1. D

    My First Car!!

    Hey everyone, I'm probably the luckiest guy I recieved an Autech :p for my first car, ill upload some photos later, I live in Sydney and am looking to nicely mod my car so if anyone has any p plate legal suggestions give me a heads up. cheers
  2. LuPix_S15

    Resident perv?!

    lmao good job this is not a family site otherwise I'd be lynched by the mob by now :D I blame Meddler first and if this is not the case then it's Craig... or Nicely... lol it's ALL the Admins grrrr *one finger salute* :p
  3. laimis

    WTB: wanted s15 tail lights

    Hi, I am looking for S15 rear lights used or new, If you have 1 right one will do me nicely, please let me know. Thanks
  4. mint

    First UK Owner? nicely?

    was it you dude? I always wondered if Nicely was the first s15 owner in the UK? Did you start up s15oc?
  5. mint

    Open Event: s15oc @ Events 2009

    Hey Guys, Is this club going to be organising any events this coming year through the UK at all? I'll be at a lot this year with my club and just wondered. Also, With Nicely being at the other side of the world now is there someone in the UK thats sorta stepped up?
  6. Yakozan

    Happy Birthday Nicely!

    Happy Birthday Nicely! :wave: Not long until retirement now :nod: ;)
  7. D

    The END!!!

    Hi guys and gals as u know i had my car for sale and sold it last weekend after 3 weeks so was happy enough. was happy enough with the price i got and the new owner picked it up yesterday and in fairness he got a really good car just hope he minds it like i did. was a really fun car and was my...
  8. Z

    busted aircon

    my aircon stopped working suddenly so i had it checked out, turns out my condensor is cactus, lucky its winter over here. is it easily replaced ? iv been told its a pretty big job. Nicely you wouldnt happen to know the part numbers i need to order the parts from perfectrun ? any help would be...
  9. J

    FS: Spec R Gauge Cluster for sale

    Spec R gagues originally for Nicely but he found some locally instead. I told him no worries I'll just post them up for sale. I don't know the mileage as Nicely said it didn't matter to him. 12,000 yen + shipping NEW PRICE: 90,00 yen + shipping
  10. J

    IS Nicely one of the village people?!

    In the same way that the Stig is a mystery to us all, so too has the S15OC often puzzled over who Nicely REALLY is? :nod: Well folks, I may have found a clue... check out the symbol on the builders hard-hat... A coincidence??? I don't think so :rotfl:
  11. moomin

    Exhaust Q

    Should be getting my first "proper" piece of kit for my car, hurrah!!! I know this question has been asked before, so please dont shout at me!!! im looking at the Apex s14/a twin exit system (front pipe, decat, rear section & box) will this fit straight on, i seem to remember nicely saying it...
  12. K

    Nicely: Where did you get your abs shield from?

    as title really :thumbs:
  13. G

    Mr Nicely - S15 Chassis No.

    Hi Nicely, have you any resource as to how to identify what year manufacture from the Chassis no. on the car? I was told Nissan FAST software can but I dont seem to be able to get a hang of that software. Appreciate your help. Many thanks in advance.
  14. Yakozan

    FS: S15 fog lights. SOLD

    I'm selling the fog-lights i bought from nicely. Don't need them as I got foglights with my aero bumper. Don't remember what I bought them for from Nicely :wack: ?60 + freight from Sweden. any takers? see this thread for pics.
  15. irvs

    too high.

    is it just me or does the s15 sit pretty high for being a 'sporty coupe'. the wheels seem to fill the arches nicely but the bumpers and skirts still seem kinda high.:(
  16. raytsang

    valve cover gasket..

    hey ive a leaky valve cover gasket. anyone know the part no. for it....... Nicely??? will the s14 one fit too??
  17. Yakozan

    Nagisa Auto S15 GT Widebody

    Lovely looking car :) true JGTC style bodykit. maybe you brits saw this at D1 Silverstone. by the way. These are the ones making the rear-lights you wanted Nicely :) Looks like it used to be blue too.
  18. K

    Big thanks to Nicely

    Saw NIcely yesterday. He's lent me a front bumper and some rear lights for the ESVA. What a top bloke. Thanks again mate. Ohhhhh and what a car !!!!!!!
  19. S

    Nicely is a girl?

    I tell you that I feel like swearing so much ( bad or good?)... so just listen.. A couple of nights ago, I had a dream... yes. A dream. I emphasise. DREAM. I just remembered... Some of us had a meeting in UK. (Hilarious how I got there with my car) but then freaking funny thing popped out...
  20. kimi

    This is for Nicely :wack: