1. K

    Finally picking up the S15 after two years

    Yes, that is right. I left her alone sitting for two years. Prior to that i have moved back to my rural town in the central Canada where you can watch you damn dog run away for two weeks. This small town has an "Ok" car scene. The Silvia is parked at my ex's place as we broke up with good...
  2. Lil SpecR

    Small shopping list ... where to go?

    Hi all I have a small shopping list of parts, where is the best place or brands to go for? I've tried japspeed but they're struggling to understand my requirements lol :) Downpipe Turbo elbow Sports cat Performance panel filter Manifold braided lines/turbo/water/oil Manifold/turbo gasket...
  3. lewis

    Manifold and elbow fitting

    Hi everyone, i'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me plan properly with fitting my manifold and turbo elbow. Basically I'm going to be fitting them when the elbow arrives, hopefully in the next few weeks and I want to make sure I can kind of do everything at once and make sure I have...
  4. adzsy

    FS: few parts for sale.

    Everything plus postage. Universal 3 gauge pod. £10 + Postage T28 S14 5 Bolt gasket £5 300zx Turbo gasket 4 bolt Genuine Nissan £10 Water Temp Gauge - Unknown Brand - New Damaged box £10 Boost gauge - Unkown Brand - New Damaged box £10 Air Filter £10 2.5" Blue silicone pipe £15 Bulldog...
  5. S15AK

    SR20DET manifold gasket?

    Hi Guys I'm changing my manifold so might as well replace the exhaust gasket, so I'm thinking OEM is the best way to go? I've done some googling and I think the part number is 14036-75F00 (OEM SR20DET Multi-Layer Exhaust Manifold Gasket), but if anyone else has bought this from Nissan before...
  6. D

    FS: Genuine nissan sr20det black top VVT Full engine rebuild gasket kit S15 S14 S14a

    Full Genuine Nissan engine rebuild gasket kit for SR20DET black top VVT engine S15 S14a S14 Kit contains Head Gasket Rocker cover gaskets Intake and exhaust Valve stem seals Front and rear Crankshaft seals Intake manifold upper and lower gaskets Injector o-rings Throttle body gasket Exhaust...
  7. A

    where to get Head gasket + head bolts

    I think my head gasket is leaking oil. Does anyone know where to get a standard gasket + bolts or which aftermarket one is best, I hear metal ones aren't good. or theres that Cosworth multi layer one, but its got many options 87mm bore, 1.1,1.5,1.8 thickness & 90mm bore 1.1,1.5 thickness...
  8. Jay-pan

    FS: Genuine Nissan Gasket

    Turbo to manifold gasket, bought thinking it would fit my car not realising stupidly that a GT30 turbo is a lot bigger than standard. still in package but opened to check. Genuine nissan part with item code £10 posted 1st class no offers.
  9. I

    FS: Cheap SR20DET (VVT)

    I have an engine that came out a 96k auto s14a that spent most it's life standard, then went 1a (manual conversion) and the head gasket failed. Rather than changing the head gasket I swapped engines with a spare I had and planned to forge this one. That cars gone now so this engine is for sale...
  10. jake

    S15 oil leak

    So my s15 is leaking oil look like it coming from the cam cover but hard to see where really Have been told that if it cam cover the engine will need to come out witch I don't really want to do as just had it put back in Can it be done by just taking off the bumper and radiator and the the...
  11. dave_t

    S15 Spec-R Diff Cover Gasket

    I have bought a nice, posh, Nismo 2-Way diff in OEM S15 Spec-R casing :wave: and after splitting the back cover off to inspect, i would like to change the back cover gasket. I have been unable to find an S15 specific gasket, but is it the same as an S13/S14 gasket? i.e. -...
  12. S

    FS: Cometic MLS HG and MLS Exhaust manifold gasket

    selling a couple of parts from my rebuild that I don't need any more: 1) Cometic MLS HG in 87.5mm bore 0.045" thickness (1.15mm). this one here...
  13. S

    The heads comming off!

    Ok so car is heading to the garage for some work, iv got to have the head off to fix the common head gasket leak, and I'm proberly going to get the head skimed at the same time refitting with a 1.8 mm gasket Also replacing the clutch ( probably an organic one) what about the fly wheel? I here...
  14. M

    Turbo to manifold gasket recommendations?

    As title. Can anyone recommend a good quality t28 turbo to manifold gasket or is it just best to stay with oem gaskets? Cheers Sam
  15. fez06

    WTB: turbo elbow triangle gasket

    As above I'm after a New metal one. If anyone has one for sale or know where I can get one let me know. Needs to be 3" too Cheers
  16. Jordan

    WTB: Manifold gasket help

    Anyone got a Nissan manifold gasket knocking around? If not ill have to grab one from Nissan unless people can recommend a different aftermarket one which is as good as OEM?
  17. S

    Idle issues after head gasket replacement

    So I got my car back on Tuesday after getting the head gasket replaced. I also had the inlet manifold gasket and exhaust manifold gasket replaced. My issue now is everytime I start my car up, it'll idle around 1200-1500 for a min, then drop down and fluctuate between 550ish-1100ish. At first I...
  18. S

    WTB: SR20DET ARP Head Stud Kit, Cosworth Head Gasket

    As the title says, I'm looking for an ARP head stud kit and a Cosworth head gasket. I've found a few online that I'm waiting to pull the trigger on, but wanted to give the forums a quick go just to see if I can scoop up a decent deal. Need this asap....
  19. S

    Need Help with Head Gasket Order....

    After talking with my mechanic, I'm unsure on what head gasket to purchase. Originally I was going to go with a Cosworth metal head gasket. My mechanic said the issue with going to a steel head gasket is the fact it isn't as "forgiving" as an OEM gasket. Meaning, if everything isn't 100% level...
  20. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Manifold (good quality)

    Well the S15 is booked in for mapping on the 17th, and the turbo-to-manifold gasket has started blowing. i have to take the manifold off to replace the gasket, so i might as well upgrade it at the same time. what have you got - must be good quality pm for quickest response -cheers