1. J

    FS: Rays LMGT4 17x8.5/17x9

  2. ryan3

    S14 driveshaft same as S15?

    Hi guys, I think my passenger side driveshaft is on its way out (the shaft from diff to wheel hub) was wondering if an s14 driveshaft would fit or whether I'd have to get hold of a S15 one? Ive had a look online but can't find a definitive answer, oh and it's a spec R if that makes any...
  3. N

    WTB: Standard driver's side front wing

    I'm looking to replace the front driver's side wing on my car as it's started to rust quite badly and is probably beyond saving. I really don't want a wider front wing but can't seem to find anywhere that does OEM-look copies. Does anyone have or know anyone that can get hold of one in the...
  4. Surfing Boris

    WTB: Any old 17 inch alloys for drifting.

    I am looking for a pair of 17 inch alloys to put on purely for drifting on. Can be as rough as a badgers arse as long as they can hold tyres on the rim. As cheap as possible if not free to a good home!!!!
  5. P

    Diff help!

    Hi guys, ive done a bit of searching but cant seem to get a good answer. I have a Spec s that now has DET... Now im pretty sure all Spec s came with an open diff. which when i jack the car up it acts like an open diff. But on the road it will easily hold a drift in 2nd gear making me think...
  6. S

    WTB: 2x Glove box pins. (the plastic ones that hold the glove box at the bottem)

    As requested. one of mine has snapped and need another one. The little black pins that hold the glove box in.
  7. N80Jamie

    'Silvia' Boot Badge - Part Number

    Want to get hold of the chrome Silvia badge that goes on the boot of the S15. Does anyone have a part number so i can get it ordered? Thanks :)
  8. Z

    Soon to be S15 owner!

    Hello everyone, im new to this site but have checked it out before... And what a great forum! At the moment im looking to buy a S15 Spec S, but i cant see non for sale. If anyones selling up or knows where i could get hold of one, PM me please.
  9. tooley

    FS: S15 front wings

    Don't need these any more Good nick back two holes drilled in them to hold my bumper on. Nothing a bit of filler won't fix. £40
  10. Burnsy

    how do i get hold of.......

    .......the black plastic push/pry bolt things that are dotted about the bodywork?????? anyone know what im on about?
  11. E

    @#$#@_ing ORC clutch.... :(

    Greetings, I've been a bit quiet recently due to having to sell all the cars as a result of lack of wife understanding. Fortunatley (to some extent) I agreed to help the guy working on my old S15 (SpecS Auto). Been having a nightmare with the ORC clutch I got from ebay in terms of finding...
  12. M

    Hi people

    hi, i dont have an s15 yet but it WILL be my next car as iv loved it ever since it came out when i was like 10 just looking for some help on how to get hold of one and any info i should know about before i own one:D cheers sam
  13. M

    WTB: stereo cage / holder brackets

    cash waiting! need some pronto. things what bolt to the stereo and hold the fecker in place :) thanks!
  14. K

    S15 H1 Direct Fit HID kit! yipeee!

    I remember a while ago reading a thread about aftermarket H1 HID bulbs being too long to fit correctly into the normal S15 headlight. I sent my boyfriend on a mission to find a kit that would fit. Which he has! :D I thought i'd see if anyone else fancied getting hold of one of the kits - he can...
  15. T

    Engine bay bolts

    Hi guys, While fiddling about under my bonnet, as you do, i noticed i'm missing a few bolts, and a previous owner has removed the air scoop that feeds the air filter. Does anybody know where i can get the bolts/fixings that hold the front bumper up, i think there are four of them at the very...
  16. adz87kc

    Broken my handbrake...

    ...well kinda. I have a yashio factory handbrake button on my hand brake and i attempted to remove it to get a colour match for the rocker cover i recently had painted. It was on tight as it covers the oem black plastic button but i tried to remove it regardless and i broke something :rolleyes...
  17. F

    WTB: oem o2 sensor

    some local chavs nicked my downpipe elbow which had my o2 sensor on, I have got hold of an elbow, but need an o2 sensor can any one help thanls
  18. S


    hi guys, i got a few question to ask..i ve got 2 choices in buying a clutch, 1 from exedy, 1 from cusco. both wanna get the organic/coppermix type. 1) which will be a better choice? 2) pedal efforts are the same? 3) how much it can hold? regards, shawn
  19. D

    Vrt In Ireland.

    I take ye know after next week s15s and all jap imports the vrt is going up so i take it few fresh imports will be sold which means ours will hold there value well. Corect me if im wrong!!! :rotfl:
  20. R

    How hard to get hold of rear bumper?

    Hi guys, Yesterday I got rear ended! Was a knock on effect. A car hit a car which went into me. Luckily I was about to move off so was not on the brakes at the time. It wasn't a high speed accident. Damage is fairly low on my first look. Although I've not seen it in daylight, I've seen it...