1. Joeh

    New Integrated Homepage

    New Homepage Trial! Just an early introduction to our potentially new integrated homepage, it's still in testing mode and a lot to be changed and tested but please give us your feedback! The link to the homepage is in the top left hand corner of the screen, or it can be seen by visiting S15...
  2. H

    Forum slow to respond?

    Last few days the forum appears to be running really slowly and at times not at all. also not sure it's related but last week sometime whenever I clicked on the saved bookmark I was taken to some weird page (don't recall the specific page content but certainly wasn't S15oc) ive tried on my Mac...
  3. A

    Need Your Help to get to SEMA

    Hello, My name is Alex and I competing in Performance Auto and Sounds Magazine's Tuner Battle Grounds. The way it works, is they have 5 Stages, with each stage, they eliminate half of the field. I am currently in Stage 4 which ends tomorrow at 3:00 EST. The only way to advance is by getting...
  4. S15_SAM

    Found a great web page for explaining Oil viscosity etc.

    As above, this page explains it in fairly plain English. its abit geeky but I'm fascinated by oil! It's nice to know why it's so expensive!
  5. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott VIRTUAL SHOW & SHINE (with prizes)

    Here's a chance for members to show off their cars and their photo skills as we launch the Chris Knott Virtual 'SHOW & SHINE' over on our Facebook page. All you need to do is LIKE our page - Chris Knott Facebook - and post a pic of your car on the page. There's a PRIZE for the winning entry...
  6. J

    Facebook page with a few nice S15 cars showing.

    Great new Facebook business page with a few good S15 Spec R pictures. Worth a look!!/pages/RoadnRace/179468478854306
  7. Fasthands

    Forum problems..

    WTF is going on the home area is just showing activity something or other I cant get to see the forum sections page as usual.. or have I pressed something? lol
  8. meddler

    Who said bike racers wern't cool

    Just having a look at the website of one of the Aussies in the Moto2 championship this year and noticed he had a link to drifiting on his page. Who would have thought bike racers could be cool ;)
  9. Fruitbooter

    S15OC Front page

    Don't normally log onto fourms via front page ( usually just jump straight into the fourms as it's in the task bar history. Anyway not sure how long its been like it but I'm loving the scrolling photos at the top :thumbs: Can tell who the 'special' members are though 'cough'...
  10. E

    Website down?

    Dunno if this is the right place to post this, but I don't seem to be able to access any page on expect the front page and these fora. E.g. and both give me HTTP 500 internal server errors. Sorry if this is already known but I couldn't...
  11. Nicely

    New Hosting

    As some of you no doubt noticed, the forum has been off-line for about 24 hours. The reason for this is due to changing web hosting. The forum was closed yesterday and a message left advising the status. Unfortunately, if you visited after the DNS changes started, you will have just seen a...
  12. S


    Couldn't see anything on my profile page to add my do I add one?:confused:
  13. 0

    S15 purchase irregularities

    hey guys lots of info here so i signed up and i have a question. i was looking through the specs page and misc page i found linked to this site. i noticed the codes you had listed for the different models etc. my question is i am looking at a car at the moment that is listed as a spec r...
  14. Nicely

    New S15 Owners Club home page I have finally achieved my mission to move the s15oc home page over onto the open source Joomla! platform. This is not only very superior dynamic software, but also has great scalability and is much more easier to maintain. :cool: I have added all the Useful Thread links...
  15. N

    What wheels Look best?

    Hey guys... just got some wheels edited onto my care let me know what ones u think look best and any advice if and where i can get these wheels.. they are called Rota Grid 19inch Check out all the pics on the page.
  16. Miss S15

    Cant get into my profile

    Hey I tried to get into my profile clicked on it and this is what i get Database error The S15 Owners Club database has encountered a problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: Load the page again by clicking the...
  17. P

    Paul2x Spec-R Project

    Per your requests here is some detailed Pic's of spec's on my latest project. J-spec , spec -r (02') I picked up about 4 months ago now. super clean low miles. Building for fun track/street car. Was bone stock when I picked her up. Started w/ the basics first, Dampers, Wheels, Brakes...
  18. irvs

    sam from BB's bebo page

    hehe got i am good when im sober:rotfl: got my hands on the sexy sam (one of those twins from big brother) bebo page. have a look some nice pics;)
  19. P

    Cheap FMIC Kit

    Found these whilst browsing the net has anyone got one fitted and whats everyone's views on them? Its the 10th one down on the page and works out to be ?180 delivered to the UK :nod:
  20. Topper

    Works S15

    Spec can be seen at bottom of page :thumbs: