1. Joeh

    New features and changes to the forums!

    Hello everyone! As some of you are probably aware, we have been making significant changes to our forums in order to enhance the user experience, hopefully you will like them. If anyone would like to leave their feedback or suggestions, please reply to this thread! All kinds of feedback (good...
  2. Hairy Fish Nipples

    ABS Light has come on. HELP!

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Could do with some help. Got a black 2002 Spec R. It has had a lot of messing around done to it in Japan, but all in all has resulted in a fairly solid car that has been set up very nicely. E.G. After market manifold, earthing kit, 2 boost gauges that run from different...
  3. S

    Malware warning?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but when I installed Opera this evening to have a mess about I got the following warning when trying to load the forums.
  4. D

    Japanese Car Club

    Hi everyone, I am currently helping set up a Japanese Car Club called Jap.Club. You can visit the website at Some of you guys are already members but for those who aren't, I'd just like to tell you a little about what we offer. Registration is completely FREE and anyone who...
  5. S

    Hello - Another s15 owner :)

    Hi all - I'm james, from Gloucester. Recently met 'tooley' i think his name on here at birmingham (skid risk) last weekend. very nice fella! Just thought id say Hi on here. Aint to good with all these forums etc so still getting the hang of it lol.. Here are a couple of pics of...
  6. ChrisKnottIns

    CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE now covers Northern Ireland

    The subject line says it all really so please pick up the phone and ask us to quote if you live in the province - we now have an insurer who will offer you competitive cover. Couple this with the recent age relaxations and you should see that we're doing all we can to help as many of this...
  7. U

    Unique Car Club UK

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone will be able to help? We have a car club called 'Unique Car Club UK' which specialises in all car clubs and car lovers around the UK. Our previous website was closed due to inactivity so we have opened up a new forums so we can get everyone active once again...
  8. T

    Newbie from Auckland, New Zealand

    Hello everyone, I am a 27 year old graphics designer from Auckland, and I am a keen Nissan Silvia enthusiast, especially the beautiful S15's. I found your club forums while searching google for advice on a auto to manual conversion on the 1999 spec S I have recently purchased, for a very cheap...
  9. A

    Transferable Parts - S14a to S15

    Hi, I`ve done a few searchs and found a few things. Thinking maybe we could compile a definitive list (sticky?) Reason I ask is I`m tempted to break my 14a depending how much stuff I can swap over. May also be useful for raiding the forums `For Sale` section and other used part vendors. If...
  10. R

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone im Richard from south UK and im 20 born in feb. Currently own a civic coupe. Been looking through this site for a while and thought i was a member but just realised i wasnt so thought i would join :) I dont have a silvia yet but i have wanted one for ages and will hopefully have...
  11. A

    Newbie from Melbourne

    Hello all. I thought its time for an intro. My names Abhishek. ive recently purchased an S15 and learning heaps about them and the SRinside! I tend to do alot of mechanical stuff on my own so if I find something out ill post it on the forums. cheers Abhishek
  12. T

    Blitz Active Clutch vs ORC-409D

    Anyone have input on these clutches, Blitz active single clutch kit has a upgrade available to convert it to a twin disk which seems to be a great cost saving idea. Reading a few other forums I was saw that ORC makes the Blitz clutches, can anyone confrim ?
  13. E

    Newbie from Brunei.. The Abode of Peace

    Hi.. Im new here.. Got my S15 about a year.. A few mods have been done.. Nice forums.. :)
  14. andeep

    Looking for an exhaust

    I'm doing some research into which exhaust I should get for my S15 Silvia that will be arriving in November and I have a few questions. I used to own a MK5 Golf GTI, and when looking for an exhaust there were like 2 good companies that would make them, and you would ask on the forums and...
  15. B


    hows it going, just purchased a s15 spec s .. getting it in a few days.. i like the look of the forums.. cheers
  16. B

    ello ello

    hey everybody :D I offically became an s15 owner about 2 hours ago :rotfl: 2001 adm blue spec been searching for forums and this looks like a nice one :) so I'll see yous around :wave:
  17. U

    s13 starter fit a s15?

    I was told that a s13 starter will fit on a s15, anyone know if this is true? Acouple people on other forums forums said there the same but i wanted to check since i dont feel like wasting money. Thanks for any help.
  18. Mark_D

    Interesting ebay auction

    Hey all, Checked the forum today and noticed not much was happening, thought i'd try and liven it up a little bit. Found this on another one of my forums, i had to laugh when i saw this. Read through and you will chuckle at...
  19. J

    "0" Boost Reading

    Guys, I have this issue:- The boost reading is at 0 when i turn on the ignition and stays there when driving/flooring. It doesnt gauge anything although spooling/turbo sound is normal. The needle then points at -5 when ignition is turned off. I've read in the forums that it could be the...
  20. V

    [VERY] ... My modified S15 Varietta convertible with SR20DET

    Hi all... only just found these forums today... mostly hang out on the aussie forums... and My name is Adam, from Perth in Western Australia I bought a stock S15 Varietta (which i call "Very's" for short - hence the license plates) last May and been modifying it...