1. C18ANT

    FS: S15 TJX private plate

    As the title says, vehicle registration S15TJX on retention certificate with £80 DVLA transfer fee already paid. Looking for £300, been valued at £400 by RegTransfers
  2. H

    insurance purposes valuation

    anyone got a ball park figure what i should say my car is worth for agreed valuation purposes? its currently sat at £5k (pretty much what i paid for it) its a Spec S with added DET plus other bits and bobs
  3. Lil SpecR

    FS: Rays centre caps brand new

    Ordered 8 by mistake (didn't realise they were pairs lol) Offering here first in case they're useful to anyone, else I'll return then Friday If no interest. I paid £30 plus postage so asking £30 all in as they are brand new and it's what I'll get if I send em back :) Sent from my D6603 using...
  4. R

    FS: Kenwood 4023BT Double-Din Stereo

    I've hardly used this stereo but as I've now upgraded to one with navigation and I travel a lot :) so I no longer need this one. It has a good set of specs, Brilliant sound quality. Seen here: I'm looking for £110 Posted to...
  5. JDM_virgin

    plastic gaitor ring

    I don't have a picture to hand but the bit i am referring too is the plastic clip thing that sits inside the gear shift gaiter which then connects it to the centre console. I'm planning on having some 3D printed at work very soon as mine is old and brittle and will blatantly break when i...
  6. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Japfest 2015 castle combe S15oc Stand

    So Japfest 2015 is booked for the club!!! 17 confirmed! 16th May 2015 at castle combe race circuit. We've been as a club for the last couple of years! So we will be going again! Our meeting time before the event will be 7am. So be prepared to get up early or stay in a hotel. As I won't be...
  7. M

    FS: Rear bumper spats

    Hi guys I have a brand new set of rear bumper spats .. Not genuine nissan ! But these are very good copies ... Here is a link to show how much I paid and where from .... Open to sensible offers as I...
  8. N

    FS: Brand new Greddy Profec electronic boost controller

    Ordered this through the group buy on SXOC however have decided the money would be better spent elsewhere on the car. Just asking what i paid for it, £260 posted Cheers
  9. pegliobaglio

    FS: S15oc carbon slam panel

    Hi guys Was having a clear out and found this, I bought his off Darren a while back and since then it's just sat in it's box collecting dust . It's bnib I have no intention of fitting it and could do with some cash atm so if anyone wants it I am asking what I paid for it £110 If anyone wants...
  10. John-

    FS: S15 Carbon Fibre Bonnet

    I had a moment of madness whilst thinking of how to get rid of all my stone chips, without an expensive respray, and bought this the other day, was going to fit it this evening, but realised it won't suit my car. This is the link to the item on eBay: A...
  11. N

    FS: Japspeed carbon fibre spoiler

    Bought this only a few weeks ago but want to prioritise other things. This is brand new, only taken out of the box and built up to see what it looks like Just after what i paid for it. £310 collected from WS12 3XH. Too big to post
  12. Joe_S15

    Open Event: Japfest 10th of May 2014

    As most of you probably know Japfest will be happening at Castle Combe race circuit this year on the 10th of May. After attending last year with S15oc i thought we should do the same again this year, so I'm going to have a go at organising our stand myself :). The price is £20 per vehicle, you...
  13. A

    FS: Shed clearout!! lots of stuff you want!!

    Need to get rid of alot of stuff as i wont have space to store everything :( pictures are not the best as i only have my camera phone atm but pictures will be updated. D2 5point harnesses. (Techinically 6 point, as has 2 croch straps) have a pair of these ages and never fitted them once, E300...
  14. S

    FS: Nissan 114.3x5 15mm bolt on spacers (brought from driftworks)

    Don't need these so I'm taking a hit on what I paid only test fitted pic to follow £80 delivered
  15. JaseYpk

    Heat wrap, ties, and silicone coating

    I was gonna fit this to my manifold, but after looking at it for the best part of 6 months.. i decided i cant be bothered. Paid about £50 for them separately, and selling as a bundle starting bid £20.. any takers?
  16. Mike

    Open Event: Japfest - 12th May 2012

    Right looks like this is going ahead so i'll edit this post with more of the details. Basic show info from the website. Car Clubs Make sure you save plenty of time at Japfest 2012 to wander round the massive and diverse range club cars on display. Last year 97 clubs and over 3000 cars packed...
  17. C

    Open Event: Curborough Trackday - Thursday 16th June

    A friend of mine has booked Curborough Sprint Course for the day on Thurdsay 16th June. Details The cost is £55.00 for the full day. It will be an open-pit lane type event, which means you can go on track as much as you please. As it is a sprint course, this means only 1 car is allowed...
  18. Darren_S15

    Open Event: JAE 2011 - Wicksteed Park - 9th, 10th, 11th September

    FINAL PAYMENT DATE: Monday 22nd August This event is a little way off yet, but its one of the best in my opinion and as the tickets are on sale Im going to start organising it now. Booking is slightly different this year becasue if we get 10 cars we get one pitch for free (same space we had...
  19. sliding-r

    FS: Drivers doorcard

    Bought this but haven't ended up using it.. It's excellent condition from christy carpenters 2002 s15 drift machine. I'm after what I paid which is £40 + 10 delivery if needed.. Price drop to £20 need it gone.
  20. M

    FS: 4 defi guages and controller2 unit

    hi guys, bought these from a friend of a friend locally, originally fitted in an evo. these were to be fitted to my rx7 but there has been a change of plan and that is being broken down and sold as parts after the new year when its mot runs out, i have a new project on the horizon :) Oil...