1. G

    WTB: S15 Spec S SR20DE WANTED

    After an SR20DE VVT to replace my broken one. Will consider any mileage / condition engine as long as it runs and doesn't knock / have compression issues. Contact me on here or on 0758 four six five 1766. Thanks
  2. E

    A few small issues I need to sort out!

    Hi I bought a s15 in may haven't really driven it yet but have found a few issues I'm struggling with. 1. I have a knock from what I think is the front drivers side. When I brake and come to a dead stop it knocks. I had that side up in the air gave it a wiggle from the sides and there seemed to...
  3. NICKO

    FS: Phormula KS-3 Knock Detector Brand New

    Selling my phormula KS-3 Knock detector come in box as new with everything included from what ive heard they are the best knock detectors on the market today £240 delivered
  4. justin666

    Idle Adjustment?

    As per title... How ? :) Just need a small tweak and to raise the idle ever so slightly since having the orc lightened flywheel fitted. Doesn't stall but does def drop lower that before so just wanna knock the idle up by 150 - 200rpm. Expected this as think its just a standard side effect of...
  5. Krish

    Knock is at 69

    Surely this is not good?
  6. J

    help.... again..... so close to scrapping my car.

    yet again i have another problem! i am know getting a stupid high knock reading at full throttle aroudn 4,700rpm. it hits between 75-80knock. what actually causes knock? like what effects it. spark? air? fuel? im running out of stuff to change/check. any ideas will be helpful. personally i...
  7. dave_t

    S14 Knock Sensor Loom onto S15?

    Well the cause of my S15 throwing a code 34 - knock sensor fault has proven to be a split knock sensor loom! so i now require a replacement loom. no S15's being broken right now, but there is always S14's about my question is, does it look like this is a direct replacement for the S15? or...
  8. J

    soooo my knock reading is 59....

    im guessing this isnt good? could this be why my car keeps cutting under full throttle?
  9. M

    phormula knock detection, cheap.

    not sure if this is allowed so mods feel free to delete this if its not. there is currently a group buy on sxoc being run by Horsham developments. for a phormula knock detection kit, they are doing various kits so if anyone wants in here is the link. they are doing them at bloody amazing...
  10. R

    Z premium 95 or BP Ultimate 98

    Your thoughts as i have seen many forums saying both are ok even with a turbo,all 95 is a fuel with additives so why pay more? No knock in my S15 on 95 but will try a tank of 98 next time.
  11. S

    She started to knock really bad

    :(Last night about 60 miles from home my ECU light flashed at me which prompted me to look at my PFC and I noticed knock had gone into 70's. I also noticed that around 2500rpm that the cams/cam sounded ticky (you know like an old vauxhall engine sounded on startup until it quietened from supply...
  12. J0R04N

    FS: Standard plastic sump tray cover

    Got this sump tray lying around. I managed to get another one from garage d. Been stitched back together. Nothing wrong with it, as strong as it would have been before it had a knock :wack: be perfect for a drift car. Price: FREE collection prefered.
  13. J

    rear wheel bearing... knock knock

    I have a knock coming from the rear of my S15 :rolleyes: ..pretty sure its the rear left wheel bearing as i can physically move the wheel a good few mil left/right on the hub when its jacked up. Anyone know if these are the same as S14 items and where i can get one from? Also, is it necessary...
  14. Benne

    Searching for engine block pics

    I want to install a second knock sensor and need some pics of S15 engine blocks - right side, the area where the stock knock sensor is mounted. Can anyone help? thx! Benne
  15. L

    PFC knock reading

    This is realy pfc's knock reading quite high since first dyno tuned. I went back to see tuner (twice)and get it retuned (like pull the timing back, mixture...etc) but won't help. The knock reading has gone to 79 in 2nd gear 5700rpm (water temp is 82c)and most of time when i boosted...
  16. Z

    one off high knock reading

    the other morning on my way to work, after driving on the highway for 20 mins i came off the highway drove at speed limit (60 km/h) for 5 mins then was heading back onto the highway so put my foot down reached 6700 rpm and noticed my engine light flash once, checked my knock reading and it was...
  17. G

    Power FC Knock Level

    For those with Apex-i Power FC, the instruction manual says : "There is no value to the Knock Level. Please be aware that "0" may not be the only value when the vehicle is not detonating. There is no Knock retard system within the Power FC". How is it that some people reported thay can read...
  18. kimi

    Nice s15

    While looking around another club i use, i came across an s15 for sale over priced but i guess you may be able to knock him down. i'm also doubtfull on his bhp figures :wack: kimi x
  19. Topper


    Nelson Mandela is sitting at home watching TV and drinking a beer when he hears a knock at the door. When he opens it, he is confronted by a little Chinese man, clutching a clip board and yelling, "You Sign! You sign!" Behind him is an enormous truck full of car exhausts. Nelson...
  20. raytsang

    Engine knock

    I have a power fc in my car and it monitors knock levels. so was just wondering it it normal to get 2-4 levels of know when the car starts.. Also what is the safe level of knock for the engine. i get 36-40 levels of knock when i push the car hard just for a small bit. this seems high and...