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New member, S15 resurrection.



Hi guys.
New member, Just joined as I'm attempting to breathe some life back into a pretty tired S15 that I've acquired.

Car is originally a spec-S that at some point got converted to a turbo, at which point the loom was hacked up pretty bad, was then bought by a guy who was planning to put a V8 in it but only got as far as chopping up the loom some more.
So I got it as a rolling shell with all the important bits & some decent mods along with a mess of wires in a box in the boot & am now trying to bring it back to life and have sacrificed my S14A for parts.
As it stands the car is up & running using a new spec-R loom, a S14A engine with a GTX2867R & using S15 coilpacks and a 14A nistune ecu .
I'm mainly planning to use it for drifting and will at some point add a roll cage etc but for now plans are just to work out all the little problems in time for a track day at Anglesey on the 26th oct :thumbs: