1. NICKO

    FS: HKS LA S15 Clutch/Flywheel Kit 450PS

    Here is my HKS LA Clutch kit, its covered only around 2000 miles at the very most and is in near new condition, its rated to around 450PS and drives like a stock clutch with slight stiffer pedal feel On the clutch pressure plate and flywheel you can still feel the machining marks if you run...
  2. S15_SAM

    Welding dual mass flywheel

    It's something I'm considering trying with a spare s15 dual mass flywheel I bought. Ive read abit about it being done on transits and toyota avensis's etc. but never On a Nissan or spec r, any body in aus etc ever heard of it being done successfully? I wouldnt weld it myself, a local...
  3. S

    Power too much?

    Hey guys, i think im ready to purchase my s15 after having money sitting there for 2 months, just waiting for correct car, just wanted to see what you guys think, and if i need to change- head, pistons, cams for what other mods its got, or is it fine. Will be a daily driver/weekend (fun drift)...
  4. eiden88

    WTB: Standard 6speed dual mass flywheel

    As per title, looking for a s15 dual mass flywheel in good condition cheers
  5. S15_SAM

    Dual mass flywheel part number

    Does any one have the part number for the stock flywheel. I haven't figured out Nissan fast yet as I'm on my phone. Thanks
  6. S

    S15 gearbox conversion to Z33 6 speed

    Just thought after seeing the couple of threads on the z33 gearbox conversion, that I might put up some info, and a how too. I am still waiting for my new box to arrive, but everything else bar the tail shaft has been modded to suit. So far I have bought the adapter kit from here -...
  7. M

    WTB: s14 flywheel bolts must be new

    as tiltle i need a set of brand new s14 flywheel bolts can be nissan or arp. pm or leave message here. thanks cash waiting. i need s14 bolts as im fitting an exedy s15 clutch kit and it uses the shorter bolts for the flywheel
  8. M

    where to buy flywheel bolts

    hey all. just bought exedy hyper single clutch and flywheel off dean s15 so i will be fitting it when i get home, just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a set of flywheel bolts from so i can get them delivered to my home address. i would go to Nissan but i work offshore and i would like...
  9. M

    WTB: 740cc side feed injectors and high performance clutch and flywheel

    hello all, i need a set of nismo 740cc fuel injectors and high peformance clutch and flywheel. money waiting, pm me or reply here, cheers matty
  10. B

    Spec r flywheel bolts ???

    Hi I'm after some spec r flywheel bolts for the duel mass flywheel, I've tried Nissan but they are struggling to find any. Does anyone know where I can get any from ?? Thanks
  11. Benne

    FS: Toda S15 6-speed flywheel

    brand new :thumbs: "Toda racing lightweight flywheel helps increase throttle response and aid in overall vehicle performance. All Toda flywheels are brand new and are not modified stock flywheels. Each flywheel is brand new units produced from 100% chromoly steel. Toda chromoly...
  12. J0R04N

    Clutch and flywheel opinions wanted

    Need to fit a new clutch on my car, after some opinions on what to go for. As I am changing the clutch, while I have the box off I thought I may as well upgrade the flywheel as well :D Power will be around 300hp and 300 ft/lb by the time I come to fit them :wack: Have been looking at the DW...
  13. S

    Flywheel torque specs..

    Okay, I have searched the repair manual, but it seems I cannot find TQ specs for the 6-speed dual mass flywheel. I can only find the 5-speed specs. Does anyone have the specs or are they the same? I know the bolts are different, so I wanted to double check. Thanks, Austin
  14. N

    Clutch advice needed

    Hey guys, The situation im in is this - I have gearbox whine so have bought a replacement. My car is on 44.5k miles and i believe the original clutch and flywheel setup. My plan is to replace at least the clutch when i swap the box. I'll give Driftworks a ring but thought its best to ask here...
  15. H


    As my clutch is wearing out I am thinking of fitting another. I don't want another flywheel as it's too much money, can I buy say, a standard s14 clutch and fit it to the flywheel or will I need extra bits? Cheers :cool:
  16. G

    FS: front door windows both sides and nismo clutch and flywheel duel mass delete 6 speed

    windows are green tint very good condition £30 each nismo clutch with duel mass delete flywheel took 400bhp and has lots of meet left in it £175
  17. J

    flywheel or bell housing problem!!!

    hi, my cars in the garage at the moment getting the clutch changed. because it had a exedy hyper twin plate i had to buy a flywheel to use with the new clutch. everyone was going well got all the parts, tried to get it all sorted today and when its all back together there 15mm gap, which...
  18. J

    WTB: s15 flywheel! urgent!

    has anyone got one? standard? need it a.s.a.p thanks
  19. V

    FS: ORC 409 Single Plate Metal Clutch Kit - Nissan Silvia S13/S14/S15

    Mint condition ORC 409 Single Plate Metal Clutch for the Nissan Silvia S15. This is a complete set comprising of the clutch cover, flywheel and clutch disc. This clutch has just been used for 5,000km before the vehicle was scrapped. The clutch pads are thick with plenty of meat left...
  20. R

    dual mass flywheel play...

    Been trying to find info on the tolerant amount of play on a s15 dual mass flywheel... Anyone know for sure? found this example below, but don't think its accurate.