1. E

    FS: NISMO Suspension (yellow and purple)

    Just gauging interest as I need coilovers in my life. It'd be handy if they were collected. Looking for £200
  2. markmcrae1987

    Introducing myself and my car

    Whats up guys. Looking forward to a vast wealth of knowledge at my fingertips ready to learn. That's what life is all about :wave: Heres my S15:
  3. L

    New member, S15 resurrection.

    Hi guys. New member, Just joined as I'm attempting to breathe some life back into a pretty tired S15 that I've acquired. Car is originally a spec-S that at some point got converted to a turbo, at which point the loom was hacked up pretty bad, was then bought by a guy who was planning to put...
  4. Fruitbooter

    WTB: Rear caliper

    Got a sticking rear piston and before I order a rebuild kit just wondered if anyone has any cheap fully working rear calipers for sale for an easy life... :)
  5. S

    FS: S15 Front calipers, disks, pads and brake lines

    As above i have a set of 4 pot front calipers, disks, pads and lines off my S15. Only selling due to upgrading to a bigger wilwood kit. Comes with nearly new pads with looooads of life in them and grooved disks, again with plenty of life. unfortunatly the only pici currently have is this but...
  6. Krish


    Hi all I'm Krish. I just purchased S15 FTW off Adam! I'm an sxocer so familiar with the s-bodies and I'm loving life in the S15! Based in Norwich, Norfolk! Bout it really.
  7. sliding-r

    Lots of Amazing S15 Bodykit Pictures

    Be prepared to lose a few hours of your life lol: Theres a few member of s15oc car picutres being used aswell..
  8. S

    where to get a carbon fibre centre console...

    im after a carbon centre console but cant for the life of me find one....are they available in the uk? anyone know where to get one or have one available?
  9. 2fst4u

    Angel eyes anyone?

    Does anyone know of any straight swap headlights, or even a good quality universal kit to upgrade to angel eyes? I think it would be sweet. For the life of me I can't find any worthwhile kits for the S15
  10. S

    FS: 2003 honda civic type r if you know someone interested please pass the info on!! i need a silvia back in my life
  11. pegliobaglio

    FS: standard front brake set up

    Hi guys, Have swapped my fronts out for some brembos so need to shift these. They are standard spec r calipers,come with braided lines, discs and pads with plenty of life in them and all the bolts etc needed to fit em looking for £70 ono delivered in the uk
  12. D

    FS: 4x Genuin Nissan 16" alloys for sale

    As above, all wheels in very good condition, tyres haven't got alot of life left in them. Open to offers, pics available if required
  13. moomin

    S15 or Monaro?

    Hey guys & girls! Some of you may remember me from this forum a couple of years ago, i have been poking my head in now & again but dont know who is still on here!? I owned a very nice blue S15, until the missus and I decided to get a mortgage, and it had to be sold, (still the hardest day of my...
  14. R-Spec

    Well cheap 15 on the bay

    Been drifted to within an inch of its life no doubt but cheap for a project
  15. moomin

    Gauge shopping!!

    Hey guys, memory blank......whats the website of the Gauge chap that has a stand at like....EVERY jap car show!?? cant for the life of me remember what the company's called!! :confused: