1. S

    Standard HID lamps.....

    Does anyone know what the standard HID lamp kits look like? One of my bulbs has gone and I'm assuming the kit I have in there is aftermarket but need to confirm it.
  2. R

    WTB: Driverso Side Headlight

    Hi all, My drivers side headlight is discoloured and I'm tired of sanding and resealing it every few months. Does anyone have a really good condition one at a reasonable price? Mines a 1999 so assuming it's non HID, they are bright though and do look like HID lights. Thanks
  3. tooley

    FS: S15 HID Passenger side headlight - Fully working

    Hi, Selling my spare HID light as i now have Non HID fitted on my car. No damage to any of the light. brackets are all good. Lense could do with a polish. £300
  4. tooley

    FS: HID Passenger Side Headlight

    Fully working. Minor surface scratches. Will polish out. Converted to non HID due to drifting and crashing is an occupational hazard RIP driver side light. No damage to any of the mountings £300 delivered
  5. L

    Hid Headlights Part Number

    Hey does anyone have the HID Headlights parts number for nissan? for 2002 L package and even the standard black hid ones. Thanks
  6. L

    FS: Wanted: HID Headlights

    Hi I'm after some L package silver back HID headlights or even some black back ones. The mounting on my right hand side headlight has snapped :mad:
  7. Mycool

    hid bulbs

    hey, I'm looking at purchasing a HID kit for my nissan s15. But i'm just unsure on whats best to get. I dont understand all this canbus / bi-xenon options do i need the H1 Canbus hids? or H1 non canbus. sorry i'm pretty clueless! ive tried to look it up but i cant seem to find much info...
  8. SlidewayzS15

    HID S15 head lights discussion

    Anyone know what the difference between the Halogen and HID version of the S15 headlight? I keep looking at different images of both and I cannot tell the difference, I'm sure the projector is probably different but can anyone confirm this? Can you still get HID headlights new through Nissan...
  9. S

    FS: HID Headlights and an aftermarket spoiler

    I have 3 HID headlights for sale. I don't know how to post pictures on here so will email them to anyone that's interested. There's 2 driver's side and one passenger side lights. Must be a bargain at £600 for all 3! Also have one of these spoilers...
  10. 2fst4u

    Headlight bulbs

    So here in NZ it's illegal to have aftermarket HID kits fitted but my cars previous owner has done it anyway. Question: To remove the hid kit and return to stock, do I just need to buy a standard H1 for an s15? Is there any special little metal tab thing that holds it in? Luckily it seems he...
  11. Suspect

    S15 Hid Headlights

    Hi guy's it’s been a while. :wave: I am currently stripping my headlights down to give them a polish on the inside and freshen them up. I have read the two threads in the useful threads section but they are mostly focused on heating the lights up and the split itself as opposed to the stripping...
  12. M

    Hid headlights

    Hey dudes, just wondering where u buy your oem HID headlight bulbs from. Iv been to halfrauds n they want 90 quid each Akso anyone know what type i will need nt had a chance to pull old one out. Also its blown the fuse for the l/h headlight so is this likely to be the bulb or shuold i try...
  13. dave_t

    Sidelight Bulbs to Match HID Headlights

    Seeing the headlight bulb thread pop up has reminded me of the one thing that's been bugging me about my headlights. the yellow light from the sidelights is a stark contrast to the oem HID headlights. what sidelight bulbs giVe somewhat of a similar 'glow'?
  14. M

    FS: S15 hid head light, vented bonnet and rear lights

    Got a right front head light. It's a HID one with a good clear lense accept one of the mounts is snapped. £200Got a vented bonnet. It is a standard one with a vi style vent cut in it. It's in black but could do with a tidy up. Offers Also some aftermarket rear lights. £40 If any interest I can...
  15. V

    WTB: WANTED: S15 passenger wing and passenger HID headlight

    Hi guys, Still trying to get hold of a passenger wing and HID headlight. Ideally the wing would be pearl white. Cheers.
  16. S

    FS: For Sale: a pair of OEM non HID S15 headlights

    I purchased a set of non hid headlights from a friend of the guy I bought my S15 from. He bought them 10 years ago, but never ended up using them for anything. They've been sitting since then, at least that's the story I was told. I purchased them in hopes that they were the hid version. Even if...
  17. S

    S15 OEM non HID and HID headlight housing

    I've done a search and haven't found a straight answer. I've read that both the HID and non HID housing is exactly the same minus the ballast. Is this true? Currently my S15 has OEM HID headlights. I just purchased some OEM non HID headlights from the US and want to use them since they are...
  18. V

    Are these genuine HIDs?

    Genuine HID ballast/swapping back to standard Morning all, Can someone let me know if these look genuine? The HID ballast on them looks completely different to the ones that came off mine. This is one of the ballast units taken off my HID Thanks, Tom
  19. Havoc

    FS: Passenger side HID Headlight. Smashed/Spares.

    Right im going to gauge interest on this and open to offers on it. Anyway its for a HID passenger side headlight. lens and casing on it is heavily damaged. But the whole light and unit its self is is in fine working order so if anyone needs any of it for spares make me an offer. ill get some...
  20. J


    Might seem a bit pointless as I've got the factory HID's but can you put a kit in instead? The brightness isnt a problem it's the crisp clear blue tinge light I'm after, also are there any decent LED or HID sidelight options?