1. D

    WTB: dual mass flywheel and clutch wanted

    I am looking for a dual mass flywheel, clutch and bolts for a S15 for converting my SR20 auto to a manual. Thanks Daniel
  2. FreakensNL

    Rear shock vibration demper?

    Couldn't find any info on this part... anyone know what is does and if needed?? i think it eliminates the vibrations in the "not demped mass"/"unsprung mass" ?? (don't know the english translation) i got Ohlins so recon they could be removed?!
  3. S

    Clutch help again please. Urgent.

    Guys I need your help please. Car is standard apart from induction and turbo back. I've bought a new replacement exedy stage 1 clutch. Car is in the garage and found out the dual mass is in bad shape too and needs replacing. Can anyone point me to a replacement oem or aftermarket dual mass...
  4. C

    Clutch advice needed (Spec R)

    Few weeks ago my S15's clutch went "slightly" slipping. Couldn't hold speed uphills anymore. Box still not out, bit problem with motivation and work etc. All bolts are off and shifter, but just need to pull it off. Should i keep stock dual mass flywheel (if not badly damaged) and try to find...
  5. S15_SAM

    Welding dual mass flywheel

    It's something I'm considering trying with a spare s15 dual mass flywheel I bought. Ive read abit about it being done on transits and toyota avensis's etc. but never On a Nissan or spec r, any body in aus etc ever heard of it being done successfully? I wouldnt weld it myself, a local...
  6. eiden88

    WTB: Standard 6speed dual mass flywheel

    As per title, looking for a s15 dual mass flywheel in good condition cheers
  7. S15_SAM

    Dual mass flywheel part number

    Does any one have the part number for the stock flywheel. I haven't figured out Nissan fast yet as I'm on my phone. Thanks
  8. R

    dual mass flywheel play...

    Been trying to find info on the tolerant amount of play on a s15 dual mass flywheel... Anyone know for sure? found this example below, but don't think its accurate.
  9. Havoc

    Urgent! Dual mass flywheel skimming help!

    Hello! I'm getting my dual mass fly wheel skimmed and the guy doing it doesn't want to touch it untill he knows if it suppose to V tp the flat surface evenly from the centre and outer edge of the flywheel! Pr if its suppose p Be flat across the whole surface. Because in order for it to be flat...
  10. E

    SR20 Carbon Plug Cover

    Hi Guys, Finally we have the first one come out from the factory! Please click on the picture for a larger view!! The first one is on its way to us to test the fitment (Thanks Rob from SXOC for doing this for us, really appreciate), if everything is fine, we will start mass production in...