1. Johnny

    WTB: Interior dash lower trim panel + glove box

    Wanted Interior dash lower panel with glove box Lower dash under steering wheel
  2. S

    WTB: 2x Glove box pins. (the plastic ones that hold the glove box at the bottem)

    As requested. one of mine has snapped and need another one. The little black pins that hold the glove box in.
  3. JaseYpk

    Interior cabin 'air/pollen filters'?

    Does anyone know if there is an air filter or pollen filter (for the blowers), and where it is? my blowers smell stale and i'm looking to resolve this.. I heard there is an aircon one behind the glove box somewhere, but the a/c smells fine. its just standard blowers that smell nasty.. Cheers :)
  4. K

    WTB: dashboard and center console

    hey im looking for a S15 dashboard with all the vents, center console, and radio/shifter trim. i dont need the airbag but i do want a spare key for the glove box
  5. pegliobaglio

    where do you put yours???

    hi guys, just bought myself some defi's and was wondering where everyone has put their control unit?? i cant imagine ever really needing to use the functions on it so was considering just whacking it in the glove nbox,just interested to see where everyone has put their and if you actually use...
  6. Dan H

    Finished my Defi install

    When I sold my 180sx, I took out all of the Defi gauges I had in there to put in my 15. I had the all the sensors fitted up, and could see the info on the link display, and I had changed the stock boost gauge for a Defi BF one. 9 month later I've eventually finished putting them in :D...