1. K

    How's it going! New S15 Owner (Proud Owner!)

    Hello Everyone, Names Kenny, I'm 20 years of age and reside in Dublin, Ireland. Have just purchased a 1999 Silvia S15 Spec R. Very new to the whole RWD scene in general. Always wanted an S15 but them being usually 20k and above i thought it would be a long time untill i got one! Until i found...
  2. sushiming

    its gone and the end to my era.....

    guys its gone just this afternoon its heading its way to N Ireland....... its been a good ride for me for the past 3yrs or so and hoping the new owner will look after it too..... heres the last two pics i took...
  3. Miss S15

    Youngest/Oldest owner of a s15 on the site?

    As the title says,whose the youngest and whose the oldest?
  4. D

    hi, im a 14a owner but a s15 wannabe in the future

    ive been a 200 fan for a while now and a sxoc memebr and a s14a owner for the past 2 years, and i recon the natural progression will be to get a s15 in a year or 2, so just thought id register now and say hi and get to no a bit more about them:thumbs:
  5. M

    I know nuffink, so please go easy on me ;)

    How Do! :D Its a Sunday Afternoon and Im bored browsing the interweb.... spot Nicelys car on an SXOC post and thought to myself 'Oh S15OC! Havent joined that forum yet!' :D If you dont know me, then where the fcuk have you been?!?! ;) Veteran S13/S14/Sileighty/RB owner for errrr, fcuk...
  6. jp

    Greetings from Ireland!

    Hiya, JP here from Ireland - some of you will already know me from the 200SX Owner's Club. I currently own an S14a but was very close to buying an S15 a few months ago: glad I didn't cause the same car's turbo died soon after with the newer owner & I've heard in the last 2 months the newest...
  7. A

    S15 Owner From Peru!!!

    Hi Everyone On This Forum! I'm From Lima-peru. I Own A 2000 Silvia S15 Spec-s, A Yellow One, But I Want To Change The Color Soon. Here In Peru There Are Only 4 S15, Two Here In My Hometown, Lima, Mine's And Another Red One. I'm Glad To Be A S15 Owner!!!
  8. moomin

    average age of a S15 owner????

    hey all, random time now!!! whilst at a friends house last night, whilst watching in awe at the bravery of porting his own RX-7, (check out SXOC - non 200sx motoring for a full strip down/rebuild of a rx-7 with ????? of mods going in, witrh pics, VERY INTERESTING!!!!!!) anyway, we started...
  9. S

    morning all

    hey all, yes i know by my name i dont own a S15, im an S13 owner and owner of www.s13oc.com (brother site ;) ) :cool: just popped over to say hi and ill be floating around also do you have a logo i could put on my site to link to yours ? oh names Jez by the way 22 from london:wave:
  10. Yakozan

    Now we've got 3 S15s in Sweden :)

    This little baby landed a while ago in Sweden making our total S15 population three now :) This is going to be a drifting car. The owner used to have a Silvia S13 which he competed with in the Swedish Drift Series SDS. Planned specs for 2007 is: Coilovers better bushings Modified steering...
  11. Miss S15

    Irish newbie!

    Hey people Just joined,cant remember where I found out about this site! I'm Sarah,24,fromTipperary in Ireland,part own a car site over here link in my sig! not yet an s15 owner but hope to be sometime after christmas :) Cant wait! Will be simple sideways :) :notworthy: So thats me.. Hi...