1. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Standard passenger seat and rail.

    Must be excellent condition with standard non mutilated rail. Ideally fairly local to stoke on trent :)
  2. S

    FS: cusco 2 way diff in abs s15 casing with output shafts

    s15 casing with cusco 2 way sold DSC_0110 by shifty biscuits, on Flickr
  3. B

    WTB: Spec R fuel pump

    I'm having issues with my Spec S losing power and hesitating when the accelerator is pressed and I'm fairly sure at this stage its the fuel pump, if not then it's another thing off the list of possibilities. So does anybody have a Spec R fuel pump lying around? Somebody who upgraded to a walbro...
  4. N80Jamie

    FS: J's Racing Rear Spoiler

    This came on the car from Japan. I am unsure if it is a genuine 'J's Racing' item but will do my best to find out when i'm next back home (next weekend). Fairly certain it's a plastic wing which has been wrapped in a carbon look wrap. Will say £100 collected from Telford, Shropshire.
  5. Jordan

    FS: S15 Flexi de-cat

    1 month old. Fairly straight forward really. £35 Delivered :)
  6. P

    Converting to Manual (FINALLY)

    Okay, so my goal by the end of the year is to finally convert my S15 Spec S to a Manual! I've been wanting to do this for months, but I'm finally getting around to it :) From being in a mates SR20DE powered S13, I've decided it's time. I'm looking at about $800 for all the parts second hand...
  7. H

    Rims an sizes

    Right hi guys, I've just bought Rota force rims at 18 x 9J et 35 al round! There now going bac as I can't get them to fit at all on the front. I've a fairly standard specR with HSD's. Can someone help me with getting the perfect size rim for the fronts?? :s cheers
  8. B

    Brutty's S15 Spec R

    After picking up my S15 yesterday i thought i would start a thread for it, as i have a lot of plans and want to follow it from the beginning. Roughly the car is an 02 plate, 60k miles, near enough standard, Spec R (Made sure i went through it looking for all the bracing) My first impressions...
  9. P

    WTB: OE front suspension castor arms

    I want some of these because my car came with cusco adjustable ones and I don't know what length they should be set to to achieve stock castor! As castor is fairly difficult to measure even with a castor guage I reckon it would be simpler to just bolt in some standard ones.
  10. Mark_D

    FS: Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promada 18x8.5, 9.5 set

    For sale, my set of Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promadas in 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 flavour. Absolutely kills me to put these up for sale, they are my most favourite wheels ever, although they've been sitting ever since I bought them and I can't justify nor afford the coilovers or proper tyres I need...
  11. T

    About bloody time!!!

    Hey everyone, nice to meet you all!:nod: After owning a number of modified jap cars (most importantly an S13 and heavily modded S14a) i'd always wanted an S15 Spec R - to complete the set natch lol! But somehow in the last couple years ended up with a Skyline R32 GTR and Mazda RX7 Type R...
  12. C

    White s15, Wolverhampton ring road.

    I'm fairly sure it was Tom (sliding-r) but not certain. Was on the Wolverhampton ring road, tonight at 19.30. Would have given you a wave but wasn't in the 15. :wave:
  13. S

    s15 Brakes - Specific Questions - Help please!

    Hello all , I am fairly new on this forum and really just needed a few specific questions answered. For starters I do have the FSM that is available for download on this site, but it seems to be a bit lacking in info on changing the rear pads. so far I have got the calipers off the car and...
  14. D

    Fitment for 18" Work Emotion CR Kais on S15

    Contemplating ordering a set just wonder what offset to get, the options are: Front (18" x 8.5) +32 or +38 Rear (18" x 9.5) +30 or +38 Will be with 225 & 255 tyres, car is fairly low & has Tein Drift Spec coilovers. What offset do people think I should go with????? Thanks
  15. T

    New 15 Old S body owner

    Thought I had better say hello as I may be about asking a few questions. On my 3rd S13 (what fun :D), and my first toe into the S15, and if Im honest they are a tad different :nod:. Car is fairly stock and I wont be doing much at all, but what has been done has been achieved to a bloody good...
  16. I

    My New JDM Forum

    Just came across this ... Loks fairly new but once members are up and running should be great to source parts... http://jdmpartsaust.ipbfree.com/
  17. S

    Now then mates

    alright lads, just thought id start up a thread to say hello. i thought id move along in the car world and get something a bit bigger/comfy than my starlet, and ive always had a serious woody over the S15 so i thought "why not". im now the owner of a Spec R Aero in fairly stock trim...
  18. G

    Hey Lads!

    well lads, been on here for a while but finally ive put down a deposit on an S15 and i have 33 days to wait until it touches down in ireland. its a 2001 Pearl Spec S. its fairly standard but im looking forward to seeing what i can do to it! opinions appreciated, heres a few pics...
  19. slammedmind

    FS: aftermarket rear lights

    Just removed from my car, heres a few pics : In good order no scratches or marks and are fairly new. Open to offers on them because i wont be keeping them :no:
  20. C

    WTB: S15 seats wanted

    Hi. After a set of s15 seats , in the uk idealy cheap, can also trade a fairly good condition set of s14a cream leather seats C.