1. Lil SpecR


    I know everyone raves about Horsham BUT is there any where midlands or North anyone can recommend? I commute 180 miles a day going South and tbh the thought of having to make that journey THEN some toward London puts shivers down my spine haha, going North makes me smile :love: Obviously if...
  2. H

    OCD kicking in

    can someone do something about the S15 images shown at the top of the forum page , a number of them are reversed and it makes me really uncomfortable and i cannot stop looking at it willing them to change lol
  3. G

    Hi folks

    I've joined the forum as I'm planning on owning a s15 type r for my next car. My last 3 performance cars have been Mr2 turbos (then an a5) I currently have no car ( Mrs has a polo and I have a van) as we are buying a house plus getting married in July. I'm hoping at the end of next year I'll get...
  4. M

    WTB: Steering arm

    Looking for a complete steering arm. Drivers side if it makes any difference.
  5. R-Spec

    Anti roll bar thickness of different makes

    Hello, sorry didn't search very well as I'm sure its been covered but: 1. What are the standard front and rear anti roll bar (aka thickness's / size) diameter in mm please? 2. What are whiteline 3. and any other makes? 4. Are S15 the same as S14?
  6. fez06

    autobahn88 fmic kits

    Where's the best place to get one from? Seen some on eBay but iv seen comments on here saying they could be fake. Getting fed up at looking at all different makes now I just want one that will fit with out losing my fog lights or having to cut my aero bumper
  7. B

    S15 specialist in Surrey?

    Evening all, as per title, any specialist in the area or not too far out? Need my clutch check out.. Makes a horrible grinding noise sometimes when fully depressed... Happens now and then... :( Cheers.
  8. JaseYpk

    FS: Genuine "Silvia" Floor Matts - £20

    All 4, in decent condition. Usual wear from being used to the driver and passenger, but the rears look almost new, less a little bit of thread unravelling on one. THEY LOOK BETTER THAN THEY DO IN THE PHOTO! the photo makes them look minging. but they're actually a lot blacker. bloody flash...
  9. Krish

    Shifter circlip removal!

    Why am I having such a problem getting this off! Everything I've looked at makes it look and sound easy.... Just not for me :-(
  10. M

    Movement in gearbox?

    I am a noob so probally something really obvious but i can never find what im after with the search button. It only started recently but under harsh acceleration sometimes the whole gear stick moves to the right and stays there and makes it hard to get into 5th when in this position. Randomly it...
  11. W

    Who makes these front fenders?

    Who makes these front fenders?
  12. Fruitbooter

    Rear brake line help!

    Okay I messed up big time and managed to wreck the rear brake lines :( I couldnt get the T-piece connections undone or the one that goes to the driver side caliper so in the end I had to cut the brake line to drop them all - So that bit above it wrecked, and the 3 connections on the T peice...
  13. JaseYpk

    How Many S15's are in the UK?

    Just general curiosity as to date, i've never seen another one on the roads bar mine! I've seen the odd one or two a BDC last year. Does anyone have a rough idea how many are in the UK? It would make sense to have them all on this forum, but i know this will never be :( Makes me feel better to...


    I have this spoiler on my car but i have no idea who makes it anyone have one or know about it? any info welcome
  15. N

    s15 speedo

    hi i just baught an s15 non turbo. year 2001 from japan. the speedo isnt working. the fela i baught it off said that it wasnt working since he put the 2way diff in. it was working fine with the old diff. it has abs if that makes any diffferance. could anyone give me some info on this quick...
  16. A

    WTB: Apexi Power Fc + Commander

    As the topic. I want to upgrade my S15 and looking for a fc, D or L jetro, makes no diffrent.
  17. G

    Unusual front end..

    Found a bit of marmite while browsing the auctions, who makes it?:
  18. R

    diff oil

    whats the best oil should be used in a 2way diff if it makes difference its cusco thanks
  19. EvilChap

    FS: 6 Standard S15 Coilpacks

    I know I have mentioned these to several people, and completely failed to come up with a price.... But needs must now, so: 6 for £100. or 4 for £80 & £20 for the other 2. I know that makes it cheaper to buy the 6, that's the idea, I just want them gone :p Prices are plus postage...
  20. D

    need some info on a greddy ecu

    hey anybody have a greddy e-manage blue controller.. if so does anybody know where i would be able to get it mapped because i know that some makes of ecu cannot be mapped in ireland..