1. N

    Open Event: Jae 2013

    The UK’s leading Japanese Car Club Show since 1991 The Japanese Auto Extravaganza Show, also known affectionately as JAE, is a must go to event in the calendar if you own a Japanese vehicle or are simply a fan. The dates for JAE this year are the 12th & 15th September with the venue being...
  2. N

    Open Event: JAE - 7th, 8th, 9th September 2012

    JAE Show : : Japanese Auto Extravaganza JAE - 7th, 8th, 9th September 2012 JAE is a full weekend of camping, entertainment and activities which embraces all Japanese cars from the UK and Europe for a weekend of likeminded family fun. Don’t forget to get stuck in – Five-a-side football...
  3. Darren_S15

    Open Event: 2011 Events / Shows

    Ok so after managing to get the club to JAE this year I thought it would be nice to try and make some more events next year. Hopefully we can make this post a sticky? ;) Id like to get an idea of what events people would like to go to and then maybe we can pick 3 or 4 and try and make it as a...
  4. Darren_S15

    Total Nissan November 2010 Edition

    Anyone who reads this magazine will notice my S15 has appeared in the November edition. Its from when we attended JAE as a club, Total Nissan requested the club organiser from each Nissan club get together on the Sunday morning for a photo shoot and chat. Got a total of 5 pics of my car and...
  5. LuPix_S15

    JAE & S15OC Rolling Road Video

    Howdy folks :wave: Yes it's another LuVidz Production and ALL of the JAE footage was shot with my iPhone lol :D Yep there's a few bits featuring Craig which I'm sure he'll love me for putting those in hahaha :wave: Titled: JDM Life - there's 3 sections... starting with a glimpse of Gav's...
  6. Darren_S15

    Open Event: JAE 2010 September 10th - 12th

    Ok so Im going to attempt something that I do not think has been done before and try and get the S15OC at JAE this year. This is a great weekend event (one of the best Jap car events of the year), Ive been for the last 4 years myself. Great chance to camp, drink, BBQ and meet other members...
  7. adz87kc

    Open Event: JAE this year?

    Hey guys, anyone planning on going to JAE this year? Myself and a couple of mates in their cars are planning on going :thumbs: Will be my first time going -and my first car event I've been to- so I'm really looking forward to it. Also if anyone can recommend a decent hotel or whatever near by...
  8. mint

    s15oc Shoot @ JAE

    Here's my snaps from the s15oc JAE Shoot Enjoi! A total of 70 pics on the mintofruit ah yeh!
  9. mint

    Mint's JAE Photo's

    Part 1 of possibly 4 now on the fruit. Still got a few hundred to get through. Off to bed though.
  10. Darren_S15

    JAE 2009 Pics

    Just got home from JAE 2009. Here are the pics...
  11. C1TPT

    Open Event: JAE?

    Hi guys, anyone going to JAE this year?? I'm going on the MissBanzai stand so will be next to sxoc :thumbs:
  12. mint

    s15 Site Photoshoot @ JAE 09

    Ok lads. For all those going to JAE, Id like to organise this if possible? (Nicely / Team Hope you dont mind? If so let me know) Basically if we can get a list of who's going to JAE this year and which days you will be there, Also when your planning on getting there and leaving. This way, we...
  13. mint

    FAO Dude at JAE! / Fixing Headlights...

    Sorry forgot your name homes >.<' It was someone i was talking to about bringing the headlight's back up like BRAND new.. cant remember the name of the compound you told me about.. any help? lol Thanks -Minto
  14. Big Ned

    Just got back from JAE '08

    As the title says I've just gotten back from JAE '08 I went with the SXOC, and had a great time. It's was cool to see some other S15s there, but also cool that they weren't too common Jez and Mint, nice to meet you guys in person. Subzero, I heard you were around but I never got a chance to...
  15. subzero

    Open Event: S15oc at JAE ??

    will s15oc have a stand at JAE 08 ?? just wondering , im heading voer but not 100% which car im taking jsut yet, s15 / 84 trueno . will know closer to show.
  16. mint

    Jae 08

    You guys going this year?
  17. T

    S15 at jae.....WOW

    Hi Chaps, I was at JAE at the weekend and saw a grey metallic S15 Spec R on a trade stand (was it EP Racing?) I have never seen one of these cars before and it really blew me away. I like the Skyline, but this is just sleeker and sexier, a much classier looking car altogether. In that colour...
  18. kimi

    JAE next weekend

    Ok so its JAE next weekend guys, whos going ? i wasnt going to be around , but now i am :D:D i'll be parked on Coordsports stand :thumbs: just wondered if anyone else is comming along.
  19. E

    Charity raffle at the JAE Show on July 21st & 22nd July

    Mod, if you could make this into a sticky we would be very greatful. Hi all, We are doing a charity raffle at the JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza) Show this year on July 21st & 22nd July 2007. We have contacted our local council regarding to selling raffle ticket at the show. Since then we...
  20. Robbyp

    JAE & Gatebil!!!!

    Hey guys thinking of going over to JAE this year never been over any o u guys recommend it? Also what bout gatebil any of u going to it or got any dates of it?!cant find the post that was here bout it!