1. P

    Open Event: Goodwood Breakfast Club: Japanese Sunday 7th Oct

    Anyone going to Goodwood Breakfast Club: Japanese Sunday 7th Oct? Goodwood Breakfast Clubs | Goodwood Motor Circuit
  2. R

    FS: S15 Spec S Auto

  3. R

    FS: S15 Spec S Auto

  4. Hairy Fish Nipples

    FS: Breaking 2002 Black S15 Spec R

    Hi all, Sorry for the radio silence, my job is becoming a little anti social. However, Im finally there! I have started to break my 2002 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R (Black). It is a little bit of a heart breaking experience to be fair! Engine and Gear box up on E-bay:- Access Denied Pretty...
  5. K

    FS: Japanese Translations

    Hello, just putting the word out that I do Japanese to English translations of auction sheets, inspection, insurance or service and maintenance records with any legible handwriting translated and formatted in English for about 5 euro per page. PM me or e-mail jpservicetranslation@outlook.jp if...
  6. S

    My S15 in Japanese Car Performance Magazine this month!

    Hey everyone, My new reborn s15 got a magazine feature this month in Japanese performance, also made front cover too! So if you get chance to buy the mag (available in any good supermarket) do so and have a read up on the car and the accident/re shell etcThanks :) Ryan
  7. S15Cro

    Greddy got hacked!!

    Just wondering if anybody else noticed this? Its a pain as I'm currently looking for info on some of their products for my S15! I can use the japanese website but translating is effort :rotfl: Anybody know how long its been down for? Webpage: http://www.greddy.com/
  8. N

    FS: Pewter Grey Spec R S15

    SOLD-Pewter Grey Spec R S15 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R for sale Freshly imported from Japan in April via Torque GT. Was inspected and fully undersealed. Very clean underneath with no rust at all 79k miles, one japanese owner from new and full japanese service history. I then serviced it when i...
  9. J

    Australian court rules on odometer tampering

    BIG NEWS: An Australian Court has accepted authenticity of Japanese Registration Certificates provided by JOC This buyer of a wound back car has received the original Japanese papers from JOC and then went on to win his case in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. This is a...
  10. D

    Japanese Car Club

    Hi everyone, I am currently helping set up a Japanese Car Club called Jap.Club. You can visit the website at http://jap.club Some of you guys are already members but for those who aren't, I'd just like to tell you a little about what we offer. Registration is completely FREE and anyone who...
  11. K

    First time Nissan owner from Sweden

    Well now when I'm new here I think I have to introduce my self. 31 years old from Sweden. And in love Japanese cars and Japanese culture. The two latest cars have been. Honda Integra Type-R DC5 and a Mitsubishi Evo 9. Not so good at this but I can show some pictures of my latest cars. And my...
  12. D

    Could anybody tell me what type of header this is???

    I just received this header for my sr20de s15 engine and I was told by the seller that it was a fujitsubo ex header. I hadn't seen any pics when I purchased it and thought I didn't need to as I was buying the piece from japanese performance. When I opened the package it was clear to me this...
  13. A

    Anyone know what these Japanese labels are?

    Im guessing this one is an oil change because of the 10w-30 but what is the other?
  14. D

    Yankee in the Land of the Rising Sun

    Good day everyone, I can't really describe how much I've been learning just reading through posts and seeing all the tips the more experienced members have given, thanks! I'm an American living in Japan currently exporting Japanese cars. Current car: none. The cost of tools and space to work...
  15. J

    Check your car's Japanese odometer history >>SPECIAL<<

    Dear Forum Members, Due to the ongoing good relation with this forum, we decided to put on another special Odometer History Check for forum members only. We provide you with official Japanese registration documents for your vehicle (+TRANSLATION) with certified odometer readings from the...
  16. M

    FS: 2001 S15 Type S. Grey. Melbourne, Australia

    Time to start saving some coin so my beloved S15 has to go. ~182,000kms. Want 15k as in with no RWC otherwise I'll rip the mods off to sell a more sedate stock version. Located in SE Melbourne. 2001 Pewter S15 Type S - Aus delivered Mods; --------------------------------------- Japanese...
  17. N

    Open Event: Jae 2013

    The UK’s leading Japanese Car Club Show since 1991 The Japanese Auto Extravaganza Show, also known affectionately as JAE, is a must go to event in the calendar if you own a Japanese vehicle or are simply a fan. The dates for JAE this year are the 12th & 15th September with the venue being...
  18. Carta

    Pioneer AVIC-HRZ08

    http://www.nengun.com/carrozzeria/le-navi-hdd-avic-hrz08-150311 Hey guys, I have the above unit fitted in my S15. Is this a standard unit? Anyone had any experiences with it? Its also in Japanese, so when I turn on the ignition it greets me in Japanese Dan
  19. R

    audio help

    heya can anyone tell me where to buy a stereo unit bracket, my car currently has 2 single din units installed from japan (midi disc player and a dvd player) i will most likely take the dvd player out 1st as its all in japanese and not picking many stations up here.. secondly what size speakers...
  20. J

    Japanese Odometer Check says hello

    Dear Forum Members, Unfortunately it is a fact that a lot of imported Japanese vehicles sold in car yards do not have the correct odometer reading. Winding back odometers (“clocking”) is widespread in grey imports. This issue can now addressed be addressed as we offer a new tool for current...