. S

    Kind of a strange part needed....

    Wondering where I would get the plastic tube part with the cover on top for the water holder for the windscreen squirters. You can see it in this pic, adz's engine,just beside the battery, without it I think the nct will fail it.
  4. zml

    how to distinguish harness?

    can anyone tell me which one is the real and fake one? obviously i know which one is real and fake but there many people think they have the genuine one. so i really want them can tell me which one they have and they say is genuine one. i will never say the genuine one will be 100% safe and...
  5. A

    Factory Hid headlights

    Attention all S15 owners in ireland. Does these pass the nct. I ahve been told by most motor factors that they will fail. Is This true?
  6. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: DWYB Wed 24th March

    Ok drift lovers... Who fancies another outing on Wed 24th March @ Pod for some DWYB action? Richy, JameS15, Tooley, Baynz?? Was so much fun getting her onto EDC main track last time out... can't wait to go back!! My clutch was kaput soon after (standard type = FAIL) so I'm now ready with...
  7. Nicely

    MoT failure

    Yes, its true!! Couldn't believe it. Got the usual advisories: braided hoses need grommets in the coilovers, pads are low, rear suspension arm has slight play in pin/bush (going to get them to show me exactly which one, as they're all pillowball... :rolleyes: ). So, what did it fail on? Only...