1. A

    ISO Harness for double din head unit

    Hy guys can any one shed some light in this. i have a new double din I am looking to fit but I can't find the ISO harness I need. Anyone know which one I need? Or where get one from? thanks
  2. F

    WTB: S15 Spec R Engine Harness

    Hey, i´m looking for a engine Harness like this. Has anybody one for sale?
  3. A

    Coil pack wire harness + exhaust manifold shield removal

    noob questions! So I decided to buy a new harness to go with my new coil packs...why not, its old as f**k. It looked simple to do but I see the earth wire disappears round the back of the engine, under the cowl & I cant see where it goes or how I would get a spanner in there. Anyone tell me...
  4. K

    WTB: S15 harness

    I am in need of a full S15 interior harness, engine bay harness. From the headlights all the way to the tail lights. Preferably clean and uncut/unmodified. Manual trans, if it makes a difference.
  5. bigk20

    FS: Nissan s15 spec R

    2000 Nissan silvia s15 spec r 58800 miles Bimta certified Imported by sva imports Fully underseald no rust at all Its just had a fresh respray in factory wko less than two months ago looks amazing. brand new shadow chrome badges from nissan Standard engine vvt engine Running millers...
  6. T

    Harness help please should be easy

    I will keep it short and sweet. I Threw the motor back in and trying to tuck all the wires. I have no clue what this harness goes to. It has been over a year since I took the motor out and cant remember. This harness comes out of the passenger side firewall. Part of it clips into the wiper...
  7. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone know where these harness plugs go to??

    Hi guys, I've looked in service manual in Electrical section and I cannot find what this connector could be, my first thought was it could be for the ABS computer since mine didn't come with it... I bought a ABS computer and the connectors are totally different size. So I'm lost at this point...
  8. Jaydej

    Fitting harness without bar or roll ca

    Hey all I've fitted some harness eyes in my car they are just behind the pillar support under the back seat. I've been told that it isn't the best location. What have you guys done? And I don't really want to remove tank please helppp
  9. dave_t

    Fitting Harnesses to Bucket Seats WITHOUT a cage

    I have a pair of Bride's i will be fitting to the S15 but i want to know if any of you guys have fitted a 4 point harness to a Silvia WITHOUT a Harness Bar on the roll cage. I dont plan on getting a cage anytime soon :down:
  10. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Fixed Sat Nav and Audio.

    Hi Ladies and Gents, I am just wanting to replace my head unit with a fixed Sat Nav/Audio system. I was looking at the below from Car Audio Centre: Kenwood DNX-4250BT 6.1" touch screen AV navigation unit with built in bluetooth The reason for this choice is because i need an Android...
  11. P

    WTB: Wtb n/a sr20 vct engine harness

    Wanting to buy engine harness for an n/a vct sr20. Located in Townsville, Australia. It's for a mate so if you have one let me know and I'll get you i to contact with him :)
  12. Lanyard

    FS: Tegiwa Harness Bar

    Bought this to fit into my car with the buckets and harness without losing the rear seats but decided not to fit it as I'm now selling the car. Cool little bit of kit that allows you to fit harnesses to the bar and still be able to use the rear seat - albeit a little awkwardly! Looks shiny too...
  13. NICKO

    Power FC Djetro Wiring route Help

    Im in the middle of fitting the Map And AIT sensors where I want them and im now on the task of fitting the wiring looms to go down the the ECU. Now the hole in the firewall behind the intake manifold is full of gauge wiring etc so that one is out of the question, I have noticed the main...
  14. S

    WTB: injector harness

    does any one have an injector harness to hand? i need to re-make my injector loom. cheers
  15. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: Wtb Side marker pigtail harness

    Looking for fender side marker pig tail harness for turn signal.
  16. spoonman

    JDM ecu pin out differences

    Im having trouble trying to wire up a fan controller to the factory harness. Has anyone else come across this? On the ADM harness pin 10 is the Cooling Fan Relay HIGH and is Blue/Green (L/G) in colour, problem being that I have a JDM and there is no wire going to hole 10 in the harness. In...
  17. Mike

    Harnesses. What's the score?

    After buying James Brides for a upcoming project I've spent most of today looking into harnesses and the do's and don't. Those of you that run them, what was your opinion on 4/5/6 point ones? Pro's cons? From what I've read so far the angle for the back straps is the main issue as not to...
  18. Feast Japan

    FS: Personal FS: Apexi Power FC (Zenki S14), Nismo 555's, Z32 AFM & Harness

    Guys, have these spares off my build. Shipping is included in the prices below, pay pal is best option. And best not to worry about getting dinged for any delivery charges as will mark as gift. Item #1 - Power FC with commander and Map sensor. This is L-Jetro (air flow type), map sensor was...
  19. T

    FS: Greddy ( Trust ) Ultimate ECU wiring loom universal harness kit brand new

    Greddy ( Trust ) Ultimate ECU wiring loom universal harness kit. New with splices, iso style connectors and bullet terminals (as pictured). £50 posted recorded. Link:GREDDY E-MANAGE ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL HARNESS KIT 15901500 | eBay (This is not my ebay item)
  20. I

    Depin ECU harness conector

    Anyone know how to Depin the ECU harness connector? iv tried using a small flat head but no luck im going to brake it other wise