1. Surfing Boris

    Power Steering Fluid

    Think I need to change my fluid. When the car is cold turning left or right on near to full lock I get a groaning/ whining from the front of the car that can be felt through the steering wheel. The steering is no heavier then normal and other than that the car drives absolutely fine. I have...
  2. oilman

    Pentosin Now available at Opie Oils

    Hi Folks, Opie Oils are happy to announce the arrival of Pentosin which has been added to the 76 top quality brands Opie has to offer. To see all the brands please click HERE >>> Opie Oils sell only a few Pentosin products but may add more in the future. Here is what Opie Oils have to...
  3. NICKO

    what clutch fluid

    Will he doing a clutch damper delete and having a braided line straight to the slave cylinder so will be doing a full fluid change. Just wondering what you guys use, what's the most popular and If there are any to steer clear of :nod: Cheers!
  4. UncleDan

    Washer Fluid Pump

    Does anyone know if the S14 and S15 washer fluid pumps are directly interchangeable?
  5. dave_t

    Clutch Fluid - What is Recommended?

    Going to be changing my Clutch Master Cylinder Fluid as it's a little Black, and at the same time i will be installing a one piece HEL clutch line to remove the clutch damper unit. (will do a 'How To' on this) What fluid is recommended for using in our S15's??
  6. A

    Brake fluid top up?

    I read that you can use DOT4 - DOT5.1 brake fluid on the useful threads..I have no idea what brake fluid is in the car, can I just get any DOT4/5.1 fluid & top it up or would I really need to drain it out & put fresh in?
  7. R

    Washer Fluid wont spray!

    Filled up the washer fluid and attempted to give the windscreen a spray and nothing. :( Got a MOT booked in on Monday and need this sorted asap. I cannot hear any pump or motor going, so I'm assuming that's the issue. hoping its as simple as a fuse. Can anyone advise on the issue?
  8. S

    Steering rack

    Hello from the United States, I have just a quick question for anyone who is knowledgeable on the subject. Recently my steering rack has begun leaking fluid into the boot. Unfortunately for me, the S15 was never sold Stateside, nor are American cars RHD. While trying to find a seal kit to do an...
  9. JaseYpk

    Brake Fluid - DOT 5.1?

    Howdy! So i'm sure i read somewhere that DOT 5.1 is recommended for fast road, but i just read up that it is NOT recommended and has significant disadvantages (not listed). Can anyone expand on this/recommend brake fluid 'DOT' (3/4/5.1) Also, how much brake fluid does the S15 take? (roughly)...
  10. oilman

    Brake Fluid explained

    Brake fluid... Bit of a mystery topic! To help dispel some myths and for some good solid general info on the mysterious world of brake fluids I decided to contact Millers Oils up in West Yorkshire. Their Technical Director, Martyn Mann was on hand to give us some useful info… below is...
  11. J

    How much brake fluid for a system flush??

    Im just about to order all my service fluids from Opie and decided to flush my brake fluid this time round, could someone pls advise me on how much i would need to flush the system on an S15. I've searched for the past hour and cant find how much i need to order.
  12. LuPix_S15

    Gearbox/Diff Oil & Brake Fluid Selection

    To save people asking the same questions and for those wanting to deviate from the norm for more 'high performance' choices, I'm going to list what I'm changing to in terms of gearbox/diff oils and brake fluid etc :) I don't want to start a 'which is better than the other' debate but this is...
  13. S

    Power Steering Pump failure?

    Hey guys - sorry, back again! I get whine from my steering and sometimes it goes heavy. I've checked the search on here, and it been suggested that it just needs a fluid change. My nice local garage said its likely to be requiring a new pump..... Can I get your thoughts? Thanks x
  14. adz87kc

    Hand brake light always on

    Got the first problem with my silvia :nod: Today I fitted new discs, pads, lines and callipers to the front of my car. I also took apart rear callipers greased and cleaned them and bled all four corner with new fluid. Everything seems to work fine -front and rear- and the hand brake isn't...
  15. R


    How much brake fluid do I need if I were to completely replace the current fluid in there? Doesn't say anywhere in the service manual... or am I not looking hard enough? What about for the clutch fluid? Also for those of you that track your cars, what coolant are you guys running? Will be...
  16. M

    Quick one - Diff fluid service. What oil?

    Ive searched and searched and cant find it!!! :wack: Anyone post it up by 10am please? Thanks :D
  17. Topper

    Brake Fluid change

    Since were currently covering all things Brake (Rear brake thread, Brake Pad thread), i thought i ask a question re brake fluid, and the changing there-of. I currently have Castrol super responce DOT.4 fluid in the car, but have just ordered up some Motul RBF600 after hearing it recomended...
  18. LuPix_S15

    Possible Aircon Condensation?

    Hope someone can put my mind at rest! I've just noticed today (after running the aircon more due to the decent weather) that there is dripping from the car to the ground when parked up etc. I've taken some photos. I have checked all the fluid levels and all is well. I've touched the liquid...
  19. E

    Updated rantings on not letting other people touch your car!

    As you may remember from my recent post about spraying fuel all over the place, I have very strong ideas about not letting other people work on my car... unfortunately the wife is not in agreement and hence trouble starts... therefore I have problems :( Turns out, by the way, that the reason my...
  20. Yakozan

    Wanted: brake fluid change guide

    Looking for a brake fluid change guide. i have never changed brake fluid before and a guide would make me feel so much better :) Think I've read somewhere that I'm not supposed to empty the fluid completely :confused: Links or guide appreciated :thumbs: