1. H

    Skirt fitting to a Spec S

    anyone got any advice for fitting Spec R skirts? the body doesn't have the holes for the clips, and there are no holes underneath either. I'm probably going to use self tappers on the underside and some Tigerseal PU adhesive for the body...unless someone comes up with any other idea's
  2. Dan H

    FS: ABS heatshield

    I've not had a S15 for a few years now, and recently found the ABS heatsheid I never got around to fitting. It's carbon fibre, but done in a black gelcoat finish, for a more OEM look. I'm sure when I bought it, Craig said mine was the only one done in this finish. The aluminium has still got...
  3. ryan3

    FS: NISMO Suspension & OEM Intercooler, CAT and camber arms

    Up for sale is my NISMO S-Tune suspension, only removed due to fitting coilovers, in good working order with a few marks and a bit of surface rust, they are fairly dirty as can be seen in the pics but I'm sure they would clean up really nicely - SOLD OEM camber arms, removed due to...
  4. N

    Wheel arch liner fastenings

    I've started noticing a rubbing noise coming from the front-left arch whenever I turn the wheel full-lock to the right. I had a look in the arch and noticed this: The bit I've circled in red looks like there's a screw or something missing and the arch liner is...
  5. K

    WTB: side SpecR badge please

    As above, I brought one on here for £5 last year and never got round to fitting it and have obviously misplaced it :)
  6. J

    Wheel fitment guru's ???? Help

    Before I go and spunk a load of money on wheels then have issues with them fitting I thought I'd chuck it out there!! Even though I'll probably end up getting different answers just wondered what people's thoughts are ok , so I'm planning on running a 18/9j et15 with either a 215 or 205/40...
  7. dave_t

    Fitting Harnesses to Bucket Seats WITHOUT a cage

    I have a pair of Bride's i will be fitting to the S15 but i want to know if any of you guys have fitted a 4 point harness to a Silvia WITHOUT a Harness Bar on the roll cage. I dont plan on getting a cage anytime soon :down:
  8. pegliobaglio

    FS: S15oc carbon slam panel

    Hi guys Was having a clear out and found this, I bought his off Darren a while back and since then it's just sat in it's box collecting dust . It's bnib I have no intention of fitting it and could do with some cash atm so if anyone wants it I am asking what I paid for it £110 If anyone wants...
  9. S

    Been busy fitting new goodies

    Well today i have been mostly fitting new parts. Brakes. Wheels. Wind deflectors. Trust full titanium exhaust Pics when I bought it pics today
  10. NICKO

    Power FC Djetro Wiring route Help

    Im in the middle of fitting the Map And AIT sensors where I want them and im now on the task of fitting the wiring looms to go down the the ECU. Now the hole in the firewall behind the intake manifold is full of gauge wiring etc so that one is out of the question, I have noticed the main...
  11. zefside_s15

    Nate's Jap S15 Silvia =^.^=

    Alright, intro over so time to start the slow & steady modifications, So far I have only done the following The first was a Cusco BCS Then a 3" high flow cat with Blitz Nur-spec RX cat-back exhaust After that I got some new shoes, but I'm really keen on the white with Pewter :( so I'll be...
  12. billy_t15

    FS: Tension arms

    For sale Fully adjustable front tension arms in a good useable condition rose joints need a good greasing when fitting £60 ono pics on request
  13. C

    Passenger airbag fitting

    I had the pass airbag out to mess with the blower unit, anyway now I can't for the life of me get it to go back in flush with the dash top. It's sticking up at the back (closest to the screen) and if I whack it down on one side it pops up on the other. What is the secret to fitting it...
  14. R-Spec

    FS: Original Spec-R diff for sale £400 ono Cambridge or Brighton :-)

    In casing with half shafts. Ready to go (but S14a nose so will need swapping back for S15 fitting)
  15. C

    S14A coilovers on S15

    I there!!!!!!! I will know if I can fit s14a coilovers on s15 chasis, or its diferent fitting... Thanks
  16. S15Cro

    Wobbily gear stick, is this normal?

    As the title says, the gear stick in my Spec S S15 feels very loose when in neutral and when in gear it still has alot of play! Iv always noticed it but I have no problem selecting gear so never took notice. Is this common in S15's? Just recently tried fitting a gear stick surround and it...
  17. dave_t

    Engine & Gearbox Mount Replacement - Any Tips?

    Ive bought a set of Hardrace 'Street' Engine & Gearbox mounts to fit next week, any tips on the best way to go about fitting them? Doesnt look like a lot of room down there :D -Cheers -David
  18. Parky

    How to retro-fit oem boost gauge?

    So I bought an oem boost gauge off a fella on here and not knowing anything about them presumed it would be a simple vac pipe through the bulkhead job but yeah it's an electrical connection. How do I go about fitting it? Will the plug / loom be there already? It currently has an oil pressure...
  19. M

    front offset help

    after putting a deposit on wheels for my car. i used to run 17x9 +15 on front and 18x10 +30 on the rear. always getting bother with lowering the front of the car with the wheel hitting the coilover. however the car is going for paint soon and i wont have the wheels until after the car is painted...
  20. DOM

    WTB: alloy radiator

    Looking for an upgrade. preferably one that has no fitting issues.thanks