1. B

    Servicing in 2020

    Hi all, New owner and I'm looking to get a few bits done. Including; a full service (soon) - all fluids and filters, brake rotors and pads. I'd like to know what people are running and where from? Genuine Nissan oil filters are easily locate, but something I'm having difficulties locating is...
  2. T

    some Noob Questions

    if in wrong section please move and PM me where thanks:D so i made a pay on for my new dumb decision that means i am terrible in translating my german thoughts to english text and also that i paid a part of the price to the previous owner in order to save my new smokesomewheels for me^^ i...
  3. R

    FS: 2002 Silvia Spec R (Pewter Grey)

    2002 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R - £9,495 Imported just over 3 years ago and bought locally through a friend. I have owned for almost 2 years. 129,000km on the clock. Engine is untouched and is completely standard right through to the exhaust. This has never failed to start and even in the...
  4. O

    S15 Purchase advice

    Hi guys, need some advice on a car i am looking at. owner says He is the 2nd owner (multiple owners because of irish tax transfer? I am not familiar with this can anyone explain to me how this would work or if it is BS) Does anyone on here perhaps know the car? Owner says NCT would not be a...
  5. D

    New S15 owner

    Hi All, I just bought a modded S15 with a BN Blister wide body kit last weekend. I have owned an S14 and S14a in the past so naturally ive progressed to the ultimate S-body. The S15 is only a NA auto :o but i plan to replace that with a decent lump. currently into the options of a modded...
  6. J

    Spec S owner from Bristol

    hey everyone! Purchased my S15 a couple of months ago now, First Uk owner now its registered! its a spec s and I have done a few bits to it since owning it ( ill make a build thread) Josh. Instagram - J9XHY
  7. phillll

    FS: Pewter Spec R - Fresh Import

    Putting this up for a friend. It's a very clean car for the mileage and age. The inside is bloody mint too! 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec R 136,489 miles (9,099 average) 1 Owner in Japan Japanese service history Will come with 12 months UK MOT Spec SR20DET engine (Ball bearing turbo) 6 speed...
  8. Z

    Nissan owner from states. (futur s15 owner)

    Hey guys my name is Dylan I'm 24 from the US. A little about myself I am a Nissan Parts Assistant Manager @ Nissan World Of Springfield. Ive owned a coupe s chassis cars in the past and have a build on Zilvia as well. I am a certified Nissan/Infiniti technician as well did all my schooling at...
  9. K

    New S15 owner ! Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone ! My name is Max, I'm french, I'm 29, and I am living in Japan for one year. I've been owner of many JDM cars before, and now that I'm in Japan, I decided to buy a car I never saw in France before, the famous s15 specR ! I don't have it yet, the garage is preparing papers for...
  10. A

    New S15 Aero Owner (fresh imported, PIC HEAVY)

    Hi guys and girls I am completely new to the S-Chassis scene, but let me introduce myself at first: My name is Andy, I´m 28 and live in the northern part of Germany. I am a Supra owner for five years and this was my first car love at the age of six. This is my one owner Euro-spec supra...
  11. CMR

    FS: Spec R Standard Exhaust - Mint condition

    I know this won't appeal to them majority of people, but I know some do like to keep the OEM look on cars so this may be on interest. When my old S15 was imported, the Japanese owner put the standard exhaust in the car for me in case I ever wanted it, and it literally is almost new. In the...
  12. S

    New Owner Of a Spec R Aero (Automatic Transmission)

    Hello everybody, I am a new owner of Silvia S15 Spec R Aero (Auto Trans) from Sabah, Malaysia. Bought the car 2 weeks ago at 11,000KM Hope to learn more about this car. Regards, Steve
  13. E

    New Member and Owner from Ireland

    Hey there , new member from Donegal , bought my S15 in May of the previous owner who is also on this forum. I'm in love with the car! Iv no major plans as of yet , just a few minor things so far to make the car my own! recently replaced the wed rims with volk Rays ce28s which are now also for...
  14. Rich

    New member & future owner from Staffordshire!

    Hi all, Thought I would introduce myself as a lover and future owner of the S15 Silvia. I'm based in Staffordshire and enjoy my car shows so hopefully will meet some of you in the future. I also already have a good friend who is a member on here already so will undoubtedly convoy to some...
  15. S

    New owner from Somerset

    Hi all I am a new owner of a S15 would just like to say hi.
  16. S

    New S15 Owner!!

    Hi all, Just brought myself an S15 from a previous member on this site. I was originally in the process of searching for one in Japan and then I saw this one for sale and just had to have it!! Luckily I'm using it as just a weekend and show car so I've got big plans for it under the bonnet as...
  17. T

    Another new owner from Canada

    Hey guys, just thought I would introduce myself! I recently picked up this S15, I'm the first owner to have it in Canada, I bought it bone stock I have since installed a Power by max High mount intercooler, tein HE coils, wedsport wheels, Haltech platinum pro ECU (being installed and tuned this...
  18. D

    s15 spec r owner

    hiya all owned my spec r for 6 years
  19. T

    FS: Nissan Silvia Spec R - 1 owner Grade 4B.

    Hi guys, We've just managed to source this clean grade 4B S15 in Japan. This is a well cared for Spec R with only 1 previous owner and full Japanese service history. Our engineer in Japan was very praising of this car!! Sold This S15 is available to import at the above discounted price...
  20. matt1966

    FS: 2001 s15 spec s aero

    hi here is my 2001 spec s aero imported in october. 48000 miles sports auto gearbox good service history from japan. just had full service full mot and tax very original 1 owner car. offers near £5500 ono [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]