1. EvilChap

    Nismo Coppermix Clutch & Flywheel

    Hello chaps... Who else has the nismo coppermix clutch and flywheel? I have moved the gearbox and clutch from nicely's car into my old 14a, where it is a lot quieter, but there is still a kind of rattle at a few different points in the rev range. Anybody have a fix for it, or the same issue...
  2. slammedmind

    Flywheel bolt replacement

    Just wondering does anyone have the part number for the flywheel bolts and the quantity? Im putting an orc clutch into the car and i dont think its a good idea to reuse the old bolts. any help much appreciated. thanks Rob
  3. Y

    Anyone Got Clutch And Flywheel In Stock

  4. Y

    APEX flywheel

    APEX flywheel HELP!!!!! I'd just like to know if anyone here has bought an APEX flywheel and how they fitted it?? My garage is saying that the standard bolts r too long for the APEX flywheel because its lighter and thinner and unsprung. I rang APEX they are having to contact the supplier to...
  5. DeanS15

    good news...and bad. help required

    hi people, i recieved a call this morning, my s15 is ready to colect tommorrow, but this good news has been marred by bad. my fto was all but sold and after 3 years of problem free motoring and no breakdowns, it packed up. basically while driving along the car stopped suddenly and would...
  6. R

    Nismo copper...... clutch

    Hi ,havnt posted on here for sometime + have been stuck in Leicaland. No problems with the car which is more than can be said for frigin leica m8's, until.. the original clutch decided to slip on by (80K) so ordered a nismo clutch and flywheel. After reading some previous posts and Nicelys...
  7. C

    skimming the flywheel

    Hi. Think my clutch is about to go, where can i get the flywheel skimmed? APT could not find anywhere willing to do it when the current clutch was fitted. Anyone have a spare flywheel? C.
  8. M

    FS: S15 gearbox

    Sorry, did I forget to mention it's an auto?:D Just taken it off to convert the car to manual. It's in perfect working order and all intact with torque convertor and flywheel. Any offers or swaps for shiny S15 bits, and buyer collects (J9 M40) Thanks, Mitch.