1. J

    WTB: S15 ECU urgent!

    Hello all, I desperately need a standard spec -r ECU. Whoever it was that tried to map/chip mine before I got it really made a pigs ear of it. The car is now sat at MB automotive and can't come home until I find a new ECU that Martin can do his thing on. Any sugestions of where to get hold of...
  2. W

    Hello From Surrey

    Hi everyone, so i finally done it and bought my first s15. This has been a dream for me for close to 10 years. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and i could not be more happy with it, looking around on the form i believe this to be N80Jamie old car, if he is reading this i just want to say you...
  3. T

    Boost readings

    Hi guys. My boost gauge has started reading low. My HKS evc reads 0.7bar and my gauge used to match this, now the ebc reads the same but the gauge is only showing 0.25bar. It's still pulling strong though, definitely making some boost. The way it, either the boost gauge has died, it still...
  4. K

    In Need of Boost/BOV Help!

    Hi all thanks for looking as after looking on the Internet for odd noises from dump valves it's pretty difficult to get an answer lol :) Pretty much, I fitted a Blitz intercooler around last August and then around December a Hks bov and hadn't had any issues. Suddenly last week I was driving...
  5. phillll


    Hi guys! Been browsing the forum for a while now, but picked up my S15 on Monday from Torque GT. You may have seen in on the website. Someone pulled out of buying it so it was offered to me. After bidding on cars for months I decided this was the best option to go with. It was a Grade 4, it...
  6. ChrisKnottIns

    Home Insurance for club members (CK scheme)

    HOME INSURANCE for club members Though we're well known as a provider of car insurance to car club/forum members and that's the reason we're working with this forum, Chris Knott does have good rates for Home Insurance too. You'll receive the usual Chris Knott benefits, such as personal...
  7. N

    Nath's Pewter Spec R

    Well after waiting over 3 months since i bought the car, i finally picked it up from Torque GT pn Saturday. 1 owner from new with full japanese service history so was a perfect base car. The car has just over 75,000 miles and only had Nismo suspension & a Nismo gearknob and that's it. As soon...
  8. ChrisKnottIns

    CHRIS KNOTT Home Insurance - Prize Draw

    Hi, We'd like to wish every member a Happy New Year! What better way to kick off the new year than with a member offer. Ask us for a home insurance quote before 28/02/14 to enter yourself into our draw to WIN a fantastic experience – The View from The Shard and a three course meal for you...
  9. J

    FS: Bride digo type r reclining seat

    Hi, Changing my seats so this is no longer needed £400inc rail Pictures on here until I get home http://www.driftworks.com/forum/part...ning-seat.html
  10. N80Jamie

    FS: J's Racing Rear Spoiler

    This came on the car from Japan. I am unsure if it is a genuine 'J's Racing' item but will do my best to find out when i'm next back home (next weekend). Fairly certain it's a plastic wing which has been wrapped in a carbon look wrap. Will say £100 collected from Telford, Shropshire.
  11. T

    newbie from the Edinburgh area.

    hi my username is toolboxtrev, i own an s15 spec s in black, i bought it off of a friend of mine needs some work for m,o,t and it needed a new front bumper, that was a nightmare to get, i work away from home so i will get round to it soon along with working on my nissan 300zx x2 that i also...
  12. C

    S15 FTW Chapter 3........

    About time i started a project thread for this seeing things have started happening. little history, had a fair few cars when i was young from civic ek9's to a seriously cool escort cabby with a rs2000 engine one summer :cool:, then when i was 19, got a s14a spent loads on it and even got a...
  13. L

    Car starts, but nothing works

    Got into my spec s this evening to drive home from work, it's started fine, but nothing is working, no clocks, no wipers, no heater, no windows, no indicators, but I was able to drive home. anyone ever heard of this problem before, or know what it could be, thanks in advance
  14. Max

    Spec R Cylinder head

    Will be doing a VE head swap on my car soon, so will be shifting some parts. Is a standard S15 Spec R cylinder head any use to anyone? for example people doing a Spec S to Spec R conversion? I have promised the rocker cover to a new home but will also have splitfires to move on as they...
  15. J

    Arch Rolling

    I live in Northampton, anyone around the MK/Midlands area had arches rolled? Where did you get it done/price/how long it took? I'd like to get it done in a day, like drive there, have it done, drive home the same day, is that possible?
  16. M

    rough idle and sometimes coughs when driving

    hello all did my first drift day on Saturday but near the end of the day the car started to idle strange, idle was jumping up and down and then when driving home the car was coughing almost like a misfire but only for a second and then drove fine. i stopped for some fuel and the car wouldn't...
  17. Darren_S15

    Darrens New Toy...

    As some of you will know I've started getting into Bikes in recent years and finally got my full license at the end of last year. Having sold my CBR125 last month, I put down a deposit on a Yamaha FZ6N two weeks ago and finally picked her up yesterday. Had a 175 mile ride to get her home...
  18. S

    only pic i have so far :)

    picked her up this morning after i had finished a night shift so only grabbed one pic before i went to bed! really enjoyed the drive home, suprisingly nice on the cusco coilovers...there much softer than the gaz on my evo. can't wait to go to work tonight so i can drive it again :D excuse the...
  19. S15_SAM

    Sam's wide arch Pearl Yellow S15

    Well I've had my 15 for 10 months and changed a fair few things in the time so here's the story of its life! I first saw it on done deal, an Irish site and instantly new I loved it. The £6,900 price tag even more of an eye catcher. After speaking to a girl named Aishling we swapped details...
  20. M

    where to buy flywheel bolts

    hey all. just bought exedy hyper single clutch and flywheel off dean s15 so i will be fitting it when i get home, just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a set of flywheel bolts from so i can get them delivered to my home address. i would go to Nissan but i work offshore and i would like...