1. P

    So who’s running air on their S15 ?

    Got another S15 currently floating across the pond from Japan and I fancy putting air on this one. So I’m just looking for opinions from air owners like what kit you running and pros and cons of the kit.
  2. H


    fitting my FMIC I had to remove the fogs which has left the front with gaping holes in the bumper, i think i could quite easily remount the original fogs but space further out to the opposite side of the gaps, but after a quick PS I'm split on it: they will be functional although i fear the...
  3. S

    need some help with wheel choice...

    buying some wheels today, just really torn between the colors. Gold or chrome black..opinions please. Going on this......
  4. pegliobaglio

    Offset 18x9 front ???

    Hi guys.About to order myself some 18x9 xd9's for the front of my car but can't seem to get a definitive answer on the best offset?I'm running 18x8.5 et30 and they fit nicely , was looking at et 18-20 for the 18x9 front but have heard people running et35 which I wouldn't have thought would...
  5. B

    Tomei expreme titanium exhaust

    Hi I'm just interested to see if any one has got one of these exhausts on there car or has seen/heard one as I'm thinking of getting one and would like people's opinions, thanks
  6. J


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Silvia-S15-spec-R-Kazama-wide-body-/320835971688?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4ab3506a68 opinions on this? decided to buy UK, mainly because I dont want to wait for the import to arrive :P like the body kit on this, but seen it around and it hasnt sold, am i...
  7. M

    gfb deceptor pro... opinions please???

    hi everyone i was just after opinions on the gfb deceptor pro bov.. cheers matt..
  8. J0R04N

    Clutch and flywheel opinions wanted

    Need to fit a new clutch on my car, after some opinions on what to go for. As I am changing the clutch, while I have the box off I thought I may as well upgrade the flywheel as well :D Power will be around 300hp and 300 ft/lb by the time I come to fit them :wack: Have been looking at the DW...
  9. pegliobaglio

    wheel opinions please

    Alright guys, I have been offered an amazing price on a set of fully forged rims,18's good offset they are brand new,only reason my mate is sorting them so cheap is they are discontinued ,I either need new rims or to refurb mine,just not sure if this style of wheel will suit the car...
  10. T

    remanufactured injector

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/555cc-Fuel-Injectors-Nissan-SR20DET-180sx-240sx-KA24DE-/190513810289?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c5b820b71 interested to hear peopls opinions thank you
  11. tooley

    Help please headlights dont work

    My head lights have stopped working randomly. none of the fuses have gone! and my relays work!!.................. now i have factory HID headlights as mine is a 2002 plate so im guessing that maybe the ballasts are nackered? but how could both go at the same time? on the other hand i did...
  12. S

    My s15 Spec Snow :D

    Made it over to the mothers today and took the chance to snap a few pics of the silvia... some effort even getting it up from the yard to the driveway! thank **** for me polo! haha opinions welcome, shots arent the best, camera isn't great!:o
  13. M

    Group buy idea. I was thinking Ksport BBK...Opinions

    hi folks, I would need 5 people to ensure maximum discount from Ksport these brakes are fantastic, especially with the ferodo ds2500 or Performance Friction pad upgrade...the supplied standard pads are not recommended for anything else but normal road driving in my honest opinion these brakes...
  14. W

    DC2 to an S15 - anyone made this move? opinions?

    Hey folks, First time poster... I've been considering my options of new cars recently as my DC2 is going to end up costing me more in the long run what with the typical honda bodywork etc. I've always been a fan of the S15 but didn't realise how little you can get a Spec S for. Would love to...
  15. tooley

    Photoshopped my Advans powdercoated white - opinions?

    As title says! IM convinced!
  16. G

    Honda S2000 Opinions

    Hi All, Its been a while since ive posted anything here as i sold my S15 almost 2 years ago, how time flies. I now have my heart set on an S2000 which i will hopefully be the owner of in the next week or so. Prices have dropped dramatically here in ireland. There are 2 possibilities that i will...
  17. G

    Opinions on the Honda S2000

    Hey lads, Just wondering what people on heres opinion on the S2000 is. The last few months ive been thinking about getting one. do you think it suffers from the same image the MX5 has as being a 'hairdressers car'?? Ive never had a Honda so would appreciate peoples opinion that have a bit of...
  18. A

    WTB: S15 Coil packs?

    Hi All, My S15 has developed a missfire when hot, and i can here an electrical buzzing sound at the same time.. Its fine when cold/warm and is only doing it occasionally, so i think one of the coil packs is on its way out. (would value people's opinions if they agree??) Does anyone have any...
  19. A

    ECU remapping with Jez - max SAFE boost??

    Guys, I have read a couple of threads on here, and a lot of people seem to be setting their max boost to 1.2bar.. Just wanted to check peoples opinion's on whether that is safe to run with a stock turbo? My setup: FMIC Induction kit Apexi GT exhaust (now with Apexi ATS - so much quieter...
  20. S

    Radiator Question

    just a quickie... will an S14 rad fit the s15. im assuming they do, but some second opinions would be nice ^^