1. A

    Need help

    Hello guys i need help you guys identify my car, its model is GBYARUAS15U4E--A- does my car have Helical or Viscous LSD or Open differential? Thanks
  2. G

    Spec S SR20DE

    Hi All, Here will be my build thread. I have a reletively standard S15 Spec S. Modifications from import are: - Tein Streetflex suspension (Need to change) - Kakimoto 4inch exhaust (Will change as soon as i find a good exhaust place) - Recaro front drivers seat (Want to change for standard...
  3. C

    1.5 Way LSD Recommendations

    Hi All, I am currently looking to purchase a 1.5 way diff. I was considering the Nismo GT LSD PRO - 38420-RSS15-D5 or the Kaaz Anyone any experience with these or similar that could make some recommendations. Cheers :wave:
  4. Mirai_Vaits

    WTB: S15 lsd

    Looking for someone selling a spare lsd so I can end this silly open diff game.
  5. M

    WTB: Two way lsd complete

    As above and anything else required to fit to a spec s any help appreciated
  6. L

    New owner with a few questions

    Hi guys, I picked my s15 up from torque gt on Saturday and I am over the moon with it! Just got a few techy questions and some not so techy haha. 1. It seams to understeer more than I thought it would, I'm having it aligned next week but it's running a cusco 1.5 way LSD, could this be...
  7. L

    S14a LSD centre into s15 diff to keep ratio

    Hi guys as above the s14a has a crap ratio compared to my spec s diff , trouble is mines open, is it possible to fit the LSD into mine keeping my ratio if so please explain how and a guide would be awesome thanks
  8. L

    WTB: S14-a auto LSD diff or other good ratio lsd for s15

    Hey just brought a lovely s15 na of Ashley Meade looking for a good ratio LSD that will lock well for drift days pm me thanks
  9. W

    2 way Nismo GT Pro LSD. Need help!

    Hey fellas! How's it going? New guy around here Okay so I bought myself a 2 way Nismo LSD quite a while ago(months). The kind that has selective torque lockup and all that jazz. It got here and things were looking good. Until we tried to change the torque setting on it. The instructions were...
  10. Parky

    New to S15s, question about diffs...

    Evening all, I'm picking up an S15 this weekend, and it has a locked diff. I think I'd be better off with an LSD as I have no intention of drifting it. I would ideally want to trade with someone who wants a locked diff but has an LSD. Just wondering how I can tell the make of the locked...
  11. B

    Nismo LSD clunking noises??

    Hi I've got a nismo LSD in my car not sure if its a 1.5 way or 2 way, it's makes no sound when cold but after driving for a short period I notice a big difference especially when turning tight slow corners, is this normal, it has quite a lot of wheel skipping when manouvering it about once...
  12. P

    will s13/s14 diff fits into s15 pumpkin (spec-r, 6 speed, HLSD)

    act of my 240sx S14 with full S15 spec-r swap. 6 speed along with S15 pumpkin with HLSD. i m upgrading to a 2 way LSD but looks like i can find an s13 or s14 2 way LSD much easier. i've done the research knowing that s15 HLSD can swap into s13 s14 with the matching S15 half shaft (basically...
  13. G

    Please help

    Hey everyone im looking at changing my diff in my s15 it currently has a ratio of 3.9 iv got a feeling its viscous. is it true or even possible to get s15s that comes factory with a 4.1 helical lsd? if not are there any nissan helical 4.1 lsd's that will fit? and being higher ratio will it give...
  14. R-Spec

    FS: S15 Helical limited slip diff (LSD) for sale already fitted with S14 nose in casing

    S15 Helical limited slip diff (LSD) for sale already fitted with S14 nose in casing S15 LSD in casing with S14 nose built up Standard S15 LSD (Helical)..with S15 half shafts included. Will require S15 driveshafts or JDM S14 auto (or similar with 3 lots of 2xbolts rather than the larger...
  15. N

    Welding stock LSD?

    Has anyone had their stock LSD welded up and gone drifting? I've been advised theres a chance of it breaking due to not having much cog surface to weld to, is it possible to open up to get more weld in there? I need to get this sorted ASAP as the diff is out and i'm going to Santa Pod on...
  16. J

    WTB: Swap my helical LSD for your 2way?

    I want to swap my stock S15 Helical LSD for a 2way! Anyone? :)
  17. L

    Hello everybody!

    Hi there, my name is Martin and i'm from Llanelli in South Wales. Currently driving one of these: But next Saturday i will be picking up my Ichi-go from Torque GT. Went down to see it yesterday, still registered on Japansese plates. Had a couple of cosmetic blemishes but they are getting...
  18. M

    How do you tell what kind of diff you have?

    Ive been reading contradicting articles on the type of diffs that came in the Spec s version of s15. Some say that the Spec s came with a Viscous LSD (VLSD) but others say they are open diffs. Is there any way i can tell by hopping under the car and looking? And before you ask yes i have tried...
  19. A

    WTB: Migrant from the SXOC in need of an S15 helical LSD

    Hi folks, I'm after an S15 helical LSD, if anyone has one spare/for sale please give me a shout :thumbs:
  20. D

    Nismo LSD for s15 spec R

    Hi After couple of hours in web I cannot find any proper decription of Nismo GT lsd. Is there anybody who installed this diff to its car? I want to know what exactly to buy (nismo part number). Will an s14 lsd fit my silvia...