1. tooley

    WTB: Stock s15 Flywheel or lightend that is not clutch specific.

    My ORC clutch is ****ed may have to go back to stock / unlightend flywheel or a lightend flywheel that can be used with any clutch
  2. richy200

    FS: garage clear out, some usefull bits maybe

    Trying to gather as much cash as possible for my s15. I Have a few bits and bobs which are taking up space, i will get some pics up tomorrow. sr20det bottom end, will need rebuilding, bought this to rebuild but never got around to doing it. I also have the water pump for the engine £40...
  3. M

    FS: Nismo super coppermix clutch (6speed) & Spec R gearbox (low milage) (6speed)

    For sale- S15 spec R 6Speed gearbox 50,000 miles on car, but the box looks re-built, possible Hpi / Nismo internals? Cannot confirm, but high grade Oil came out perfect, as in, not even used and still clear in colour, no spaff on magnet. surface gack on box from being sat doing nothing...
  4. andeep

    How to: Convert to a 5-Speed Gearbox

    Hey guys, Thought I would write a thread about how to convert your 6-Speed transmission to a 5-Speed that is found in the S14s. The reason why I am doing a thread on this as when I was doing the conversion there was a lot of different information going around saying exactly what parts you do...
  5. andeep

    FS: S15 6-Speed Gearbox Conversion

    I’m selling my S15 6 Speed gearbox and all the bits to swap your 5 speed gearbox to a 6 speed one. Everything I am selling is MINT S15 6 Speed Gearbox (60k miles on it, no noise, no crunches, shifts perfectly every time) S15 Dual Mass Flywheel (5K miles on it after being skimmed) S15 Exedy...
  6. M

    Clutch / Flywheel

    Hey hows it going . I changed the dual mass flywheel to a solid one and the new clutch i got has a soid center.but ineed it to be sprung as the fly is solid. can i just fit an s14 clutch kit as it has a sprung center. will it fit and what are the differences if any Thanks
  7. R-Spec

    Dual mass flywheel pics - help2!

    Hi guys, Trying to get some help on other threads too. Have an ACT flywheel and clutch but it looks like they may have sent me the wrong parts. They're asking for some pictures of the OEM flywheel but I can't get until the morning and really need tonight. What have you got. Clutch useful...
  8. T

    Replacing the flywheel

    Straight answer please guys, no "fit a five speed stuff". My clutch and flywheel are knackered and need replacing. I was looking on driftworks and they do a lightweight cromoly flywheel but it was for the S14 because obviously the S15 is dual mass as standard. Can I fit one of these...
  9. C

    Flywheel bolts

    I've got an ACT organic clutch and ACT Prolite flywheel ready to go in at the weekend, but after Nissan quoteing me £70 for the 8 bolts, is there another solution? I've read on SXOC that people re-use the original bolts, but are s15 bolts useable with a ACT fly? Cheers fellas
  10. LuPix_S15

    Help on buying clutch??

    Folks, Just noticed on the way home tonight that the clutch is slipping - prob came to light when I was carrying 3 other blokes (came back from cinema lol) and in 5th gear on the motorway, I could not accelerate past 4/5k on the revs cos it's slipping that badly :no: Soooo... Can anyone...
  11. DeanS15

    dyno day - eurospec2000

    did a dyno session yesterday down at eurospec2000 in guildford, got it for nothing as the guys owed me one from last time when they couldnt obtain a readout. was pretty pleased with the result too, no det whatsoever, sensible boost - though it could take more. think now that i will have it for...
  12. B

    FS: ***hks twin plate clutch and flywheel***

    Nissan S15 HKS TWIN PLATE CLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL Offers please :wave:
  13. X

    Fidanza Flywheel for 6-Speed

    Hello Community, Before I present my question: I've been using Fidanza products for quite a few years now, and had decided to buy one for the Autech S15. In their catalog, it states that it fits in the S13, 14, & 15, except for the dual mass type. It didn't discriminate between the thickness...
  14. raytsang

    Clutch Gearbox Noise.... Answer

    Right Guys.. This is the answer to alot of peoples problem with upgraded Clutch noises. found this when browsing through the nismo site Because the lightweight flywheel has been designed and manufactured to provide...
  15. J

    WTB: Flywheel bolts wanted (sr20det Spec R)

    Hi all, Has anyone got a set of flywheel bolts to spare? I nearly have all the parts gathered to fit a 6 speed to my 180sx, all im short is the bolts, if anyone has some spare, that would be great, otherwise il just order them from nissan:nod:
  16. D

    My dyno results

    Just thought I'd throw these up for anyone interested, it's just a base figure for me as there's not much done to it. So here goes: Torque (at wheels in lbft) & Power (at wheels in bhp) Torque (at flywheel in lbft) & Power (at flywheel in bhp) Toque at flywheel again lol & AFR (as you...
  17. M

    Clutch Problems

    Hi People, I have some problems with my s15 with the clutch! I bought the car in december, on that moment there was a 500miles new ORC 409 single plate clutch with flywheel in it The car has 350HP on the fly Now i drive about 1500miles(2500km) with it, some days ago the clutch slips on...
  18. J

    Spec R clutch, compatible with S14?

    Hi all, I know that the S15 runs a different flywheel to older models, but can the clutch and pressure plate from an S13/S14 be fitted to an S15 flywheel? Thanks
  19. A

    WTB: OEM Flywheel

    Anyone got a OEM Flywheel in good condition that I can have please? Cheers Als
  20. S

    Clutch change/installation

    Has anyone done clutch change DIY? Or know the link to show? I'm thinking of doing it this or next weekend and I heard it will be 3-4 hours job? I can only find bunch of clutch problems topics not actual fitting... I'm really not sure of changing the flywheel which I haven't investigated pros...