1. Nissan_S15

    Anyone interested in some original S15 front seats with rails?

    Hi guys, I have just purchased some new front seats for my S15 over at SXOC (Subaru recliners + rails), therefore I will have no further use for the original seats. So just wanted to see if they sparked anyones interest if I were to sell them? Will probably be looking for around £150 for both...
  2. N

    Hid headlight issue

    Hello guys I just brought my missus a spec s with the hid's fitted but the connections don't want to go together even though they look like they should be able to fit together and the plugs are a different colour. Is that the hids arnt the original lights on the car? I'd look at my 15 but its...
  3. C

    WTB: Nismo speedo cluster

    Looking for a nismo gauge cluster ASAP. Could possibly p/x an original cluster if required. Thanks! :)
  4. shark79

    FS: NISMO S15 mat

    Hi all , i have a Brand new discontinued genuine NISMO S15 floor mat/carpet for sale (part num :74902-RNS50). They are still in their original packaging with the PART NUM tag still attached. Price: GBP 450.00 SOLD AND SHIPPED AUSTRALIA And some other stuff im letting go 2) KTS fully adjustable...
  5. J

    Just a few shots from today's detail

    Paint was thin as expected, but this car is in cracking condition, no scratches and all the paint is original :thumbs: But after a long day in the sun:
  6. J

    WTB: Wanted nearside head light or pair

    hello all help would be appreciated, if any one knows where i could get near side headlight or pair of original or after market ones. thanks for your time J.C.
  7. miniorochi

    FS: Pearlescent White S15 Spec R 1999 (London)

    Hi Guys Really don't want to let her go but thinking of ways to raise funds to buy a house so gauging interest on sale. Below is a list of main mods but can provide more info or pics on request if you PM me. So with a very very sad heart here's the details of my 1999 spec R: Mechanical Stock...
  8. Mark_D

    FS: Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promada 18x8.5, 9.5 set

    For sale, my set of Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promadas in 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 flavour. Absolutely kills me to put these up for sale, they are my most favourite wheels ever, although they've been sitting ever since I bought them and I can't justify nor afford the coilovers or proper tyres I need...
  9. B

    FS: Blitz Nurspec r full exhaust system for sale

    I'm selling my Cat-back Blitz nurspec exhaust, it comes with the original Blitz bung and has the original receipts from Japan aswell, it's in excellent condition just has a few scratches on the bottom of the mid box from touching speed bumps! Its all stainless steel and is 3" all the way...
  10. DeanS15

    FS: carbon fibre garage defend style cooling panel (painted pewter silver)

    for sale is my carbon cooling panel from the original group buy. basically it had some spider cracks in the lacquer, these were repaired, the unnecessary holes filled and then painted pewter silver when i had my car done. it's freshly painted but you can see the feint outline of the original...
  11. S

    FS: ukdm dc2 championship white

    hi guys, new to the forum but i thought id start by trying to drum a little business up, in the form of selling my ukdm dc2, spec as follows: 1998 R reg, UK championship white Integra Type R 125,700 miles, but still drives as good as ever Full Honda and Honda Specialist service history 4months...
  12. B

    FS: Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia Auto,7800 miles from new!

    Stunning original 1976 Capri 3.0 Ghia Auto finished in diamond white Bought new from Tricentrol Cars (Chelmsford) Ltd on 5 October 1976 Genuine 7,800 miles from new! Totally mint interior with uncracked dash, no speaker holes and a working heater fan! Original stereo, original dealer fit...
  13. Tony

    Can't rev more than 2000rpm.... =(

    Hi! I have a Spec-R 99.. was out and drove couple days ago, and suddenly the car almost stops and the rpm meter went down under 2000, and when i come near 2000 rpm almost nothing happens.. =) could It be somthing wrong on airflow meter..? (the afm is the original) what else can It be..??
  14. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec S Auto

    Hey Its time to put my S15 for sale. I personally imported this car from japan last year. It come to the uk in sep last year. I have all the jap documents. I'am the first UK owner of the car. Here's the spec of the car: Updated! Year: 1999 Cat 1 Alarm with 2 key fobs Rota Boost 17" Wheels...
  15. C

    FS: Fiat Punto JTD - 60mpg diesel daily driver! £850

    2000 Fiat Punto ELX 1.9 JTD [AC] I've owned my Punto for nearly 3 years now and have used it for my weekly long-distance commute to work. It returns between 55-65MPG depending on driving style. The 1.9 JTD engine is very strong, starting and driving perfectly. It's a fairly detuned engine...
  16. Marcus

    S15 parts compalibility to S14?!

    I thought there is no topic for just this, so here it is. Please ask and tell everybody what parts are fully compalibility to S14/S14a. If this topic come popular, admins can correct my spellings :) I like to know are these next parts compalibility to S14/S14a. 1. S15 original brake hoses 2...
  17. C

    FS: RAYS Gram Lights 57S wheels 4x114.3 16"

    RAYS Gram Lights 57S I bought these wheels a few months ago from a member on here with the intention of fitting them on my MX5 which I have since sold. One of the rear wheels had a slight ding in the rim lip where it had been curbed so I had the set professionally refurbished and powder...
  18. M

    FS: Brand new womans ugg boots, perfect xmas gift!!

    alright folks to cut the story short, paid £279.99 cash for these in a shop when i was in england november last year for a long weekend break, it was a gift for my gf at the time well...lets just say, that didnt work out, and was she **** gettin the boots! :D anyways...dont ask how, but i...
  19. AllanOrr

    Podcasts - Gig Downloads

    Hey guys I used to do this on some of the civic forums where I would post up the set I done for gigs after they were recorded..soooo here is one from Sunday the 26th September @ Uberfest2 in The Soundhaus, Glasgow :thumbs: Set List: Track 1 - Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel -In And Out Of...
  20. LuPix_S15

    LuPix & JameS15 @ Rotorstock

    JameS15 and I met up at Rotorstock today (Saturday) and I only took 2 pics during the entire show cos I wanted to chill and enjoy the drag racing plus getting Silvia onto the sprint track which was fun... mainly cos we weren't sprinting but drifting haha :cool: :rotfl: Here's James' 15...