1. oilman

    Opie Oils Christmas and New Year's Opening Times

    Hi Folks Opie Oils would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year . We would like to thank everyone for there valued business and support throughout 2016. We really do hope we can make 2017 another successful year with your business and support. Here are Opie Oils...
  2. E

    A few small issues I need to sort out!

    Hi I bought a s15 in may haven't really driven it yet but have found a few issues I'm struggling with. 1. I have a knock from what I think is the front drivers side. When I brake and come to a dead stop it knocks. I had that side up in the air gave it a wiggle from the sides and there seemed to...
  3. A

    Oil pressure problem S15 Spec-S

    Hey mates, I think I've got a problem regarding to my oil pressure, maybe you had the same problem and can tell me, what to do or where the problem is. :) I regularly drive the car just for 4 or 5 km's to work and back. Whille normal driving (when the oil is warm), the oil pressure is around...
  4. Mycool


    Hi all - basically iv came across something really odd today with my s15... My rear plate bulb had blown so i ordered some new led bulbs for it, fitted them & they still wouldnt work - so i automatically thought maybe there not working because there led, so i went out & got some normal bulbs...
  5. oilman

    Opie Oils Christmas and New Year’s Opening Times

    Hi all, The team at Opie Oils would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! With thanks for your valued business and support during 2014. Here are our Opening Times: Monday 22 December: Open - Normal opening, order dispatch and delivery Tuesday 23 December: Open -...
  6. O

    Help had to create a new account

    Hi I've had to create a new user as I cant seem to private message anyone or post anything with my normal account orb38. please help. Thanks
  7. N

    Unresponsive throttle?

    I recently had my car (JDM Spec-R) serviced at JM Imports; the guy who did the work said that the throttle felt less responsive than other S15s they've had in. The car is totally stock at present, from 2nd gear upwards it boosts to 0.6bar but feels initially a bit unresponsive. I'd never thought...
  8. oilman

    Merry Christmas from everyone at Opie Oils

    Hi all, The team at Opie Oils would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! With thanks for your valued business and support during 2013. Here are our Opening Times: Monday 23 December: Open as normal Christmas Eve: Open till 2 (Normal dispatch and delivery)...
  9. ArTo

    WTB: Looking for S15 LSD Diff

    Hello, Iam looling urgend for an S15 diff. Got 2 Way from cusco but crunsh a lot and dont know how long this will be good. I think thats not normal Regards ArTo

    How many miles / kilometres

    Has your S15 done and what year is it? Mine has done 47,000km and is 2001 model Is that mega low or normal?
  11. B

    Nismo LSD clunking noises??

    Hi I've got a nismo LSD in my car not sure if its a 1.5 way or 2 way, it's makes no sound when cold but after driving for a short period I notice a big difference especially when turning tight slow corners, is this normal, it has quite a lot of wheel skipping when manouvering it about once...
  12. R

    Spec R Hellical Diff???

    My spec r skips the wheels when turning slowly like a welded diff but not as harsh... is this normal for a hellical diff? thanks
  13. Fruitbooter

    Brake problem

    Brake problem (update new help needed) Got a bit of a weird problem, brakes feel fine when driving and braking normal...even feel good when braking quite hard. But when you slam on in an emergency or deliberately to try and test them the pedal feels very strange. Its like the pedal is...
  14. Mange

    Oem hid?

    Hey guys, I need some quick help/answers. I took my car to the MOT yesterday and it all went well except that they said some previous owner converted my low beam to HID/Xenon. This was not OK by them and said I had to restore it by changing the bulb ( ?!?!?! ) So I went on here to search some...
  15. J

    these the right HIDS?

    hi, mine are getting old nowwww. these right for the normal beam 6000k h1? and then what would i need for high beam...
  16. M

    idle after apexi power fc tune it normal??? would love some feedback thanks

    Hey guys just had my s15 tuned by a reputable tuner ......just a few changed i noticed 1. when i start up car in the morning or cold starts it idles high at around 1500rpm till water temp hit around 60degrees then it idles back to normal 900rpm ( i was told this is called accelerated warm up )...
  17. J


    went drift what ya brung yesterday and my car kept over heating really quickly, sometimes the water and oil were getting 120 degrees without me knowing. is this normal?
  18. S

    SSR Professors SP1 DISK TYPE

    hey guys, Anyone know if SSR Professors SP1 in normal disk will clear stock s15 brakes or should i go with Medium disk? Planning on ordering some 17" ssr and want to know if the NORMAL DISK will clear the front brakes cheers
  19. S

    She started to knock really bad

    :(Last night about 60 miles from home my ECU light flashed at me which prompted me to look at my PFC and I noticed knock had gone into 70's. I also noticed that around 2500rpm that the cams/cam sounded ticky (you know like an old vauxhall engine sounded on startup until it quietened from supply...
  20. spoonman

    Stock boost soliniod wire....... melted mine help please :)

    This made me laugh when i realized what i had done. so i thought i would take a picture to remind everyone to make sure you plug the thing back in after replacing your turbo gaskets and other crap you do with a turbo. Went for a test run and as normal there was a bit of light smoke coming off...