1. SX2002

    Hi Giys

    Hi to all, more of a re introduction, haven't been here for some years now...got my "Happy Birthday" message so I thought I'd drop in and say Hi...:smile:
  2. S15_SAM

    Happy new year everyone!

    Happy new year guys and girls! I hope 2016 is good for you and your Nissan!
  3. Mycool

    My rebuilt s15

    Hi guys - I have not posted on here for quite awhile now as I have been super busy with work and with my car. I don't think a lot of you know and I was'nt really planning on telling people but as I am so happy with the end results, I might as well! - I Crashed my 15 Last October the Night...
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    WIN a Karcher K2 with Chris Knott this October

    Don't forget to call Chris Knott if your car insurance renewal is due soon. We'll place all quotes offered in October into our prize draw to WIN a Karcher K2 Pressure Washer. There's another draw in the pipeline for next month too and quotes last for about 30 days. Of course we want to save...
  5. Surfing Boris

    After 18 months I am finally an S15 owner!!!

    I have finally done it!!! Went to Torque GT this afternoon and went for a drive and climbed all over the car. Very happy
  6. jake

    WTB: Bov

    Any got a spare bov there will to sell quick as my one looks and fills like it's leaking Got a blitz on there at the mo would be happy with any thing on the same line as that ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. s15Irl

    WTB: Interior bits and bobs

    Hi, Im looking for a few little bits : the triangle shape trim on the inside of the mirror, both sides. Also a drivers side sun visor If anyone has any of these ill be happy to buy them, postage shouldnt be much being small and light! Thanks
  8. oilman

    Happy New Year - Free UK Mainland Shipping £35+

    We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are getting ready for a cracking New Year. To start 2015 with bang, Opie Oils are giving Free UK Mainland Shipping on all order over £35. Some Scottish post codes and out of area deliveries are not included, however we have created the voucher...
  9. s15Irl

    Interior inspiration!

    Hi! Im looking for something different to do with my centre console, mainly the piece around the radio/gear stick.. I have a spare one to play around with until im happy with it! Anybody anything nice done to theirs? Pictures would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
  10. T

    New s15 owner reintoduction big plans

    Just a re introduction I bought myself a genuine Spec r this week have huge plans for it safe to say I'm happy to be part of s15 ownership
  11. C


    Hello from the land down under! :wave: My name is Gillian, but call me Gill. New to the forum, but have had the beast since July. First owner in Aus and stocked to have such a great car. Still the same way as I bought it. Slowly getting the money together to do small things to it. Happy to...
  12. S15AK

    Valves - SR20DET

    Hi Guys, I'm getting valve bounce, so need to change the valve springs and retainers. I need some help in sources some, and not sure if you can get uprated ones? Also as the head it off I might as well look at a cams, but not sure if its worth it as I am happy with the power it has now...
  13. oilman

    £1 Shipping on all UK Mainland Orders - No Minimum Spend

    Hi Folks, The team at Opie Oils are happy to announce that we are offering £1 Shipping for a Limited Time Only! No minimum spend. This can be used with any other offers that are on our website. Don't forget to checkout our Current Offers Don't forget all Castrol Edge and Magnatec have 20%...
  14. S15_SAM

    Happy New year S15 owners and special guests, list your plan for your car in 2014!

    Happy new year guys and girls Whats each persons plans and goals for their S15 or other vehicle for 2014? then we can refer back at the end of the year and see who did what! My list (not very long): 1) paint my wheels anthracite grey 2) get some wide rear arches and fit them 3) have the...
  15. Nissan_S15

    Merry Christmas Guys!!!

    Just wanted to wish everyone on the S15 Owners Club a very Merry Christmas and hope that you and your family's all have a fantastic day tomorrow! All the best Ashley
  16. J

    Hello from Herts

    Hi Guys I'm a newbie my name is Jorge I'm 22 years old and have always loved S15's and finally this year I have managed to afford to get one, about 3 months ago I contacted GT Torgue to see if they could find me one as I had no luck looking myself, about 3 weeks ago they worked their magic and...
  17. Sims77

    My S15

    Finally got her so I can do my own thread. Picked her up with 37000 miles on the clock and not a mark on her. Really happy.
  18. Joe_S15

    Joe's S15 Spec R

    Hi Guys, I've been meaning to start one of these for a while now and just haven't got round to it, so here goes! I've wanted an S15 since i first saw one at Japfest when i was 16, and at the old age of 20 i started looking for one. I knew i wanted one with the full aero kit and after a year of...
  19. R

    made my s15 dream a reality! very happy right now :)

    So I just picked up my first s15 today! Its a 2002 Spec R GT in Pewter grey/silver. All stock apart from a turbo back exhaust, 135xxxks. Happy as :) I have wanted one for the past 10 years!! And during those 10 years until now (nearing the end of my probationary license) all I have been doing...
  20. crazymat666

    what cars could possibly replace a s15??

    so obviously i have a s15 and i love it in every way possible .but if i was to get another car who has any ideas what would replace it and still keep me happy?