1. S

    S16 concept?

    After the successful launch of the R35, will Nissan bring back the S16? In the pic's Japanese, it says: "Nissan Silvia successor model"
  2. J


    Japanese After-Market Specialists suppliers, stockists and importers of new and used car parts and accessories for all Japanese makes and models. Based in Southampton UK, our stock of new and used car parts can be ordered online and dispatched nationally and internationally. Any new or used...
  3. P

    Silly question... Where is the paint code?

    Lesa's car is an import & the chassis plate is in japanese... Where would I find the paint code please? Pictures here VVV http://www.sxoc.co.uk/vbb/showthread.php?t=276706&highlight=lesa
  4. LuPix_S15

    S15 Service Book

    Now that the time is drawing nearer, there's some S15 admin stuff I need to check out. Should I expect the S15 to come with a Japanese service book? If so, can I continue to use the same book over here? If there is no service book then what do I use instead? Ta :)
  5. J

    Japanese Heaven Summer 2007!

  6. D

    Mr post man...

    ...dropped off some stuff for me today! :D Defi's... Boost and Oil pres'. 740cc Nismo's HKS EVC6! :D Only problem being is... i can't read japanese.... http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y159/Dazz0i/DSC00139.jpg Any one translate? :)
  7. P

    HELP! fog light related!

    Hi All, Here where I live in Jersey we have a different car reg system called vrd, anyway here you don't have to strip the cars of any mods for them to be registered, however you need to have some diff changes to be registered, such as: E marked lights or japanese equivelent Foght Light that...
  8. D

    japanese tuning show

    http://www.japanesetuningshow.co.uk/ will we be in attendance? :)
  9. Yakozan

    Video: Japanese Silvia S15 commercial

    Found it while looking at unpimp ze auto :) Click me
  10. Nicely

    Japanese Performance Article

    Some of you may remember me mentioning taking my car for a magazine photo shoot a couple of months back. The article in Japanese Performance magazine has come out this month. Its a sort of new buyer's profile on the S14 and S15 (from the UK perspective). As most of the people on here aren't UK...
  11. Topper

    Yahoo Auctions

    http://www.rinkya.com/ Go to Automotive on the left hand side, the in the search type box enter what you ar looking for. Under the Japanese text you will get Green ENGLISH text!!!!! What you think of this guys?? :cool:
  12. Yakozan

    Japanese export company: GB autotrader

    http://www.gcar.co.jp/gbtrader/ Highly recommended :thumbs: If you want to buy a car of a japanese auction, you can talk to this dealer. GB Autotrader also keep a stock of used cars. This is where I got my Silvia from. Takes care of everything on the japanese side like deregistration and...