1. C

    New Spec R owner

    Hi All, My name is Ant and i'm from East Yorkshire Bought a Spec R a few weeks back and have only just got round to getting signed up on here. Here's a photo of it.
  2. C

    Histoy of this?

    Hi Guys, Wonder if any of you know the history of this car, chatted with the owner, seems a very geniue guy.
  3. B

    My new car, Skyline R34 GTR

    Picked this up last Thursday, been wanting one for a long time, so got the courage to import one from Japan myself! Not many pictures but will update when it's registered! No spec at the moment as its completely stock, not one modification with 1 owner from new, I've got an exhaust on its way...
  4. A

    Waiting to find an unmolested S15

    Hi, Im currently a Toyota Altezza RS200 owner hoping to be an S15 owner when the right one comes up, preferably one without the major engine mods, so I think im in for a wait lol. Id consider importing but the dealers charge silly money. Some nice cars on this site!
  5. M

    WTB: gear stick surround and air vents

    as above looking the gear stick surround for a manual s15. last owner threw it out due to 5 speed box and couple of air vents wanted last owner cut them out for gauges :(
  6. V

    New German S15 Owner

    Hello, my name is Andreas and im living in Germany. :wave: I own a '99 S15 Spec S since january this year. It still needs alot of work to get its pride back it had back in the days since the previous owner wasnt really taking care of it. Hopefully i can fix her up again and enjoy this S15 a long...
  7. M

    FS: S15 Spec-R High spec'd/Dishy wheels

    New advert, new price :) Right after a change of a buyers circumstances (Fiance became pregnant, just days before completion) the S15 is became available again, at this point I decided to take it off the market as I had a couple of things I wanted to change on it, these have been done now as...
  8. C

    Completely new, a future S15 owners

    Now a S15 Owner Hi guys, Completely new to S15's, never driven one or sat in one, but always wanted one! Currently actively looking for a S15, came across this one, wonder if any of you know the previous owner or any history of this car...
  9. 1

    New to this site adm s15 owner

    Hey Guys, just thought I would introduce myself , I'm Trent and the proud owner of a ADM S15 :) i have owned it now since last November and have plans to turn it from its current 170odd kw to around 250kw :)
  10. S

    Almost an s15 from Scotland

    Hi guys, at the moment I'm still driving around in a mk2 mx5 that is currently up for sale, although I'm going to miss it. but today I a ordered my new car from Jurgen at JM imports, a grey 2000 s15 spec r which has had one owner from new in Japan. I don't have full specs yet but it has...
  11. D

    Any info on this 15 for sale?

    Hey guys stumbled across this http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/200sx-silvia/nissan-s15-low-millage-well-set-up-track-drift-car/994369 Anybody know any more about it or if the owner is a member of the club? Seems extremely cheap
  12. D

    French S15 owner

    Hi everyone, I'm Nicolas, owner of the company DriftShop (we run a professional tuning shop and online store www.driftshop.fr ). I own an 86 and an S15 and that why I'm here :D Here it is : I'm currently rebuilding it, that its current state, more or less : Full weld-in cage designed and...
  13. M

    FS: S15 High spec, Greddy, HKS, HSD's etc + PIMP Wheels

    Evening ladies and Gents, Still not 100 percent on this but am considering the sale of my S15 Spec R, it is a really awesome car, I use the car daily, its really nice and drivable, with a awesome spec. I've had the car for a little while now and have spent a fair wedge on it to get it to...
  14. Carta

    New Owner from West Midlands

    Hey guys, just introducing myself and my new purchase. I used to drive an imported 180sx and now I am now the owner of an S15. So, Hi :) Dan
  15. A

    S15 owner from France

    hi, my name is Geoffrey, I'm 26 and I live in south of France. I'm the happy owner of a type R S15 imported from Irland by myself ^^ I'm actually restoring the car (new paint, fixing the wheels crack, trying to find an unfindable new ignition barrel to start it: if anyone knows where to...
  16. D

    s15 owner from irl

    Hi names jason been on and off the site for few months thought since i got s15 now id join up! :)
  17. S

    Hi from Syd - S15 owner

    Hi everyone :wave: coming from a honda background and now a proud owner of a 00 Jdm spec R S15. It is a great car! I have always been in the modding/enthusiast scene, had a few hondas, mx5, more recently sold my DC2 integra type R to get the S15. already started on the mods, putting on some...
  18. S

    Hi from Lincoln

    Hello All, Just joined up as I'm on the search for an S15 Spec R... So I thought I would come on here and get as much info as possible... Currently driving an Almera GTi N/A SR20... Think its time for the boosted version! :nod: Does anybody recognise the car below or know anything of it's...
  19. M

    Hey From Australia

    Hi everyone In 5 weeks ill be the proud owner of a 01 S15 and cant wait.. I was just wondering if theres any problems i should look for before buying this car.. It standard apart from the exhaust and has barely been driven as the owner worked in the mines and didnt drive it to often. Any...
  20. L

    new s15 owner from herts

    hey new s15 owner here, had a couple of 14a's in the past so also been on sxoc and on dw, re-shelling my last 14a into a spec-s with a fresh engine build along the way. thought id better sign up here seeing as theres going to be bits i want and bits to sell along the way too :)