1. K

    6-speed gearbox replacement

    Can someone please tell me if the 350z CD009 gearbox will bolt straight on without any mod? Thanks
  2. R-Spec

    DB-Power Rear Caliper mod (big brake kit)

    DB-Power Rear Caliper mod (big brake kit) Hi all, Had a search but couldn't find any pictures or instructions ref the rear caliper filing/grinding mod thats needed for the DB brake kit.... Fitted mine ages ago and works a treat - car had the MOT and one of the calipers was leaking so the garage...
  3. Max

    Mighty Car Mods

    So, this is an Australian TV show? or just set of fun, informative online videos that has grown. They are really sound, plus they bought a JDM S15 and have made some pretty good mod videos around it. Here are the links to all of them on FB.
  4. D

    My First Car!!

    Hey everyone, I'm probably the luckiest guy I recieved an Autech :p for my first car, ill upload some photos later, I live in Sydney and am looking to nicely mod my car so if anyone has any p plate legal suggestions give me a heads up. cheers
  5. T

    Pigeon Mod Query

    Heya. Has anyone on here done the 'pigeon mod' to their cars? I know all about how to do it and why people do and dont do it - - - but what I was specifically after was this: If people HAVE done it...what did you use to block the pipes with. It's the 28mm and 30mm pipes in particular...
  6. D

    Decat on spec s??

    hey I have a spec s pretty much standard bar an apexi induction kit, was thinking of getting a de cat as its a cheap mod, does anyone know if they give the spec s as much of a boost as they do a spec r??
  7. sliding-r

    Getting my Car mapped soon need some advise!

    Hi Guys, Few quetions: 1. Z32 AFM is this neccessary to achieve 310-320 HP on my stock tubby and injectors? 2. Stock Dumpvalve mod? i have heard abot it but havent found much info on the mod to block the pin hole that causes leaks past a bar. 3. Colder plugs- can i get a part...
  8. tooley

    Recirc or Pigeon mod????

    Let the debate begin?? First point i dont want to hear that pigeon mod damages turbos because that only occurs when you run over 1,4 bar of boost and im running 1.0 bar. And every turbo will have stall aka chatter. So my points are I hate the SSQV sound. I love the Chatter sound. But i want...
  9. AllanOrr

    OEM DumpValve Mod

    Tryed a wee search there before putting this up but didnt have much luck :wack: have any of you guys tryed doing the mod to the standard dumpvalve?, a bit pratted for cash at this point in time so the SSQV3 is a few months away yet.
  10. T

    FS: Low mileage White S15 Spec R interest?

    Hi considering selling my S15, which was registered just recently. its got 23k miles on it X Reg, Oct 2000 MOT 11months Tax 5 months just had breathing mods and strut brace, and OEM BOV mod, which i put on recently. EDIT* List of modication: Apexi Induction kit Apex Flexi 3" Front pipe...
  11. D

    FS: Walbro fuel pump & "pigeon mod"

    S15 is gone so as the title says I have a Sytec Walbro 255 lph fuel pump & a "pigeon mod" kit from Apex Performance (bungs, silicon hose & jubilees) both items are brand new, never fitted & still in packaging. Looking for: Walbro 255: €100 Pigeon mod: €30
  12. J

    more poweeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!

    hey guys, Is there an idiot guide to what I need to do to get different power increases? A kinda mod for power guide as want to have 300-350 but dont know what will be need??
  13. DeanS15

    blow off valves?

    i've been looking into blow off valves and was after something that will do the job but not sound too over the top (i want the atmospheric vent sound, but quite subtle). i was considering getting the bailey evo piston type valve from apex, as i find the ssqv fitted to my mates sti way too loud...
  14. silviatub

    New S15 Spec R Owner

    Hi Mates, :wave: Just got my S15 nearly three weeks ago and im really enjoying driving her around...i got her as stock standard with about 38600km on the clock.... the day when i collected my car, i changed to the catback HKS Silent Hi Power and fitted Volk Racing GTP-6 wheels for the...
  15. S

    Ride from Land Below The Wind (Sandakan,Sabah, Malaysia)

    Hi....New comer here. This is my ride, having her for about a month now after 1 year ++ of saving up to own one... Currently quite a standard Spec-R with APEXi Air Filter mod only. Will add more on the mod list slowly.....~ Sorry for the low quality pics, taken with my Nokia 6300 in front of...
  16. meddler


    Hi Guys, This is the standard intro thread. I live in Australia. I have a blue '01 S15 which is practically standard except for a cat back exhaust. Had it for about 12 months now. I have a few minor plans, but nothing too outrageous. I suppose the biggest mod to the car will be the carPC...
  17. S

    Rear Wing Mod

    Does anybody have any good pics of the rear wing mod i.e. removal of the centre leg?
  18. P

    Opinions Please

    When i get my silvia (soon hopefully) im wanting to do the pigeon mod and fit a fmic. I know that doing this mod causes the car to overfuel but just want to know which of these would be best to sort the fueling Greddy emanage blue or this...
  19. S

    fbu mod

    hey all im new 2 the world of s15 and keep hearing about the fbu mod... can any one tell me what it is and how it is done? thanks
  20. D

    First Mod

    Alright lads, Just wondering what was the first modification ye did to your s15 after buying it? Alos in yere opinion whats the best mod ye've put on your cars?