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Hey everyone im looking at changing my diff in my s15 it currently has a ratio of 3.9 iv got a feeling its viscous. is it true or even possible to get s15s that comes factory with a 4.1 helical lsd? if not are there any nissan helical 4.1 lsd's that will fit? and being higher ratio will it give me more accleration off the mark? any help would be much appreciated :)


15 August 2007
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Co Meath Ireland
Stolen from another site , hope this helps :thumbs:

I have searched NS for hours and other webs looking for the various ratios available for the R200 diffs.
I am getting conflicting information though.

I would like to compile an "official" list and pin it or make it an article for people to find easier?

What i was hoping for was a complete list of factory or aftermarket ratios even if they werent in silvias/skylines.
For instance i found something about a 5.1 being in the front diff of a nissan 4WD.... but i cant clarify it.

What i know so far is (i think its correct)......

4.900 - C23 Serena SR20DE 4WD Auto

4.636 - C23 Serena SR20DE 4WD Manual, C23 CD20T 4WD

4.375 - R32 RB20DET 4WD, A31 Cerfiro RB20DET 4WD

4.363 - R34 RB25DE 4WD, R34 RB25DE Manual, R34 RB20E, R33 RB25DE 4WD, R33 RB25DET Auto, R33 RB25DE, R32 RB20DET, R32 RB20E,
C35 Laurel RB25DE 4WD Auto, C34 Laurel RB25DE 4WD Auto, C34 Laurel RB25DE Auto, C33 Laurel RB20DE Manual
A31 Cerfiro RB20DET, A31 Cerfiro RB20DE Manual, S13 CA18DET, S13 CA18DE, C23 Serena SR20DE 2WD, C23 Serena CD20T 2WD

4.111 - R34 RB25DET Auto, R33 RB25DET Manual, C35 Laurel RB25DET Auto, C35 Laurel RB20DE Auto, C34 Laurel RB25DET Auto, C34 Laurel RB20DE Auto,
S13 SR20DE (ABS),

4.083 - R34 RB25DE Auto, R33 RB20E, R32 RB20E (ABS), C33 Laurel RB20DE Auto, A31 Cerfiro RB20DE Auto,
S15 SR20DE, S14 SR20DET Manual, S14 SR20DE Manual, S13 SR20DET Manual, S13 SR20DE (ABS), S13 SR20DE

3.916 - S13 SR20DET Auto, S14 SR20DET Auto, S15 SR20DET Auto, A31 Cerfiro RB20E. 5 & 6 bolt

3.692 - S14 SR20DET ADM Manual, S15 SR20DET Manual. 5 & 6 bolt

3.583 - R33 RB25DE Auto, C33 Laurel RB20E Auto

* transmissions as stated, if not listed it means they are available in either Manual or Auto.

If anyone can add to this list, either if its ratio or cars that we can find the diffs in.