1. DeanS15

    FS: stack boost gauge 52mm

    ive got a stack 52mm mechanical boost gauge for sale -1 to +2 bar, perfect condition all thats required to fit is a length of vacuum hose and a tee piece which weren't included with the kit (it did include a rigid plastic hose but thats absolutely useless to run through to the engine bay as its...
  2. Darren_S15

    Fitting Coilover Issues

    This is really only going to apply to people with Apex Performance Gen 2 Coilovers but I guess other people might be albe to tell me if what I have done is OK? I put my new coilovers on this weekend, but when it came to putting the brake lines into the slot on the coilover they were quite a...
  3. 1

    R33 GTS rear twin potconverion : brake hose

    Nicely, Finally got time to fit the rear twin pots. But was warnt about the rear brake hose has to be a R33GTS as well. True?
  4. mint

    Upper Rad Hose..

    Will the one from an s13/14 fit the 15? Basic question, so just curious.
  5. S

    HKS EVC V - Vacume Hoses?

    HKS EVC V - Vacuum Hoses? Hi Guys, Started installing my HKS EVC V (http://www.nengun.com/hks/evc-v) today. I've wired everything up but I would like some confirmation on how the vacumme lines should be. I'll give you a rundown of what I have done.. Instructions given: I've removed the...
  6. Robbyp

    Standard Boost gauge

    Hi guys having prob with mine thought i read a thread on them before here somewhere but cant find it. Basically drove my s15 home yest it was a long journey 500 miles but after bout first half hour driving the boost gauge needle just went round to the -7 as if the boost hose had come off...
  7. S

    Greddy Oil Filter Adaptor/Trust Radiator Hose Attachment

    Hey Guys, What size option do I need for both the "Greddy Oil Filter Sandwitch Adaptor" and "Trust Radiator Hose Attachment"? They will be hooked up to Defi Gauges which require a sensor thread size of 1/8PT. Nengun who seem to have the best prices for these list several options: Greddy Oil...
  8. Nicely

    740s finally in!

    Finally fitted the Nismo 740 injectors this morning :D All went smoothly except for having to pause between showers :rolleyes: Altered the Emanage injector adjustment, then started her up. Rough as hell and a weird whistling. Checked under the bonnet and discovered I'd missed putting the hose...
  9. P

    Fittings for FMIC piping- what do I need?

    Hi guys :wave: , hope you can shed some light for me, I have pre fabricated piping for my FMIC (alluminium 2 1/2 inch) but there are no fitting ports on it. What do I need seeing as I have a maunual boost controller, will be using the factory BOV for now and there are no other mods except for...
  10. J

    Help with the missing hose??

    Just had a good look at my car today and found a hole with no hose connecting to it (see yellow circle). Not sure if this is a problem or is meant to be like this. I have a Apexi air filter on my car. After a bit browsing on the forum, I found pictures from others that having a hose (see Red...
  11. Yakozan

    Fitting a Blitz boost controller

    I was going to fit my boost controller yesterday but got a bit unsure of what to do. The instructions I have is all in japanese and i don't have the time to learn it ;) I have the dual solenoid one with a in nipple and an out nipple on the solenoid. If I've got it right on hose goes to the...