1. P

    Hardware advice

    Just picked my s15 up from the docks and the bumpers have been removed due to ride height but no hardware was kept just wondering what I need to fit bumpers front and rear
  2. T

    KW Variant 3 on S15

    Hello! I've been searching the internet for quite some time now, but haven't found much useful info on KW V3 coilovers installed on an S-Chassis, regarding wheel to coilover clearance, height drop, top hats etc? Has anyone tried the V3's on their S15 or generally any s-chassis car or knows...
  3. C

    Standard seats height adjustment

    Hi, just have a really quick and simple question which I wondered if any owners would be able to answer for me. Does the S15 have height adjustable seats as standard? If anyone could confirm or deny that I'd be really grateful! Thanks.
  4. laimis

    FS: For sale rear knuckles with dual caliper brackets roll center height

    For sale custom rear knuckles. The drop is 38 mm - optimized for cars 38 mm lower than factory ride height. They come with dual caliper brackets as R33, calipers doesn't come in complect. Optimized camber curve for more even tyre wear. Optimized bumpsteer for toe-in under compression without OEM...
  5. S

    WTB: Carbon Fiber wing.

    I’m after a decent carbon fiber wing for my S15…..ideally after something of reasonable height, don’t want it sitting super low but don’t want it over my roof line either.. Don’t want something that’s damaged either, has to be mint as pretty close. Anyone have one for sale? Something of a...
  6. N80Jamie

    Ohlins coilover help

    Attempted to lower the set of Ohlins coilovers i have on the S15 today and was thrown by the way they're designed compared to the rest i've seen. Are these non adjustable height wise? If not, how do you go about doing it?
  7. Mange

    WTB: Coilovers S15

    Hey guys, im after some coilovers for s15. Just about anything as long as they are adjustable in height and stiffness. And no leaks or damaged :) Show me what you got :D
  8. N

    REED coilovers?????????

    well guys took a set REED coilovers out of my s15, anyone heard of them? and know what they could sell for? they have adjustable damping and height etc
  9. spoonman

    Fix idea for high speed tracking

    Can i please have your ideas for high speed tracking. I have had to put my car back up to its certified ride height, dam NZ certs. I realigned it to suit whiteline touring setting, as i did not want to camber wear tires too much. (front : camber -1.0 / caster +7.5 / toe 0.0 rear : -1.2 /...
  10. P

    Ride height+coilovers - need info!!

    Hi, my s15 which I have had for nearly a year came with Cusco Zero 1 coilovers. I would like to establish how the ride height is set relative to standard. The cusco spec sheet says that these can drop ride height between 0 and -75 front /-65 rear. But I have no idea now what standard ride height...
  11. spoonman

    Trying to diagnose a coilover problem - height wont adjust

    Im in the process of changing my rideheight to suit the cars certification limits for rideheight, which unfortunately means the car needs to go up by 10mm to be legal, i have tein SS and have adjusted the fronts no problems, the rear left adjusted ok but for some reason the rear right does not...
  12. Fruitbooter

    A retarded coilover question

    Okay sitting at work bored thinking about stuff, got me wondering about my coilovers and what infact is the correct way to lower them. Ive never had coilovers where the base of the shock can adjust aswell as the spring seat. So looking at the coilovers - What is the correct way to...
  13. K

    of all the places for a complete doyle to park...

    Why did it have to be on a hill-not in gear-without his handbrake on fully, infront of MY BEAUTIFUL CAR! I was not impressed to find my S15 stopping this Scoda from rolling down a hill! It hit hard because the alarm had gone off!:down: :annoyed: FUMING! By the way ignore the ride height...
  14. A

    FS: Nolathane Coilovers and Cusco Camber Tops

    Complete set of Nolathane S14/S15 Height Adjustable Coilovers, Australian made. Thick shaft, solid bushings, utilising standard tops, great quality coilover, no leaks/knocks, front right requires alot of force to adjust the spring height, otherwise they are all good, open to inspection...
  15. Roots82

    suspension question

    Just wondering, if you have base height adjustable coilovers and adjustable rear camber arms and you adjust the height lower on the rear of the car, does this still affect the camber angle or does it remain unchanged? i wanted to go get a whiteline set up done on my car to change from touring...
  16. S

    What you think about yellow with gold mag?

    I got my eyes on Top secret gold dished wheel (obviously GT-C) on my banana :) you reckon the colour will suit? i can't find any image so can't really draw the picture.... It may or may not be good but i love that mag!! even though it's only 17 but with the right height that shouldn't matter...
  17. sniffy

    coilovers problem

    i was wondering if any one had any advice on how to unseize the coilover nuts the allow you to raise and lower the height as mine as seized and i need to raise it so sort out the camber.