1. T

    Not to sure

    Hi all, i want to buy a set of defo gauges to replace the air vents, any one know the perfect size gauges to get??
  2. T

    WTB: Gauges & wind deflector

    Hi all, in need of some gauges hit me up with what ever it is you have to offer, also my driver side wind deflector got broken, hoping someone has one to sell
  3. A

    Replace gauges without having to replace wiring?

    I have these gauges in my car Do the newer greddy gauges fit right into the same wiring? If I got a different brand, would the sensors I have in the water & oil connect up or would I have to replace everything? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. JDM_virgin

    DEPO Gauges

    Hi guys, looking at buying some depo gauges and on their website is says they all come with all the required bits to make them work. I was wondering that for the oil temp/pressure gauges do they supply a sandwich plate or do you need to buy one extra as they provide the oil sensor...
  5. T

    oil cooler/filter relocation

    since uppjng the power would like to get one of these next to keep temps under control? question is car came with defi oil pressure and oil temp gauges so what kit comes with a sandwich plate that takes these sensors and fits the engine block :confused:
  6. B

    FS: Unwanted parts for sale, tein,defi,tomei

    Im selling some parts I've collected fir my s15's as I no longer have a use for them, full set of defi 60mm gauges with controller, new sensors and new wires, gauges have a few marks on the faces but doesn't affect them when lit up, Boost, water temp, oil pressure and oil temp looking for...
  7. M

    WTB: Rear lights and gauges

    After some aftermarket rear lights, preferably 50/50 smoke and red, but any other smoked ones or white/red will do. Also oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges. Matching set of good quality.
  8. Dan H

    How much do mods sway your decision when purchasing a car?

    As the title really. When purchasing a new car, how much do the mods on it help convince you to go for it? Would you pay much extra for a nicely modded example? Soon I'll be selling my S15, but I'm not sure how I want to sell it yet. It's got a full compliment of Defi BF gauges and a link...
  9. Jay-pan

    Depo gauges

    Anyone know where i can purchase four Depo peak warning gauges for less than £214 best price i have so far about to order them but want to see if anywhere else is doing them cheaper. The gauges are Oil temp Water temp Oil pressure Boost Bar
  10. JaseYpk

    WTB: Defi Link Gauges - Discontinued!

    This year Defi replaced their current line of 'Link Series' boost gauges, with their 'ADVANCE' series, and they're not cross compatible. This annoys me as i have the Link control unit, and the link boost gauge, but now the link series are discontinued, and the advance ones wont work on my...
  11. B

    Xanavi Disconnected from s15

    So after a few weeks of getting my s15, I had had enough of the bright green japanese screen that popped up in the dash. The faceplate was in japanese and the buttons didn't work at all, therefore it was useless and distracting when driving at night. So I tackled the beast and took off the...
  12. J

    WTB: searching for a A-Pillar

    hi, I'm searching for a a-pillar without boost gauges.. greetz Jay
  13. S

    WTB: WANTED: Various Standard / Aftermarket S15 Parts!

    Need the following parts please, must be MINT. Must be local to KENT - UK, or willing to post. Thanks! Front Bumper Bar Carbon / FRP Bonnet (preferably new) Bonnet Hinges Headlights Headlight Loom Dash (complete with vents / g-box / gauges etc) Centre Console / Arm Rest etc Clocks (Manual)...
  14. D

    FS: STACK gauges and shift light

    Few bits for sale not I've split my old S14a :) Stack Pro Control Oil temp/pressure gauges. Mega bits of kit, have warning and peak recall, colour changes if the reading is too low or high etc. Bit of info here...
  15. L

    Gauges and turbo timer

    I am wanting to get a turbo timer and 3 gauges for the car. I am thinking of putting these gauges in the place of the 3 fans above the cd player. Any recommendations to what type of gauges and turbo timer i should think about getting? Had a look at the Greddy stuff but i'm not to keen on those.
  16. pegliobaglio

    fitting defi's

    Alright guys,just a quick question,finally getting round to fitting my defi gauges tomorrow,just wanted to know if anyone had any advice on the best way of holding them in position,I have bought 2 60mm gauges one I am fitting in the centre of the dash where I have a vent face missing,and the...
  17. sliding-r

    FS: Depo Gauges Group Buy - 25% OFF RETAIL!!! - CLOSED on Tuesday 7th Dec

    Right then after a phone call with Dave the owner of Prolex UK who is the sole distributor of DEPO gauges into the UK he has agreed that I can set up a group to give us all the benefit of a 25% discount on all DEPO gauges that he supplies. These gauges were featured in Banzai a few months back...
  18. K

    FS: FS: Greddy Profec B, S15 S-Tune, Greddy Gauges [With Pics]

    Ok, got a few bits off of the 2 S15s I have. :wack: Greddy Profec B Boost Controller: £140 Greddy Warning Gauges: Oil Temp/Press/Boost in Silver (with senders) : £220 -- [SOLD] Nismo S-Tune S15 suspension : £200 Pics: Please note: Not all cables shown in the image for the gauges. I do have...
  19. M

    which gauge

    hi there my oem gauge is dead so i need new one. cant really afford defi ones so which one of these two do u guys reccommend or...
  20. T

    de-activating airbag light???

    Well I had the dash apart to replace the two broken gauges in the dash centre air pods (It might look cool to have your gauge here but i tell you now if something goes wrong with them its the biggest headache in the world to resurrect the problem which envolving stripping the whole dash to...