1. N

    FS: Part Shop Max S14 / S15 Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing

    Part Shop Max S14 / S15 Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing Anodized gold solid CNC aluminium bushing set installs in minutes! For cars with stock caster or less than stock caster Helps to prevent over centring of tie rod and knuckle to prevent heavy steering at lock be moving rack a small amount...
  2. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out 2: Part Shop Max Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing & Cobra Down Pipe

    Garage Clear Out 2: Part Shop Max Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing & Cobra Down Pipe Having a garage clear out of all the parts I have built up over the years for my S15 Build. Now with a change of direction all my parts are available to you lucky guys! All prices include UK Mainland Recorded...
  3. C

    Need to contact Dammsy !!

    I need to contact Dammsy on here quite urgently but he has exceeded his max PMs and i cant message him. Any ideas???:cry:
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    weird boost? laggy

    So my cars on 10 pound max but it only gets there at max rpm like 6500rpm, i thought full boost should be on at like 3500 and also my car is very slow and unresponsive at down low rpm but only gets going at high rpm. is this normal or is there something not right?
  5. N80Jamie

    D Max Spoiler

    Hey guys, just wanted to know if these style spoilers are bonded onto the bootlid or use some of the OE holes to allow it to be screwed in? I'm planning on getting one of these spoilers at some point but before i go ahead and remove the OE spoiler and fill in the holes, just needed to know...
  6. dave_t

    S15 OEM Boost Gauge - Not Working

    Right, since i picked up my S15 from the docks, the boost gauge has worked intermittently. It sometimes seems to function ok, but other times it will slowly rise to max boost, - then back off down to vacuum, and stay there. is there a common problem with these?
  7. Max

    H-Dev Manifold Group Buy on SXOC £129.99 Just thought this may help a few people out Need 4 more people (at the time of posting thread) and the price is £129.99! Max
  8. Larsz

    Axle Load Information

    Well as topic says it. The dutch DVLA is being an amazing PITA about me not having an document or w/e on the axle loads of my S15. And them being PITA, means i need to have an official nissan paper, or maintance book or SOMETHING that says nissan on it, wich states the max axle load etc. I...
  9. Max

    New S15 owner

    Hi, I'm Max from Reading. I'm picking up my Pearl White S15 Spec R on Friday night, can't wait! About the S15, it was imported by Torque GT last summer and I will be the 2nd UK owner and its totally stock apart from alloys, air filter, rear lights and bumper (hope that does not indicate rear...
  10. sliding-r

    Does anyone know where you can get a good copy of this in England?- D Max Spoiler D max Spoiler
  11. S

    Power capability of S15?

    Hi guys i'm new to the forum. Basically I need some info on what the max power the stock turbo on the JDM s15 can produce? and same for the stock injectors? From what I have read people seem to run max 1.2bar on the stock engine? Options for the EMS are either Apexi PFC or Nistune board...
  12. C

    Meet: Nostalgia IV - Cambridgeshire

    Facebook Event: Cambridgeshire's Biggest Cruise of 2009 Returns to Kick of 2010! Nostalgia IV, the 4th in the Nostalgia Cruise Series is back by popular demand. Nostalgia III saw nearly 700 cars keeping Peterborough and Cambridgeshire...
  13. J

    WTB: wanted rwd road/drift car 5k max

    as above cheers
  14. seilow

    front and rear axle max weight

    hi there someone know the max weight on the front axle and the rear axle ?
  15. raytsang

    HKS GT-RS turbo max boost

    Hi guys have recently installed a GT-RS turbo similar to the gt2871r. was just wondering what the max boost these turbos can produce..? as i've been messing with the boost controller and adjustable actuator and got it running steady on 1 bar. feels really good and solid want to see how it...
  16. 6

    gearbox advice

    well this is my 1st post so be kind please. so the 6speed box is ok to about 330hp once the 3rd 4th gear thingy has been change. is there anything elss you can do to make it a little stronger as im only looking at a max hp of 400hp? i have been told about a nismo box that is good for...
  17. V

    Propshaft info

    Hi guy's, Does anyone know if the S15 propshaft is the same length as the S14 (Manual)? Or if there is any other differences? Cheers Max
  18. sushiming

    Anyone thought of going to the 2007 tokyo Auto Salon

    have any of u guys thought of going?? Cuz I have decided I will be going in jan 2007 as its too soon for the 2006 i think it would be the greatest car show i will ever go to makes max power look totally :hurl: