1. T

    KW Variant 3 on S15

    Hello! I've been searching the internet for quite some time now, but haven't found much useful info on KW V3 coilovers installed on an S-Chassis, regarding wheel to coilover clearance, height drop, top hats etc? Has anyone tried the V3's on their S15 or generally any s-chassis car or knows...
  2. S

    Z32 maf

    Hey guys, recently bought a s15 with some decent mods, but it seems like the previous owner didn't know half of whats actually on the car. I found it has full Cusco coilovers all around, tein torsion bars. The latest thing i found is that it has a z32 MAF, correct me if im wrong but the car...
  3. S

    Kaaz 2 way diff oil.....

    I'm looking at having the diff oil swapped in my 15 and it currently has a Kaaz 2 way fitted. I've found this online...... can anyone confirm this is the stuff i need?
  4. M

    MorgzC's Spec R Aero

    Hey guys/girls.After a while contemplating (and maybe a little bidding) on Rx7s I decided to switch allegiances and get myself a silvia instead. Got offered Jason's15 car after posting up on Facebook and maybe even put a small deposit down before I'd even seen it...How she stood when I collected...
  5. H


    I've recently bought an S15 Spec S, looking to try and purchase a few bits and bobs for it. not new to Datsuns I owned a 14a for around 12 years until it rusted away and was scrapped a month or so ago. so picked up an average condition car which I found advertised on here (and SXOC) with a...
  6. Barnesy

    Barnesy's Spec-S (for a good reason)

    So the story goes that my mate has recently bought a looking chassis with the veil side fortune kit for the Supra and we've started moving everything. He then convinced me I needed a japanese RWD beauty so I started looking and fell in love with the S15's lines (the only thing I'd change is I...
  7. A

    Nissan part numbers website

    Ive been trying to find out part numbers for stuff im after, I found this site but it doesn't have the S15 on it, shame cause its a good site. I found this but it has no pictures & im not sure if things are what I think they are...
  8. S

    Front lift kit

    I've got a Meister R prototype front lift kit on my S15, it raises the front up 40mm to get over obstacles such as steep entrances to petrol garages, speed bumps etc. I've found it really useful and has saved my front bumper from getting destroyed on many occasions! Its usually found on VAGs or...
  9. JDM_virgin

    WTB: s15 Speed sensor

    After more electrical hunting I have found that my speed sensor is shot due to power being sent up the earth (dont ask!) anyway i need a replacement so a part number or place to buy would be helpful. Have found nothing on ebay or google but just loads of stuff about them :(
  10. A

    Is there an air pressure vent in the wiper cowl area?

    When you close the door with the windows up & everything, should air come out of the cowl where the wipers are? I noticed I had some leaves on there today & they flew up when I shut the door. I only ask because I seem to have a water leak & damp in the drivers footwell (I already sealed the...
  11. A

    Wet drivers footwell.

    I noticed the other day I had a lot of water on the inside of the front & rear screen & my seats were damp so tried to locate damp or wet patches, found it was in the drivers footwell. I searched on here & found 1 topic which mentioned a grommet behind the clutch pedal. I pulled back the carpet...
  12. D

    Anyone know these rear fenders?

    Hi guys, Normally i'm a real tight hero with the internet and find everything i'm looking for or saw else where. But i'm really getting stuck on this one and i'm freakin out about it, so please if anyone could say or find these somewhere? That'l be greet!!! The only store i have found is one in...
  13. Tommy Kaira

    Spoiler needed please

    So...after getting rear-ended 3 hours after getting my car back and on the road I've started rebuilding it. But I've decided I'm over the BGW and fancy something different. I found this pic and wondered if anyone could ID the spoiler? Or, feel free to recommend something else!
  14. S

    FS: Wine Red HCR32 Gtst *Fresh Import*

    Due to insurance woes my Skyline is for sale. After selling my EK9 I spoke to Ben at Emperor Garage about importing me an R32, I told him my requirements and he found this out for me. I fell for it, bided and won it. Settled up with Ben and awaited the phone call from him saying it’s ready to...
  15. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone have a F4 Full pinout diagram?

    Anyone know where I could find a full pin out diagram, I found one but it wasn't the full one. I looked on FSM and it doesn't let me see it.
  16. fez06

    anyone on here live in japan?

    As above I'm wondering if anyone could get me my original numberplates made up for me to go with my car and for shows etc as iv found what it was now Cheers john
  17. G

    found one, could use some opinions

    hey guys i found an s15 spec S just wanted to know what you guys thought about it its a bit too expensive ($18k)...
  18. K

    Found a S15 but im not sure how too go about it?

    Right iv found a s15 for sale, but its in japan.....i am thinking about importing the car myself, never done it before, but i know some people here have done it, so i guess i am looking for advice. This is the car i am looking at...
  19. W

    ** Help Needed ** S15 Blitz ZZ-R Suspension Kit Review

    Dear All, Am new member here, actually am looking to buy suspension kit for my s15. Am using it at race track and street, found Blitz ZZR Suspension kit in the net ( ) , anyone use this before or any suggestion as my budget is tight. Many thanks.
  20. M

    S15 costcos alburn Sydney

    Found youuuuuuuuuu