1. D

    FS: Original front bumper.

    Well lads have my original bumper still in pearl white(wko)No marks or scraps if anyone wants one, since the car is sold i wont need it around for an emergency any more! Took it off about 11 months ago when i was lucky enough to pick up my aero one.Also has the oem fogs in it. 100 euro!!!
  2. D

    S 15 lightbulbs

    Hi, i recently bought an s15 and one of the lightbulbs is out and can't get a bulb to match the original bulbs. does anybody know where i can get a set...?
  3. S

    Problems with fitting HKS Super sqv with hks intercooler

    So now im trying to fit the new HKS ssqv, ive removed the battery and the original recirc. So now the space problem comes. Il post photo with explaination soon today
  4. S

    FS: White Aero Spoiler

    Well I was going to put this on and do the wing mod but I cant be arsed now. Also the spoilerless look is growing on me. So, for sale is the original spoiler in white. Im after ?160 + postage (or collection from West London) as thats what it cost me.
  5. S

    Original injector colour

    As topic says, what are the colour on the original injectors?
  6. S

    FS: Civic 1.8 Vti/VtiS 5 Door Hatchback

    Hello guys, Thought I'd give first refusal to you guys on here... Just got myself on a mortgage and my other half says either the Silvia or the Civic goes...so I want to sell this quick before she realises that the civic is more practical.. Here are the specs.. Engine 82k B18c4 1.8 DOHC VTEC...
  7. P

    FS: areo sideskirts in white

    as above. ?150 the pair in good condition original paintwork.
  8. C

    apexi turbo timer

    recently bought one fo these and was told that a harness may be needed to hook it up, just wondering if anyone has one and if they needed it, or does it hook straight up to the original wiring. any help much appreciated.
  9. P

    Nismo Key

    Has anyone got a pic of the s15 key cos im thinking about getting one of these for mine when it arrives. I haven't got a clue what the original ones look like so don't know if its worth it or not...
  10. LuPix_S15

    Shift Knob

    Hey folks :wave: Just ordered one of these GT500 shift knobs: http://www.nengun.com/nismo/gt-500-shift-knob Anyone know how to remove the original shift knob from the gear lever? Thanks, James :)
  11. J

    FS: S15 Spec-R in Pewter!

    Uh oh - looking like I might have to sell :( I won't go into the detail but I need to take some of the value out of my car to pay off my overdraft. I can't take out another bank loan to pay the O/D as I can't afford anymore in monthly repayments so it seems logical that I am going to have to...
  12. S

    FS: Nissan S15 Varietta (convertible)

    I have my wifes car for sale. Nissan S15 varietta. (convertible) 2.0 non turbo. Year 2000, X Plate 28000 miles with lots of history. All old MOT's Metallic blue. Automatic Original import document. Xenon lights CAT 1 alarm Full leather Electric windows Electric mirrors Heated seats Air con...
  13. R

    WTB: Wanted: S15 original bonnet

    Wanted original s15 silvia bonnet. Used or new. _No fiberclass copies_ Offers to PM
  14. channie

    Respray back to original colour?

    Hey guys (and gals) I know there is never an exact answer to the price, but i just wanted to note peoples experiences. I have a pearl white one, and wanted to know how hard it is to match the paint, and if it comes to it, how much for a full resparay back to original colour??? I noticed that...