1. J

    New Black S15 Owner

    Hi guys, Ive been a member of sxoc for 8 years and still have my s14.a but I went and bought this! I'll have better pictures later on today. Its a Standard Spec S Decat Shotgun Exhaust Body Kit - Rear Dmax type I think. My friend down south has picked this up for me. It has been through...
  2. B

    KoniChiwA ;)

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum. So just wanted to say hi (in true Japanese style... even though i'm not Japanese) and to introduce myself... I have had my S15 for about 2 years now and thought it was about time I joined a forum and met some other people who share the love of them too :)...
  3. ali619

    Where do you purchase your aftermarket parts?

    Just really a general question I suppose, where do you purchase your aftermarket parts from? Seeing as S15's are imports do you look at Japanese sites or uk sites? I know for my Honda I usually look at funkypower.co.uk
  4. DOM

    WTB: CAT back exhaust system

    anyone with a japanese branded one please let me know.
  5. B

    In-built Japanese Navigation System disconnection?

    So I recently got an s15 1999 however it has an annoying navigation system that pops up in the dash everytime you turn the car on. The bottons below the stereo don't work and you can't manually push the screen down. Sometimes the screen will turn on and have some japanese writing on it, and/or...
  6. vengee*

    new & only s15 owner in Slovenia, fresh import from Japan!

    Hi everyone! Im the new s15 owner; it will be the only rhd Silvia in our country. :o bought her on 17th Feb from Japanese used cars, and im really proud that i finally made it! few pics: Japaneseusedcars auction: pics from garage in Japan: and new pics from Japanese port...
  7. fadli256

    Hks evcs

    Hello there guys, Has anyone set the HKS EVC-S EBC before? My instruction manual is in japanese. A few pointers before i fiddle with the controller?
  8. meddler

    Japanese S15 Service Manual

    As the title says, I would like to try and get a Japanese S15 service manual. This is the one that covers all the JDM models including the AUTECH and Varietta. I already have the ADM manual but I wanted to get the JDM one as there are many differences between the ADM and JDM cars. If anyone has...

    Latest Hyper Rev Mook

    So my Hyper Rev Silvia Volume #9 arrived today (It's nice having friends in Japan) and I'm really diggin the new layout of the mook. I haven't read much but the new Vertex S15 build was interesting... If you guys have any questions I'll try to answer them for ya! It's definitely worth the...
  10. K

    Do you interest in the car of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)?

    Do you interest in the car of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)? This website is recommendation, check it out! http://***cars.kamikaze-drive.com Of course, the *** are there, too. Hehe :-) ===================================== Managing Director Mr.Tetsuya Kishida KAMIKAZE DRIVE JAPAN...
  11. T

    FS: Stock Update

    Just a quick update from all of here at Torque. Our new website has gone live in the past month: http://www.torque-gt.co.uk/ It's a work in progress, so development will continue over the next 6 Months. One thing to keep an eye on is the Blog page, where there will be a daily update on...
  12. V

    Japanese used car exporters

    Hi guys, Im looking for a s15 but there are very few on the market currently in Singapore where im from. Anyone have any recommendations for japanese used car exporters which also ships to Singapore? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. J

    FS: S15 Spec R Manual

    Hi guys, Original manual, great condition, written entirely in Japanese. £10 inc. postage (no offers). laze
  14. Miss S15

    Can anyone translate/write japanese?

    As the title says people can any of ye translate/write japanese..... I need something translated!
  15. A

    Tatto Help

    Hi. Can anyone change some letters to me into a japanese or chinese symbols/text?
  16. K

    Anyone know what this sticker says? (Japanese)

    Have found some different stickers on the my silvia that i wanna know what they are. Anyone who understands Japanese or just know what it is? Does anyone know where to find the cars paintcode?
  17. T

    Ordering direct from japan shops

    Found this link layin round its a company that will place and ship an order for you from any japanese website you wish, cant remember do they work out cheaper than the likes of rhdjapan think its around the same, but its handy for ordering kits and stuff thats not available in the usual...
  18. U

    Japanese modifiedcras exporter

    Thank you for having you look our Topic. We U's INTERNATIONAL export Japanese modified cars from Japan to the whole world. Please check our website once. We do business without aerial stock. Do not worry. http://www.japanese-modifiedcars.com We send only a high quality car to you and...
  19. R


    My names Evan. I am more known for AE86 ownership but i am going to be aquiring a spec s 2001 aussie model very soon BOG STANDARD!! yay For some more info, the hachiroku.com.au blog did an interview with me. check it out here. http://www.hachiroku.com.au/blog/?p=656 I run www.royal-drift.com...
  20. J

    FS: Silvia Hyper Rev Volume 113

    I am so these don't need introduction.. It is what I called the Japanese bible for your car.... Excellent condition. £12 include postage