1. S

    HKS or Greddy/Trust oil cooler?

    Street type HKS or Greddy/Trust oil cooler.... Which one do you prefer or which one is better?
  2. DOM

    FS: T28r

    I had this removed with around 52k miles, has no play. looking for £300. SOLD also i have HKS actuator £50 standard spec r manifold £20, elbow £10
  3. DOM

    FS: Body parts and Gauges

    Time to clear some space. Most items I have had on my car at some point (unless stated) so I know they fit and work. Due to the number of items I have not given a detailed description or condition, so let me know if you are interested in any item and I'll send some pictures and answer your...
  4. lvaleiron

    Muffler question!

    Hi, i'm about to buy a new exhaust muffler for my car, but i've seen some options and i can't decide what to buy, i was looking at the HKS Hi-power or Apexi N1, and some others, also i've seen ebay mufflers that go around 30usd, are they good, has anyone here used one of those???, what...
  5. TriniGT

    My S14.5 Age Old Build

    I bought a crashed S14 years back with the intention to rebuild it as a widebodied S14. At the time I was in possession of a Spec R S15, Pewter with GTR wheels, I have since sold the S15 and bought an R34 GT-T as my daily and over the years I have been gathering the parts for my build. It has...
  6. B

    Turbo Timers

    Been looking at turbo timers, just wondering if there are any main differences between the brands? had my eye on the one from apexi, just wondering if the hks, greddy etc offer anything more? cheers
  7. mint

    s14 Cat fit a s15?

    Anyone know? I need one for the MOT. The Exhaust is OE at the moment with an HKS backbox
  8. T

    Remap and maximum output

    I've tried doing a bit of a search on remap info but struggling to find much although it sounds like its quite important on the S15. If the car is always run on 99RON V-Power is it absolutely necessary and also... I know they use 100RON in japland and this may sound silly but will it actually...
  9. S

    Hks Coilovers with leak

    I got a set of HKS coilovers, just one of them is leaking oil. Is this something that can be fixed? and Whats the worth of it when one is leaking? Think its Hipermax II but im not sure, could take pictures tomorrow if i get some answers.
  10. C1TPT

    C1TPTs S15!

    Hi guys, Well I picked up my S15 a few days ago from Torque. I did really want a white one but I got an amazing deal on this and it is full aero .... accept rear spats. I had about a 250 mile trip back to enjoy it :wack: it performed perfectly and I loved it! Unfortunatly it now has a couple...
  11. K

    WTB: Aftermarket Manifold

    Looking for an aftermarket manifold. Good quality is important. Have been looking at Tomei, HKS, Trust...... Anyone got some laying around?
  12. S

    FS: HKS Fcon IS,Navigator and EVC 4 gen

    This is a little useless here in Norway with 9 hours driving to the only place that can map this ecu and they gotta hire a man from brittain to map it :| So therefore im selling The Ecu with the Navigator and the HKS EVC 4th gen. dunno the worth but i was told about 500 pounds so if anybody...
  13. DeanS15

    2871r .52 trim

    just want to know if anyone is running this turbo and what they think of it? basically once im done with this next stage my spec will be as follows: hks pod filter turbo back hks silent hi power decat exhaust and ths manifold apex type 1 fmic walbro pump hks actuator garrett 2871r .52 trim...
  14. R

    R3N's S15

    Thought I should post up a thread on my car. Its a 2000 ADM SpecS Exterior: - Vertex kit - Ganador wing mirrors - RacingHart CRs( 19x8 fronts with 235s and 19x9 rears with 265s) Interior: - Defi gauges and control box - Apexi AVC-R - Apexi Turbo timer Engine: - HKS Pod filter - HKS FMIC -...
  15. seilow

    hks sld

    hi there someone know how to fit the hks speed limit defecner ?
  16. D

    FS: Big name parts!!! HKS, Apexi, Tomei.

    BNIB HKS GTRS BB turbo all accessories still bagged. Sold BNIB Tomei Expreme Manifold, with every it's ment to come with. heatwrap, studs, gaskets all still bagged. Sold BNIB Tomei Expreme turbo elbow. Again, everything included, gaskets, studs etc. Sold Take the pair above for Sold Tomei...
  17. LuPix_S15

    Boost Controller

    Looking to get electronic boost controller - was wondering why there's such a price difference?? HKS EVC - latest ones around £450 - £500 IIRC and Blitz Dual SBC-iD bout the same as well. However, GReddy Profec looks much cheaper... more like £250. Question is, waht does the HKS and...
  18. D

    FS: S15 spec r aero (ireland)

    Well here goes finally decided the car has to go up for sale something has come up so it will unfortunatly have too go:cry: Car is in mint condition inside and out grade 4. 94000km any test or inspection welcome and here is the spec! Only 7500 miles put on this car since april 07.didnt get much...