1. B

    Mapping Options North East

    Morning Guys, Recommendations on equipment needed for my Silvia s15 sr20det to map and where to get it mapped in and around the Newcastle area. Ta,
  2. S

    FS: Greddy Profec boost controller and Profec Map

    Had a change of plans and going down a different root for boost control now (well my entire ECU set up) therefore my nearly new Greddy profec and Profec map are up for sale. kit comes with main unit which is in very good condition and comes with the new "map" box which allows you gear / speed...
  3. JDM_virgin


    i have a sneaky suspicion my car is over fueling or something else is a miss but how can i accurately tell? I have a serious amount of black soot/**** on my rear bumper to the point that I'm having to polish it every 100 or so miles of driving. It was bad when I had the CAT but now its a lot...
  4. I

    Very difficult Starting

    Hi, I have a starting issue with my S15. It's very hard to start, cold or warm. I have to crank durng a long time, and open the throttle a little bit during the cranking to make it start. My mods are : - Z32 AFM - Nismo 740 cc - Tomei M7960 turbo - Tomei 260 cams - Nistune remap When the...
  5. J

    FS: TOMEI Reytec ECU

    TOMEI Reytec ECU + Cables + Mapping Software Hi, I recently converted back to stock ECU my S15 and I am putting my TOMEI Reytec ECU for sale. This ECU converts a MAF into a MAP in a blink of an eye. The kit includes: ECU MAP sensor Air Intake Temperature sensor Cable to connect computer to...
  6. katten6

    s15 ecu tuned map ?

    hey. I have an adjustable ecu for my s15 (Apexi fc) and run on the original injectors and maf. 3 "catback, FMIC, split fire coils and cold spark plugs. going to purchase fuel pump soon too. So wondering if anyone has a map from Apexi bit more aggressively mapped or map from a stage 1 chip or...
  7. crazymat666

    Running 15psi at 268bhp without a map

    Right well I got my s15 on the rolling road yesterday she's running just under a bar of boost I have a big front mount intercooler full exhaust system hks sqv blow off valve uprated fuel pump it's fueling completely fine and a blitz filter and it came out at 268bhp the same place who rolling...
  8. 8

    Spec R boost

    Hello everyone Iv tried a couple of searches but am finding a lot of mixed results. Basically iv just fitted a profec b and would like to no what boost I can set it up to? I'm getting it mapped latter on in the year but would like to run what I can safely now. I'm after the standard boost...
  9. vinnie

    Meet: Jap meet in Bluewater ( Essex ) April 2nd

    Hey There's another jap meet in Bluewater next month. Last months was crazy. Ask Mark D about it. So many car's but only 2 S15 lol. Check the 'gallery' section out for pics. I don't know how to cut and paste the map but you can check a few post down and there's the map of the place. Hope to...
  10. lvaleiron

    deal on a powerfc d-jetro unit

    Guys, i'm getting a VERY sweet deal on a power fc d-jetro unit with all the bits needed to be able to run it (map, intake temp., controller...) and would like to know what you guys think about it. Basically, i have all the breathing mods (fmic, intake, complete exhaust, manifold, 550cc inj...
  11. DeanS15

    WTB: map light unit

    as above, need the whole map light unit that fits just in front of the rear view mirror in the headlining. i know its not such a desireable spare so damaged switches, lens or not working is fine, cheap as possible please :)
  12. JEZ 8553

    My remap results with Steve @ FC-Tuning

    After seeing the results of Steve's wizadry on other S15's and many other different types of car i was keen to get around to getting my car remapped, especially since i wasnt too keen on my current map done by someone else (running too rich for my liking and wanted it done on a RR). Only...
  13. C1TPT

    Custom Map... Which one?

    Hi guys, I am getting my car mapped in march but I still havent decided what one to go for. :confused: Here are the 2 options I have boiled it down to: 1) Jez at Horsham Developments custom map �375 + �80 for Dyno Time 2) Steve at FC Tuning using Nistune software �420 + �75...
  14. U

    HKS EVC-S okay? something else better?

    Looking to get an electronic boost controller, and not sure what to go for. I like the clean modern look of the EVC-S, does anyone have any experience with them - do they function okay / any problems? I'm also wondering, is there any benefit to the higher $$ units (AVC-R, EVC-VI, etc) that let...
  15. sliding-r

    Stock MAP with breathing mods

    i have been driving my car quite hard on and off with stock map is this ok with catback and decat plus filter, chances are it will be rich? also what sort of quarter mile time would i be lookin at with a good launch? thinking of going to run what you brung at the end of the month! and...
  16. C1TPT

    Jap Meet / Tunnel Run 28th feb

    Hi guys, Havent seen this posted on here yet so thought I would do the honors, The monthly Jap Meet is organised by essexgt4 so should be a great turn out like last time :thumbs: This is the original link: But now they are joing them together...
  17. S

    FS: HKS Fcon IS,Navigator and EVC 4 gen

    This is a little useless here in Norway with 9 hours driving to the only place that can map this ecu and they gotta hire a man from brittain to map it :| So therefore im selling The Ecu with the Navigator and the HKS EVC 4th gen. dunno the worth but i was told about 500 pounds so if anybody...
  18. C

    Oil pressure gauge question on a Spec-S

    Hi I have a Spec-S S15 which didnt come with a oil pressure gauge however I have got my hands on one and I was wondering if anyone knew where the map sensor picked up the oil pressure from on the engine, also does anyone know where the map sensor is located on the car? many thanks Christian
  19. E

    Anyone here using the AEM Plug and Play ECU?

    Looking for some tips and maybe a base map or two.
  20. koullis

    e manage ultimate map

    hey guys, does anybody have a modified base map for s15 sr20de? i am going turbo and changing internals and i can't tune it on a dyno before i brake in the engine. what shall i do?