1. Lil SpecR

    Uh oh she wont start!!

    Went to start my 15 today and shes turning over but not firing. Used her Wednesday and she was fine ... any ideas?! :-o
  2. A

    hesitation under acceleration

    I think something bad is going on with my engine, can anyone suggest what it might be? The car starts fine, runs fine, but sometimes if I floor it from like 60mph it accelerates but judders/misses?/hesitates, it doesn't seem good, so I go off the power. I thought maybe I had something in the...
  3. C

    6 Speed Synchro Set.....where from???

    So my 2nd gear synchro has gone. Got a friend who can pull the gearbox apart and fit if i can find the part. I'm a n00b. Any ideas???? :thumbs: Thanks folks
  4. W

    Headlight Moisture Nightmare

    Ever since I've had my S15 (around 7 years now), I've had this stupid moisture issue that just really bugs the hell out of me and I really have no idea how to fix it apart from people telling me to stick it in the oven which is NOT an option considering how expensive these things are. I've...
  5. C

    WTB: S15 NA Starter Motor needed

    As the title suggests im after a starter motor for my NA S15, does anyone have one laying around or any ideas where I could get one from Thanks Chelle
  6. M

    Yellow 15 engine bays! need ideas!

    go! give me some inspiration :D
  7. crazymat666

    Car misfiring now and again

    Basically I have replaced the plugs and had the oil and filter all sorted standard service job. Also cleaned the airflow meter and other sensors like I usually do. But for some reason when cruising along it still misses now and again. Any ideas what this could be?
  8. sjt47y

    Importing my own car from another country.

    Wow it's been a long time since I posted. I like to ask if anyone knows a company that can provide the service of importing my s15 from Asia. I have it sorn at the moment and lying in Malaysia. Which is such a shame. I like to bring it to the UK but just don't have the time to go through...
  9. J

    Centre console ideas?

    Guys, In my Autech I have a horrid cloth like material on my centre console, I don't know if it was standard or previous owners idea, but it's vile. Bits falling off and just generally not that nice. So I fancy to make it into something a bit different, has anyone done anything with theirs to...
  10. Surfing Boris

    S15 owners in and near Helston

    I have just moved to the area and hope to be an S15 owner early next year. I was wondering if there are any local S15 owners in the area that would fancy meeting up and showing me what they have and what they have done to give me some ideas?? I saw a purple S15 on RNAS Culdrose base that looked...
  11. Parky

    A weird one... Static shocks..?

    Every time I get out of the car and go to close the door, I keep getting a static electric shock off it... Anyone got any ideas why? It's getting annoying!!
  12. Tom VWJ

    WTB: Aftermarket / Stock Front bumper

    Open to any ideas really, show me what you got
  13. D

    Any cool ideas for the exterior of my S15?

    Hey lads! I am considering on ''upgrading'' the exterior on my S15. I really like the way it looks right now, but to be honest I think it's actually too simple for what an amazing car this is! I want it to be even more special then it already is. There are about 22 S15's in the netherlands but...
  14. J


    Hi lads an ideas on getting the emissions down to pass the test. A put my car through the day and it's very high any ideas would be great thanks
  15. Juicesif

    smoke buff when changing gears

    Hi all, I am getting a puff of smoke out of the exhaust whenever I change gears .. Any body come across this before ? Any ideas to what might be causing the issue ? Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. N

    Subframe thread issues

    Hi! Just wondering how you would solve this problem, asked some friends but noone has an idea good enough to try... Im out of ideas, please help me out!
  17. Carta

    My Silvia nearly killed me today!

    Today after work I started my Silvia up and I noticed that it was idling at 1.5k rpm not the usual, but I put that down to cold start. When I was driving, now and then I would hear a whining noise which eventually stopped. So I pulled out of a junction onto a 60mph road and booted it to 60, I...
  18. G


    hey guys i recently bought an autech and it seems to have a bit of a ticking noise coming from the engine and i cant figure out what it is. any ideas?
  19. S15AK

    Intermittent stutter

    Got a intermittent stutter/misfire problem, not sure what it could be. Plugs have been changed, service only just done, its been mapped this year so all in good health. However ever now and again if I go for a quick launch, so build up the revs and go for it in first, the engine seem to bog...
  20. S

    newbie from ireland galway :)

    hi all im new to this site..a few people recommended it to me so i said i'd join..i used to own a spec s but unfortunately was forced to sell..i sold cars before but this 1 was my biggest regret..i'm hopeful i will be back in a s15 again and hopefully a turbo 1 next time around..this site will...