1. R

    Rev drop when braking

    Only noticed this since fitting the FMIC. The revs will drop to about 500rpm if I pump the brake at idle, wont stall but comes close! I can't seem to find any sort of leak, I'm assuming that's probably the culprit though. Its driving me insane, anyone got an ideas?
  2. T

    Boost readings

    Hi guys. My boost gauge has started reading low. My HKS evc reads 0.7bar and my gauge used to match this, now the ebc reads the same but the gauge is only showing 0.25bar. It's still pulling strong though, definitely making some boost. The way it, either the boost gauge has died, it still...
  3. dave_t

    6-Speed Gearbox Rear Oil Seal (as the prop shagt enters the gearbox) - Part Number?

    I have my prop shaft out at the moment as I'm completing my undersealing, and before I refit is like to change the oil seal as I know they can leak from there. has anyone got the part number? Thanks in advance!
  4. V

    Turbo coolant leak

    Hi, There had been a minor coolant leak from the car and after looking to find it we realised it was one of the solid coolant lines feeding the turbo (the ones that run under the manifold heat shield). I know it'll be a hassle to replace it with another stock pipe so I'm looking at braided ones...
  5. N

    Whistle on Boost?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could point in the right direction... Mods: Full exhaust system, manifold/elbow/downpipe/decat/catback Basically as im coming onto boost you can hear what i can only describe as a dentists drill? As i get into 3rd, 4th and 5th it either stops or engine...
  6. Nissan_S15

    Potential Oil Cap Leak???

    Hey guys, Just a quick one. I took my S15 out for a run today and when I got back I noticed that the area surrounding the oil cap was covered in some black residue. Now Im not entirely sure, but could this potentially be the oil cap leaking? If so I have ordered a new spare one with a new...
  7. S

    Red S15 Yeovil, Today 15:40 ish

    Couldn't see a plate but, Red debadged boot? Practically followed you from Kfc roundabout to the toose. If I wasnt bursting for a leak id have pulled in to say hi. Edit should read RED not Ref.
  8. JDM_virgin

    Common SR20DET oil leak?

    Fez06 noticed this on my car at the jap show on sunday and said that his does exactly the same there seems to be a slight oil leak on the front of the engine, i will grab a picture in a bit but its to the right hand side of the block behind a pully, i think its the AC pully? not pissing out but...
  9. crazymat666

    air leaks?where to check its driving me mad.

    right so ive got a air leak because when i put my foot down i can hear a high pitch noise which is a air leak i took my dump valve off because i thought the t-piece on the bore was too big which it was and replaced it was the original pipe i had which is now the right size and tight but i cant...
  10. S

    Boost Leak?

    I don't seem to have any boost at all. Keeping an eye on the boost guage it goes to nearly 0 but doesn't make any boost at all. My question is would a boost leak cause this? I would have thought I'd see some boost but to see none at all would suggest a gaping hole somewhere. I have had a look...
  11. S

    Steering rack

    Hello from the United States, I have just a quick question for anyone who is knowledgeable on the subject. Recently my steering rack has begun leaking fluid into the boot. Unfortunately for me, the S15 was never sold Stateside, nor are American cars RHD. While trying to find a seal kit to do an...
  12. R-Spec

    WTB: Suspension - good conditon coilovers (good brand) or very good condition S-Tunes

    As above... One of my S-Tunes has popped a leak :|
  13. JaseYpk

    WTB: Radiator! Asap

    My coolant leak was the rad. its chucking coolant out the rear centre. Not sure how its got a hole there, but either way, i'l look into it once its removed. for the meantime. i need a new rad. Any offers, preferable for a skinny one instead of a chunky 50mm one goes with out saying, it wants...
  14. J

    found the leak need help

    alright lads...we found the leak and it is the oil sump!! mechanic says its not the one on the bottom but the one above it :( its just the seal to be fixed up but im wondering does anybody no what seal goes on it?? oh and its blocked by the cross meamber so the engine has to be moved but do you...
  15. JaseYpk

    Oil Sump issues?

    Ok so ive got a slight oil leak which has just started. well, actually i've got two. ones on the bottom pipe on the turbo but that should be a simple fix. the other is 'i think' the oil sump.. If i were to drain the oil, and unbolt the sump, is anything going to fall out and be a pain in the...
  16. J

    oil leak

    have a small oil leak i think it might be the front crank shaft oil seal does anybody know is this an easy job that i can do myself or not and what is the best oil for the sr20 engine????
  17. JaseYpk

    Strange Coolant Leak...

    Yeah, so i've got a coolant leak, that only happens sometimes, and in varying quantities. VERY CONFUSED. i first noticed it a week ago when my reservoir was near enough empty, so i topped it up. and then a few days ago it dropped by about 1cm, so i topped it up. and then again today i saw the...
  18. Ghost

    FMIC + boost drop

    Just got a fmic and now the boost has dropped to .4 bar. I was expecting a drop but it seems a lot to me. Do I have a boost leak or is that drop normal??
  19. rudd-o

    Another Oil Leak

    Today i noticed this oil leak .. seems to be from gasket.. Here are some pictures of it .. for anyone who wants to share his knowledge
  20. paddyb01

    gearbox seal

    my gearbox is leakng oil the the back were the driveshaft goes in is dis comman or wort fixing was told it will still leak if i change the seal