1. A

    WTB: Need some bodyparts

    Hi, I wrecked my car today and now I need some parts. Right and left front fenders. (Fiber glass or original) Bonnet (carbon or original) Watercooler Front plate who's holding the intercooler and watercooler etc. Please let me know if you have these parts.
  2. superK

    WTB: Recaro Seat Rails Wanted

    As in title, looking for sliding rails for dc2 recaros to fit into the s15, or has anyone adapted the original rails? looks like the originals need alot of fabricating. Thanks
  3. W

    Silver Dash Panel Below Steering Loose Towards The End - How Do I Fix This?

    As above the part that is loose is the silver dash bit below the steering wheel slightly towards the right side. If I push it upwards, it just goes back to it's original position. I don't wanna break it so would like to know how can I replace this without breaking/damaging it? Is it held on...
  4. Dan H


    I've had to buy a new battery for my recently imported 15, so I thought I'd stick up a post with the details, as I couldn't find any when searching. Armed with a tape measure, I went to Halfords to find one matching the original that was fitted. Mine had got a small battery that I assume is...
  5. Feast Japan

    A Classic Silvia

    Thought some of you may like to see this one. Its a CSP310. An original 1966 Nissan Silvia. This one was on display at a recent gallery up near Atsugi, Japan. Few other shots from in and around the galley. Including some of the original sketches for the S15 cars. And finally...
  6. Feast Japan

    FS: Original & RS-R Exhaust Systems *Cheap

    Guys, Have two exhaust systems in stock for the S14 / S15's. Each is being sold for dirt cheap. Can't hold on to these large items. Each is priced at 10,000 JPY (70 GBP) + Postage First one is an original type offered by Up Garage. Very similar to the Apexi N1 - sound included! Has...
  7. mook

    FS: Carbon Gear Gaitor Surround

    1x Real carbon gear gaitor surround. This is an EPRacing part which was part of the gear gaitor/stereo surround group buy. I've got the stereo surround in my car and kept the original gaiter surround, albeit repainted, so this is up for grabs. Looking for £30 including delivery :)...
  8. C

    FS: Turbo to Hotpipe - Blue Silicone Hose

    Pipes measure 51mm internal diameter, by 100mm long. It is a perfect fit, and exactly the same sizes as the original pipe. I wanted to change my original black turbo to hotpipe hose for a blue one to match all the other joints, but could only buy it in lengths of 76mm, which is too short...
  9. Topper

    Lash Adjusters

    Got my head back from being skimmed, appears i forgot to remove the lash adjusters, they are now in bag. I know how to bleed them, but they are meant to be put back in their original positions. Any ideas if this will cause and issue, or anyway of telling which go where? Cheers Topp :)
  10. R

    WTB: WTD: S15 for my S2000

    Hey folks here's the spec: 2003 (53 Plate) Monte Carlo Blue S2000 GT 64,000 Miles MOT = April 2010 Tax = Sept 2009 FULL Honda Service History All reciepts from new, including inital purchase reciept for 23K Original GT Hardtop, OEM Stand and Cover Original Tonnea Cover 2004 S2000 17" Alloys (I...
  11. N

    FS: boost controller

    gredddy profec B-spec2 boost controller 2nd hand only in my car a week in original box with instructions and all parts
  12. Ozone

    WTB: Might need to borrow an S15 Turbo exhaust...

    My car has missed the SVA cut off and will be tested under the new IVA regs. The VOSA examiner has asked the guys preping my car if I have the original exhaust, I don't. Does anyone have a spare that could be borrowed? The car is in Southampton. I had kept the original exhaust for 9 months but...
  13. S

    WTB: Original parts

    Hi everyone I'm looking for some parts, maybe some of you still have original parts laying around your house :) What I am looking for is an original exhaust system (incl. catalyzer) with low milage, one set original rims, original ECU and last, but not least, the air filter housing including...
  14. J

    FS: for sale:blitz dump valve+s15 airbox

    blitz dump valve..100 euro only 1 month old s15 original air box with sensor,,,60euro
  15. P

    FS: Original S15 Wheels and Tyres

    Doing a bit of a garage clear out (yes even in this weather). Complete set of original Nissan S15 wheels with Bridgestone B500si Tyres (Jap Tyres - not the best but not the worst either) In unbelievable condition, 3 are completely spotless with only one very very small mark on one of the...
  16. S

    Ecu question

    Im removing the hks piggyback ecu from my silvia, and gonna switch to powerfc djetro. I removed the hks ecu etc.. But then i saw a little black box on the original ecu, sharing the same cable as the original ecu (one big pile of small cable's splitting into two groups and into the two boxes)...
  17. J

    FS: APEX Power FC

    Used Apex power FC. This was a requested part by a member who has stopped answering my private mails so I'm putting it up for sale no drama. If the original member still wants to buy it they can, but I'm putting it up for everyone else too. OK sorry for the disclaimer, just wanted to be fair...
  18. L

    FS: Bomex Bodykit & C-West GT Wing for Sale

    Hi There, I've the entire bomex bodykit (original from Japan), front bumper, rear add-on, and side skirt for sale. Taken out of my car. Price going at £500 for the bodykit, and the Original C-West GT Wing going at £300. Exclude shipping. Anyone interested? Please PM me, and will email the...
  19. S

    FS: Pewter S15 2000 Spec R For Sale

    Hi all, My Silvia S15 is now for sale, would like to get a quick sale so it will be on here, sxoc.com and ebay before the end of the weekend. Specifications as follows: Metallic Pewter Grey S15 Spec R 2000 W-Reg, Imported in 2004, 71,000 miles, Ball-bearing turbo. MOT Jan 2009 Tax June 2008...
  20. A

    Help me..!

    im looking for carbon products to my s15. everything thats made of carbon :smitten: That im most intressed of is this front carbon lip. and im wonder would it fit my original front bumper and were i can buy someting like that? Regards /Tobbe