1. dave_t

    Steering Column Lower Universal Joint - Part Number? (Pics Inside)

    Guys I have replaced my inner tie rods and outer tie rod ends with Tein units, and also replaced my steering rack bushes for energy poly bushes. I still notice a slight dead zone and notchy feeling when moving left-right from dead centre. I think I have pin-pointed the problem to be the...
  2. dave_t

    S14/S15 Front & Rear Ball Joints - The Same Part No.?

    Right, i am currently gathering parts for a full chassis refresh, and want to replace both the front and rear ball joints. Now i have found the MOOG front ball joints,
  3. S15AK

    Front Tension/tie rods

    Hi guys I need some new front tension rods, but I've been advised to get bushed type not rose joint. I've had a look online and can only seem to find the rose joint type, so anyone seen the brushed type online anywhere? Cheers
  4. Fruitbooter

    Guide - How do change S15 cv boot (Move to useful threads please)

    Thought I would do a quick guide as although it is a straight forward job it is always good to have a reference. First you need to purchase a replacement boot kit, if you can get one with a fitting cone it will make it much easier to fit. (Also try and buy an S15 specific boot as if you...
  5. T

    exhaust flexi joint on s15

    Anyone have any idea where i can get a replacement exhaust flexi joint for an S15. Will the S14 one fit?
  6. T

    WTB: S15 exhaust flexi joint and associated pipework

    As above. Stock or whatever. If anyone knows where you can get this bit anywhere it would be a huge help!
  7. Fruitbooter

    Help with split in CV boot and Ball joint question

    Okay was putting everything back together today and found a bloody split in one of the cv boots! Its not big as you can see here - Can I get away with repairing it with something like a puncture repair kit? Or is it a new boot job? Ive never changed a cv boot before and really dont want...
  8. C

    WTB: Front or rear lower ball joint

    I managed to split the rubber on a ball joint so need another one urgently! If anyone has a MOOG ball joint that I can buy or borrow (use and replace at a later date), please let me know! I'll pay postage etc and a drink for your inconvenience! Front and rear ball joints are the same so either...
  9. s15wideass

    Ball joints, S15/S14 the same?

    Hi, i'm looking for a bottom ball joint for the front passenger side of my s15. just wondering if anyone knows if an s14 one will fit? I was in a nissan dealer today and it's 380euro for an s15 ball joint :( , 50euro for an s14 one on ebay.
  10. LuPix_S15

    Speed Factory S15 Photoshoot with Gemzie

    Thanks to Gav and Benne for allowing me to take the pics of this stunning car :) Oh and also sneaked in a pic of mine plus a joint shot of both cars at the end hehe ;) Enjoy! Cheers, James ...
  11. G

    after market tie rods/tie rod ends

    just want to know what after market tie rods and ends everyone is using ive got just jap tie rods and heavy duty tune agent tie rod ends, and a pair of rose joint tie rod ends just wanted to know what everyone use's and recomends cheers...
  12. D

    Front lower ball joints.

    S15 front lower ball joints are the same as S14 ones... for anyone wanting/needing to change the these.... you WILL need to remove the whole bottom arm and use a press! they won't just simply hammer out. It too 4 tones of pressure to remove mine today. Really, should've got some pictures of...