1. L

    Diff seal

    Has anyone replaced the seal behind the flange where the prop bolts to? Got a torque setting for the nut? does it set up black lash
  2. I

    Part number request

    Can someone please give me part numbers, even better a way to download fast? S15 spec R 1999 manual 32mm Drive shaft nut S13 handbrake anchor bolt, hex nut, washer Pair needed, not sure if they are the same both sides
  3. Alex De Large

    Rear Diff Nuts

    Lately the S15 seems to be clunking a lot more when I change gear so I thought I'd get under the car today while I have the day off and have a look. What I found was that one of the nuts at the back of the diff wasn't tightened all the way down. I tried to tighten and loosen it but the nut just...
  4. NICKO

    WTB: **Needed urgent, rear camber arm to knuckle nut and bolt

    Needed urgently to get the car back on the road, the nut and bolt that secures the rear camber arm to the knuckle, either for local pickup or if someone can post asap next day delivery :-)
  5. Fruitbooter

    Hub nut wont go on..damaged thread.

    Just put everything back on my car and just my luck..I get to the very last thing the hub nut and it wont go on..:annoyed: Its deffinitly the drive shaft thread as both hub nuts go on the driver side but cant get one on the passenger side shaft. The thread must have got damaged somehow, ive...
  6. Fruitbooter

    Help with split in CV boot and Ball joint question

    Okay was putting everything back together today and found a bloody split in one of the cv boots! Its not big as you can see here - Can I get away with repairing it with something like a puncture repair kit? Or is it a new boot job? Ive never changed a cv boot before and really dont want...
  7. S

    Rear wheel stud size

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me the size of the rear wheel stud as I have a nut that has picked up a thread :annoyed: Cheers Dave
  8. paddyb01

    half shaft torque

    did a wheel bearing on the car the other day just want to see what the big nut on the end of the half shaft should be torqued to??:thumbs:
  9. andeep

    WTB: Driveshaft Nut

    Need 1 32mm driveshaft nut Must be the one that has that has the larger bottom end, as pictured:
  10. T

    Rear Wheel Bearing and hub nut parts code needed.

    Does anyone know or know where i can find the nissan parts number for the rear wheel bearing and hub nut. I find myself in a bit of a dilema atm so any help wd be most appricated. O and found out that that the s14 hub nut is not the same as the s15 one for future reference for anyone. Cheers Alan
  11. sliding-r

    wheel spacer question after fitting coilovers.

    hi guys, fitted my apex gen 2 coilovers today with little bother till the end after fixing the rear on went and did fronts all went on fine. put the wheels on and the tyre rubs the base of the spring where the spring adjustment is. went to halfords to buy some spacers, saw 3, 5 and some 9 mm...
  12. LuPix_S15

    Guide to fitting longer wheel studs

    Ok guys... Thought I'd try my hand at some sort of quick reference guide since this forum has helped me out a lot over the past 12 months - ever since I got the 'modding bug' lol :) As with a lot of owners on S15OC, I've recently upgraded to much wider wheels... for info they are Rota GTR's...
  13. zml

    Brand new D1 wheel nut

    I have got 2 sets of Brand New D1 Spec Wheel Nut for sale, the size are 1.25 and 1.5, which will fit Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki etc Price: £39.99 posted
  14. F

    Wheel nut fittment

    Ok a question for all you wise ones out there. I have a set of Evo VII wheels for doing track comp's, they use fitted shank nuts with a flat face not tapered fit. So does anyone know what the fit should be between the wheel and the nut. What I have got at the moment is wheels with 19mm ID...
  15. simon

    wheel bearing lock nut

    while fitting my new rear wheel bearing my mechanic broke the wheel bearing lock nut, i cant find any info on this nut or how to get it, my local nissan dealer hasnt a clue, and no parts suppliers around me seem to have one does anyone have the part number for this nut or the measurements for...
  16. subzero

    spacer spec ?

    in 2 failed attempts to get nuts for the spacers i have im off to buy a new set with all the bolts . is this the exact fitment for an s15. think it is, just want reassurance thanks. Wide Tread Spacer X 2, 25mm /P.C.D 114.3, 5H, Nut size M12 X 1.25 its a 25mil for the rears. have 20s on...
  17. Yakozan

    Change diff oil. How the fark do I remove the godamn nut.

    Tried to change diff oil a couple of months ago, but I couldn't get the godamn nut off. I think it's sealed with loc-tite. Is there any special trick to this? Been to lazy to try again, But I have brand new diff oil just waiting in the garage. So might give it another shot.
  18. Yakozan

    lambda nut

    What nut do I need for the lamda in the downpipe? I think the S13 has M18 by 1.5 pitch nut. Is the S14/15 the same? Also in FAST there seems to be an adapter on the lambda sensor :confused: